Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 401

Chapter 401: Kill Him Upside Down

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"This is your skill. The Zhu's shop is now your private property!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand. "This money is nothing to me. From now on, you can take full control of all the business in this shop. I'll make two of your profits! And you can invest in any business at will, without having to report to me!"

"This..." Liu Dong froze.

"Why, too much?" Zhao Yuande smiled, "this can be discussed!"

" much, too much!" Liu Dong was excited and almost incoherent. This is simply a spirit jade mine dropped from the sky, the profit of which is unimaginable!

"Okay, take us to the backyard teleportation. No one can enter the backyard without my permission in the future, you know?" Zhao Yuande's voice was a little harsh.

"Yes! Got it, I lighted up a master of formation and expanded this teleportation array. Although it cost a lot of money, the cost of transmission and maintenance are now greatly reduced, and even the number of people sent. Everything has been added!"

"Good! Very good, Liu Dong, I am optimistic about you. As long as you work hard, I will let you be promoted to the world, let you live a long life, and live forever and prosperity!" This is Zhao Yuande's commitment to him, he has always been very generous to his subordinates .

"Thank you, son!" Liu Dong no longer calls Zhao Yuande a teacher of clearance, but he calls him a son. This is a change of title and a change of mindset and identity.

"Okay, go ahead!" Zhao Yuande waved and entered the backyard with the black wind and Yijie.

"Here will be our temporary stronghold in the future. There is a teleportation array here, and we can lead anywhere!"

"Okay! Then let's go to the front line to see! There are many aliens waiting for us to kill!" Yi Jie showed his killing intention on his face, and even a monk showed his killing intention, which shows that the alien invasion has made the whole world of the East Emperor. I was really angry.

"Kill him and bleed into a river, kill him upside down!" Heifeng shouted sideways. "Just don't know what the aliens are like? Can they eat?"

"The so-called aliens are races outside the world. They have humanoids and birds and beasts, and there are various strange forms. Outside of the humanoid form, we can all use them to fry and cook..." Zhao Yuande used to After the alien race has fought, it is natural to know their background.

In fact, other races are like them, there are human races, there are also demon races and demon races, but they are creatures of other circles, as if their world is called the world, also known as the beginning world! The other realms are all called aliens by them, and the practitioners are called aliens!

The realm adjacent to the world is called the desolate world. This realm is huge, not less than the world, but the resources are relatively scarce. The cultivator's life is not satisfactory. Boundary invasion, plundering cultivation resources.

The Eastern World is just right where the two boundaries are adjacent. The geographical position is very bad. The first fire of each alien invasion will always burn here.

Of course, there is more than one place where the aliens invade. There is also a passage where there is a realm domain where Ten Thousand Realms intersect with another Realm Realm. In this passage, the two realms can shuttle between each other, and there is no need to venture through the barriers of the realm. .

The real spirit domain is ambitious to capture the world, so this channel is called the exotic battlefield!

The three of them passed the teleportation array and quickly came to a large city on the Ganges River, Ganges City.

Now the Ganges City has been cast by many practitioners into a fortress of war, and countless powerful practitioners have continuously flowed from all directions of the Eastern Emperor Great World. They want to make a share in this alien invasion. force.

The three Zhao Yuande walked out of the teleportation array, and they all changed their appearance at this time, wandering in the Ganges city.

"It's really lively and prosperous!" The three people saw that on the streets of the city at this time, both sides were full of cultivators.

In the past few days, the fighting is not in a hurry. The alien army does not know why the attack was suspended. Many cultivators began to set up their own stalls here to deal with the items seized in the war.

"Should we do things first?" Heifeng looked at Zhao Yuande, with anticipation and war in his eyes.

"We are not in a hurry, first inquire about the situation, and then go to the place of the Zhongyu League, I want to see how the Mo School is destroyed?" Zhao Yuande poke the Mo family's affairs to Dong Guo Rulong, just want to take the East Emperor The strength of the world unites, and the Mohists are first eliminated.

Now that the battles are together, all the Mo family are concentrated together. This is the best opportunity.

"When do we go out for a fight, I think my stomach is a little hungry!" Heifeng barked his mouth, he is now imagining what it is like to be alien.

"Amitabha, Shanzaishanzai, Heifeng, don't keep thinking about eating! It's more important to do the right thing." He chanted the Buddha's number one by one.

"All right! You are more fierce than me when you eat!" Heifeng began to reveal his old bottom without hesitation.

"Woo!" Suddenly there was a deep horn sound outside the city.

"Aren't the aliens going to attack the city?" Many cultivators stood up with a brush. They picked up the things in front of them, and all rushed into the sky.

"No, it wasn't an alien attack, but I brought in support!" Many people suddenly saw a dark shadow in the northern sky.

The speed of these shadows is very fast, and almost appeared in the sky above Ganges City.

"Jiangjia's big ship, Jiangjiaqiang came to help!" Many people showed excited expressions on their faces, and the Jiangjia super family finally moved.

"Jiang Family!" Zhao Yuande looked at hundreds of ships and thought of his cheap grandma. I don't know what happened to that grandpa now?

Find a time to ask yourself what happened to the Jiang family.

By the way, Jiang Chengnian is still secretly protecting Shuiyoudao and Xiaodong in the holy city of Luoxue. They should call the three of them to Shengdanzong.

Jiang Chengnian can protect his own industry, and Shui Youdao and Xiaodong can go to Shengdanzong to learn Chinese medicine.

"The two of you will follow me to the Falling Snow Holy City!" Zhao Yuande is an activist.

They rushed back to the hall of teleportation, and after more than ten teleports, they finally came to the holy city of Luoxue.

When they appeared in front of Shui Youdao and Xiaodong, the two were in a trance.

"Master!" There were tears in Shui Youdao's eyes. He was focused on the alchemy pill, and now he was close to the Xuanji Pill Master. A few days ago, he knew that Zhao Yuande had sent a strong man in the world to protect himself secretly.

"Young Master!" A Dong even cried, and he didn't know how long he hadn't seen the young master.

"Okay! Now I'm packing up things. I'll take you to Sheng Danzong. Don't you want alchemy? I send you to Sheng Danzong to learn alchemy!" Zhao Yuande patted the shoulders of the two people.

"Good!" Shui Youdao has now reached a bottleneck in alchemy, thinking about how to break through before and after thinking. Now Zhao Yuande said that he would not be excited to send him into Sheng Danzong.

"Thank you, young master!" A Dong was even more excited, and he could often see the young master when he entered Shengdanzong.