Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 402

Chapter 402: Grandpa

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"Jiang Chengnian, don't come out soon, do you want me to invite you in person?" Zhao Yuande looked in one direction, where he felt Jiang Chengnian's breath.

"Zhao...Son!" Shui Youdao appeared in front of Zhao Yuande. He was a little embarrassed. When he was surrendered, it was really shameful to say it. He couldn't help the word master.

"Master, Senior Jiang actually takes care of me and Xiaodong very much!" Shui Youdao saw Jiang Chengnian embarrassed and hurried to help him say good things.

"Okay, I know. Jiang Chengnian, you go with me! I have some Jiang family things to ask you!" Zhao Yuande heard a word from Shui Youdao, and then he gradually showed a smile. Since he did not slack off, he himself If you are alive, you can consider releasing him back to Jiang's house.

"Yes!" Jiang Chengnian heard Zhao Yuande's words, and his eyes lit up. He could have the opportunity of freedom, and no one wanted it.

"Do you know that Jiang Chenyu is this person?" Zhao Yuande looked at Jiang Chengnian. He did not want to tell Jiang Chenyu that he was a relative.

"Jiang Chenyu! This name is so familiar...Jiang San, the most unwelcome family, what do you ask him?" Jiang Chengnian has no deep memory of him, because this person has been abandoned by the family, now A tea house is operated by the Jiang Family Holy City Bell.

"Let's talk about all of his current situation, and what is the relationship between the Su family and the Jiang family now?" Zhao Yuande heard Jiang Chengnian's words, and he could let go of one heart, not just one, otherwise it would be embarrassing .

"Jiang Chenyu now opens a tea house in Jiangjia Shengcheng, although the business is good, but some people like to go to trouble, it is estimated to be the descendant of the second son!" Jiang Chengnian thought for a moment and continued, "I used to see you in the tea house I have been to him once, and the old man is so powerful that Xiuwei has long been stagnant! I heard that it was because her wife ran away, and the Su family was also in trouble because her wife had taken away a few pieces of Lingbao, and eventually fell apart. Leaving the west, otherwise it will not lead to the last Su family being invaded by the strong, a **** emperor strong fell, and finally fell into a first-class family!"

"It turned out that Zhao Yuande nodded. This may not be good news for Grandma Zu. Is it right or wrong to let them meet now? Or ask her own opinion first!" Well, you protect me first in the Holy In the industry of Danzong, Liu Dong is my left and right hand. You must protect his safety.

"Yes! Son!" Although Jiang Chengnian did not get free, protecting a small person was easier than following Zhao Yuande all day long, at least there was no danger to his life.

Zhao Yuande came to the other side of the world and saw that her mother was talking to her grandmother and grandmother Su Yusi. The two were not like two grandchildren at all. Su Yusi, the grandmother and grandmother, had been frozen for three hundred years. Her face did not change at all, and her character was like a girl.

"Mother! Zu...Grandma Zu!" Zhao Yuande thought it was really difficult to export this title.

"Boy, am I not like a grandma?" Su Yusi probed Zhao Yuande.

"It's not like! How can Grandma Zu play her grandson again? You are too unlovable!" Zhao Yuande stroked his head.

"Your boy, I think you have to pick you up today!" Su Yusi started to teach Zhao Yuande after playing with the cuffs.

"Mother, your grandma bullied me!" Zhao Yuande hid behind her mother.

"Your mother-in-law is my granddaughter. I bullied my granddaughter's son, isn't it just right? Giggles!" Su Yusi couldn't hold back and would laugh out loud.

"Okay! Since you want to bully, bully! But the Jiang family thing..." Zhao Yuande deliberately lengthened his accent.

"What's wrong with the Jiang family? Chen Yu, what happened to him?" Su Yusi heard Jiang's family suddenly quiet, and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with expectation.

The Jiang family has become a pain in her heart. The man who loves her and loves her because of her own relationship. Now she doesn't know what kind of crime she is suffering. She now hates to be right next to the man. Say sorry to him !

"I have inquired clearly about the Jiang family! Grandpa and grandpa now open a tea house in Jiang's holy city and spend the rest of his life!" Zhao Yuande's expression is also a little calm, but this grandpa and grandpa was miserable by grandma and grandpa.

"He...he is still alive! Great, I must go to see him now! Going now!" Su Yusi's face was loose first, then anxious.

"Grandma Zu, in fact, this is not the best time to meet each other. My force is still weak and I cannot give pressure to the Jiang family. There is no way to shake this behemoth. If you really want to go back to the Jiang family in good faith, I There are also some ways!" Zhao Yuande persuaded, "And the Su family is now down because of your relationship. If you want to go back, I am afraid you will also be excluded, you see..."

Zhao Yuande explained the current situation to her anyway. He could find the old water **** to talk to him and let him match up with him. In addition, he obtained the token of the ancient elders from the Jiang family. Jing and Yushen can make Jiang Chenyu, grandpa and grandpa return to Jiang's house!

The Su family has no clue now, and he has no idea where to start.

"I don't care. I have to see him first. I can't wait for a while!" Su Yusi's eyes were red now, and the people who had been separated for three hundred years would meet each other. How could she bear it.

"Okay! In that case, I will take you there!" Zhao Yuande felt that the old couple should be fulfilled, even if they let them live in the other world first!

Zhao Yuan Deran Heifeng and Yi Jie first went to Ganges City to wait for themselves. If they had a chance, they would kill some aliens.

He sat in the teleportation circle and sat for a full half day. The Jiang family was in the southernmost part of Zhongyu, close to Nanyu.

The Jiang family holy city is very grand, but now because of the alien invasion, some of the Jiang family's strongmen are all supported by the front line, so the holy city has fewer people than before.

He forgot to ask Jiang Chengnian's grandpa where the teahouse is, and he spent half a day in the holy city. He finally found out about such a teahouse among a population.

The name of the teahouse is called miss!

"It seems that this grandfather is really a seed of infatuation, and the teahouse even got such a name." He walked into the teahouse and found that there were few guests in the teahouse, and a pale old man was godless Looking at the sky outside the window, Zhao Yuande could feel the heavy twilight coming from the old man, and felt that the blood and blood of the other party were almost withered, and the cultivation stepped back to the lowest level, even an ordinary person was not as good.

Is this old man really his grandfather? Zhao Yuande looked up and down at him, his face covered with wrinkles, a scar on his face slanted from his eyebrow to his chin, and the wound was red, as if the wound was poisoned.