Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 404

Chapter 404: Evil

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The disciples of the Jiang family around them were shocked and speechless. They did not expect that the most powerful disciple of their own line was actually struck in front of this kid and was directly hit.

"You..." The youth only felt that the body seemed to be invaded by countless sharp swords, tearing their meridians and flesh all the time.

He slapped continuously on his body, a force of water rippling in his body, and in a blink of an eye pushed the sharp swords out of the body, which turned out to be a golden sharp air.

But at this moment alone, the meridians around his shoulders were destroyed, and half of his body was numb. This was a serious injury, and he couldn't recover in ten days and a half.

"What am I! A character like a chicken, a dog, and a dog, is still arrogant in front of me!" Zhao Yuande continued to move forward and said coldly, "Come and apologize to the elderly, otherwise you can't go today!"

"You... don't go too far!" The young man stepped back, panicking in his eyes. He didn't expect to encounter a young man who could be so evil, but he was a whole higher than him. Unexpectedly, there is no power to fight back. Who is this person?

"Can I overdo you too much? Do you feel that you are above you, so humiliating an old man, let alone this old man or your elder, even a stranger will not allow you to be so arrogant! Now kneel and apologize immediately, otherwise I Discard your limbs and throw them on the street!" Zhao Yuande was getting closer and closer. His words were cold and bitter, which made the faces of several Jiang family disciples change their faces.

"Okay! Great people's hearts! Brother, come on! We are all optimistic about you!" Seeing Zhao Yuande showing great power, there were people cheering all around.

"Brother! Let them apologize and make them unforgettable forever!" someone shouted.

"Brother! Don't worry about the Jiang family patrol guards, we are all here to help you out!"

"Let them kneel until they are old..."

"Simply waste their limbs..."

There was a good cry, and all kinds of malicious tactics were introduced into the ears of the young Jiang family, making their faces change from time to time.

"Okay! I will let everyone see the end of these people today!" Zhao Yuande got the support of the masses, and the flame in his heart suddenly burned, and he must be punished.

"Brother! Forget it, I'm used to it!" Jiang Chenyu showed a frustration on his face, a distress that made people look distressed. He has been humiliated by people for hundreds of years, even the scars on his face are Thanks to his own nephew, his heart has passed away as Su Yusi disappeared.

Gou Yan's panting has now been supported by a belief. He always believes that Su Yusi is still alive, and he has been expecting for three hundred years!

But human patience always has an end, and hope also has an end. These days, he feels that his time is running out. The fire of hope in his heart is gradually extinguished, and he is waiting for death.

"No!" Zhao Yuande stepped forward and appeared directly in front of the young man. He grabbed the other person's neck with a big hand, and the speed was so fast that the young man couldn't react at all.

"A few of you came to kneel too!" Zhao Yuande raised the youth's body and turned into an afterimage. He heard a tumult of table tennis and ping pong. Several young people were kicked and flew to Jiang Chenyu, lying on the ground in front of him, unable to move. move.

"Today I will let you know what is evil and evil!" Zhao Yuande pressed the youth on the ground, banged his head against Jiang Chenyu, and began to kowtow, the ground was bludgeoned by the youth's head Cracked.

"Boy, you're done! No matter what you start from, no matter what kind of forces are behind you, you're done!" The youth did not subdue, but threatened Zhao Yuande very hard.

"Okay! You don't know how to repent yet! Kneel to death here, when did you know it was wrong, and when did you get up!" Zhao Yuande directly kicked his knee and sealed everything in his body Reiki held him in front of Jiang Chenyu.

" are..."


The young man also wanted to say something threatening Zhao Yuande, but the next moment Zhao Yuande decisively turned one of his arms into a pool of meat, and his big feet crushed that arm into slag.

"Not apologizing yet, I'm not patient yet, I'm very patient. Now it's the first limb, and the next is the second limb!"

"Brother, you can spare him! They are all ignorant children!" The old man said with tears in his eyes, standing a little unbearable.

"Old things, don't need you to pretend... Ah!" The young man was really stiff, but Zhao Yuande crushed his other arm with one foot.

"Okay! You are fine, the Jiang family is just like you! It's a pity, a pity, a pity that you will eventually succumb." Zhao Yuande chuckled, "Now it's too late to plead guilty!"

"Never! This old thing hurts me... Ah!" The young man's leg was trampled into plasma, and his bones were all shattered. Even if there is a holy medicine to regenerate, it will take a lot of hands and feet.

"Keep going, let me see if your Jiang family can take out so many holy medicines to save you this waste!"

"You're dead, my dad will definitely put you down!" The young man suddenly smiled, "You can't escape!"

"I really don't see the coffin and I don't cry!" Zhao Yuande looked out in one direction and signaled to the onlookers in that direction, letting them leave quickly, "Everyone, let it go, don't splash on the blood for a while!"

"Hello boy, you're so vicious, what the **** are you doing, you're going to poison him next time!" A middle-aged middle-aged man with a shameless face entered the teahouse at the next moment. He looked at his son who had lost his limbs on the ground. There was burning anger.

"Jiang Tianqi! Jiang family world powerhouse..." someone exclaimed in a low voice, they did not expect this to come so fast!

"Dad! Help me to catch him, I'm going to kill him!" The young man screamed when he saw his father coming, and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes with a terrifying look.

"Tianqi... This thing is because of it, can you..." Jiang Chenyu said to Tiantian Qi cowardly.

"Old things, I knew it was a scourge to keep you, but my father didn't believe that I would torture you slowly! Now because of you, my son was abandoned, and you dare to talk!" Jiang Tianqi said flatly, but he said The words made people feel a bit chilly.

"I... hey! If you kill me to get angry, then kill me! Don't worry about this little brother!" Jiang Chenyu bowed his head, his voice full of helplessness and pain, but his grand-nephew!

"Huh! You're waiting on the side! I will kill this little bastard, and then come to kill you!" Jiang Tianqi glanced at Jiang Chenyu coldly, then walked slowly to Zhao Yuande.

"Old stuff, you really are a beast! You are all beasts!" Zhao Yuande ruthlessly trampled the other leg of the youth into mud. "I'm going to see if the blood of the beast is hot or cold. Yes, if you take another step forward, I will castrate him!"

Zhao Yuande's feet appeared between the young people's legs, but they were hanging.