Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 406

Chapter 406: See You All

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In their eyes, the powerful world realm was defeated by Zhao Yuande in an instant, and he was pressed to confess and confess! Isn't this too dreamy!

At this time, the surroundings were very quiet, and no one spoke. This scene had shocked them to be speechless, which broke their cognition and made them speechless!

"What are you, hurry and apologize!" Zhao Yuande smashed Jiang Tianqi's arm with one foot, making him sweaty with pain!

"Okay! Brother, this is enough!" Jiang Chenyu looked at Zhao Yuande with some embarrassment. He felt guilty about Jiang Tianqi's vein and did not want to cause the Jiang family to suffer such losses because of his relationship.

"Zhao Yuande! Don't be rampant, don't think that no one can hold you, the super family is not something you can imagine!" Jiang Tianqi will naturally not succumb to so many people, otherwise his face.

"You are stubborn, so follow your son's footsteps!" Zhao Yuande had already felt that a trace of crisis was approaching, and he was no longer verbose. "If you don't apologize, you will become an eunuch!" "

His big feet fiercely guessed between Jiang Tianqi's legs and trampled the group of things into a puddle of mud, and then took a kick on the opponent's Dantian.

"!" Jiang Tianqi couldn't believe it, looking between his legs, feeling his broken Dantian, he knew he was finished!

"Ah! It shouldn't be, the order is not like this! You should step on my legs and arms first..." At this moment he was crazy, really crazy! He cried, he barked wildly, rolling on the ground like a fool!

"This..." Jiang Chenyu froze, but before he finished his words, he felt that Zhao Yuande's big sleeves took him directly into a strange world.

But at this time, Zhao Yuande said nothing, he broke the ground directly with a punch, and rushed into it.

Huge cracks were spreading in the city, high buildings collapsed and collapsed, countless practitioners jumped.

Zhao Yuande rushed into the earth and quickly summoned the Eternal Tower. The Eternal Tower was transformed into a shuttle-shaped flying boat and traveled through the earth for a thousand miles!

The next moment he rushed out of the ground and disappeared at the end of the horizon in a blink of an eye.

It was at this time that several powerful presences appeared in the ruins of the teahouse. They looked at the people on the ground with ugly faces, especially when they saw that Jiang Tianqi was abolished by others. The crazy appearance could not help changing the color at once.

"What the **** is going on?" An old man in red grabbed the wailing young man lying on the ground and asked a stench.

"Zu... Grandpa Zu! Zhao Yuande... He was abolished... and ran! You want to avenge us..." The young man saw this old man, although he wanted to be able to make things clear, but the pain in the lower body made him speak Not clear.

"Damn! Damn!" The old man in red is Jiang Chenguang's younger brother Jiang Chenguang!

"Jiang Chenguang, this is your family's business. You can take care of it yourself! Let's go chase that imp!" Several other old men rushed into the ground, chasing after Zhao Yuande's traces.

"These old things, one by one, saw that the eyes of interest were red!" Jiang Chenguang, with hate in his eyes, fiercely slashed at his grandchildren and grandchildren, and the color of his face flashed away, "You waste, what's the use of keeping you! Is the holy medicine wasted?"

Watching Grandpa Grandpa's palm fall, the youth's face suddenly turned pale, but before he shouted, he immediately slapped it into a puree!

The people around him suddenly turned pale. This guy was too ruthless. No wonder he was able to give birth to such inhuman descendants. They fled in a hurry, but they didn't want to be killed by this madman for nothing.

Jiang Chenyu entered the strange world and saw a magnificent Bieyuan. When he was wondering where this was, Zhao Yuande appeared in front of him.

"You follow me all the time, and I will take you to see someone!" Zhao Yuandela walked Jiang Chenyu to the Beyond Garden.

"Brother! Here is there? Who are you going to take me to see?" The old man was a little rickety, but at this moment he suddenly felt a little heartbeat speed up.

This feeling! An idea rose in the old man's heart, could it be...

At this time, the door of Bieyuan was suddenly pushed open, and several women came out from inside with a smile.

Jiang Chenyu saw one of the women, his glasses were straight, his body was stiff, and tears were rolling in his eyes!

"Yu Si..." He murmured in a whisper, like a dream.

But he quickly covered his old face, turned and ran!

"No... this is not true, I must be dreaming! My face, my appearance... Even if it is really a dream, how can I appear in front of her like this..."

Even Zhao Yuande's glasses were quietly wet at this time, Grandpa and Grandpa were so bitter, so bitter!

He did not stop, let grandpa grandpa run, and then squatted on the ground crying!

Su Yusi seemed to feel something in the distance, and suddenly she felt a pain in her heart. She looked at the figure running away, the figure rickets, the helpless figure in pain, her heart broke!

She can confirm that that was the man who was so passionate, the man who loved himself and hurt himself!

Is he so old now? It's all because of yourself, all of you... If you didn't escape from the Jiang family in a guilty conscience, if you didn't enter the South China Sea sword ignorance, how could this happen!

She couldn't bear the tears in her eyes anymore, she couldn't control her inner agitated mood anymore, she rushed to the old figure, squatted gently, looked at him, and listened to his cry!

The voice is full of deep thoughts, an unforgettable emotion.

"Chenyu, it's me Yusi, I'm back!" Su Yusi's voice was very soft and soft. She gently grasped the old palms full of wrinkles and felt the roughness on it, she felt her heart He is being sharpened by a file, how much he has been wronged, what kind of pain he has suffered in the end!

"Yusi...Yusi...I really miss you, is this a dream? My face is no longer as handsome as it used to be, my heart is old, only my feelings are still there, you can feel it Doesnt the old man dare to raise his head? He is afraid that if he looks up his face will scare away the woman in the dream, he only needs to listen to her voice!

Listening to the dreamlike words in front of her, Su Yusi collapsed completely. She didn't know how much damage she had caused to this man. The scene in front of her almost made her heartbreak to death.

"Chenyu! Chenyu! This is not a dream! This is real! You look up at me, no matter what you become, you are Chenyu in my heart!" Su Yusi hugged her body The trembling old man, tears in his eyes fell like raindrops.

" are really Yusi!" The old man felt the warmth from his body, the strong heartbeat of the other party, the feeling that he had been enchanted by dreams for three hundred years, he froze, He raised his head hard.