Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 403

Chapter 403: The Road Is Uneven

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"Young man, do you drink tea?" The old man stood up and looked at Zhao Yuande.

"Come for a drink!" Zhao Yuande found a place to sit down, he wanted to confirm.

"People are old, their legs and feet are unfavorable!" After a while, the old man passed a bowl of tea, placed it in front of Zhao Yuande, and sighed gently, "Drink! Young man, you are the last business today, don't money."

"Thank you old man!" Zhao Yuande took a sip of tea, with a hint of fragrance in the slight bitterness.

"Old man, I want to inquire with you personally. I don't know if you know..." Zhao Yuande just wanted to say Jiang Chenyu, and suddenly a few people walked outside.

"Old guy, give us some bowls of tea!" One of the young men was not very good.

"Come on, brothers are thirsty!" another young man urged,

"Several brothers, today the tea is gone. Do you come tomorrow?" The old man glanced at these people with a trace of helplessness in his eyes.

"No? Then let me re-bubble!" Finally walked into a young man, his eyes looked coldly at the old man's nostrils, "Jiang Chenyu, why did we come to the store to drink tea, you said no What? You dont welcome us?"

"Several little brothers, I really don't have tea here. The little brother just drank the last bowl." The old man tremblingly pointed at Zhao Yuande.

"You old thing, my grandfather and grandfather lost the opportunity to inherit the head of the family. Now I'm looking for you to have a cup of tea, you don't give it, don't you want to do it again?" Finally, the young man suddenly got up and pointed at the old man. Angrily.

"Really Jiang Chenyu...really my grandfather!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old man with mixed feelings.

"Chenguang still hates me. At that time... Hey!" The tears fell in the old man's eyes.

At that time, his younger brother wanted to compete for the position of head of the family. Unfortunately, his wife who had just passed the door was punished by his family. He always felt sorry for this younger brother, but the other party was like a stranger.

"Old things, you still have the face to mention my grandfather's name, it's you! If it weren't for you, how could our vein be weak and marginalized!" The young man became more and more excited, pointing at Jiang Chenyu's nose He sneered, "I really want to kill you... Use your blood to wash away our shame!"

"What are you doing? Insulting an old man like this, you're fine!" Zhao Yuande couldn't stand it anymore, but his grandfather was scolded by a junior pointing his nose, and even his heart got angry. This matter The facial features of this grandfather and grandfather are all the culprits of grandma grandpa alone. Now grandpa grandpa is responsible for all this, it is really unfair.

"Where are you, little boy, get out of here!" A young man kicked him towards Zhao Yuande and wanted to kick him out of the teahouse.

"Death!" Zhao Yuande grabbed the young man's ankle and poured him **** the ground!

"Crack!" came the sound of broken bones, followed by a terrible howling.

"Bold, who are you, dare you start fighting against Jiang's disciples in my Jiangjia Shengcheng city to find death?" Several young people gathered at the same time, but their cultivation practices were similar to those of the young people at the beginning, but they did not dare to shoot at all.

"Brother, go away!" Jiang Chenyu waved anxiously to Zhao Yuande, let him go first.

"Old things, I will clean you up later!" Finally, the young man gave Jiang Chenyu a cold glance, then walked towards Zhao Yuande.

The breath here quickly welcomed many onlookers, although this is not the most prosperous street, but there are also many people, many strong people are crowded at the door to watch inside.

"These guys are in trouble again? What a shame, such an old man, they can do it too!" Some people seemed to have seen this kind of scene and could not help but sigh softly.

"What's going on? Is there anything hidden in it?" Others looked at this person one after another.

"You don't know, this old man was originally a genius of the Jiang family's main vein. Three hundred years ago, they lost their vein because of an incident. His nephew, nephew, and even this group of nephews and grandchildren came to find his guilty conscience!" This person seems to know Jiang Chenyu very well.

"What! Are these people beasts? Even if he is wrong, he has passed for three hundred years. Treating an old man like this, they can be scared!" Some people don't understand why people are so ruthless.

"Hey! They can do it! Can you see the scar on the old man's face?" The man pointed at the scary scar on Jiang Chenyu's face, "That's the hand under his relative's nephew !"

"It's not as good as a beast!" Someone suddenly rushed to the crown.

"Hush! Just be quiet, this is the Holy City of Jiang Family, we can't control that much!"

"Hey! I hope this little brother can win these animals..."


This young man has a heroic appearance and extraordinary temperament. He is cultivated in a fourfold self-environment in the field. The strong breath reveals the surrounding air with a bang.

This is a genius of the Jiang family. It is a bit stronger than other Jiang family geniuses he has seen. A disciple of the Jiang family who has not fallen into the branch has this kind of cultivation. It seems that the Jiang family is really in the main line There must be a great genius. Although these people are not in the eyes of Zhao Yuande, they are great for other forces.

"Who the **** are you? You can defeat my brothers in the yin and yang unity. You are definitely not an active nameless person, say your name, otherwise don't blame me for not giving you a chance!" He speaks very self-consciously, and there is a feeling that Zhao Yuande is already in his grasp.

"Huh! It's another Jiang family's rubbish, don't you Jiang family have a decent person?" Zhao Yuande sneered, "Do your Jiang family only bully an old man?"

"This is the family affairs of our Jiang family. What do you have to do with you?" The young man's complexion is not very good-looking, but he hopes that this nineteen-year-old will be at home in his veins, which is also amazing in the main line of the Jiang family He didn't want to come here, but today he was aggrieved and was laughed at by the main line, so he wanted to come to find the culprit of that year.

"Looking at each other's help, you bully an old man, don't you just say it?" Zhao Yuande greeted him facelessly. Today he wants to let this guy know and bully his grandfather.

"In this case, then you go to die!" The young man's big hands explored, and a big hand turned into an invisible field, and the people who covered the sky and covered the sun turned towards Zhao Yuande.

"It's really looking for death!" Zhao Yuande's backhand golden awns rose up into the sky. Countless golden awns formed a terrible golden giant sword in the sky, directly piercing the youth's big hands.


The golden sword flashed, and the young man directly penetrated the shoulder of the young man at the next moment.