Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 407

Chapter 407: Tears Whirling

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When he saw the beautiful girl-like face, the youthful vitality, and the whirling tears, he became petrified and froze!

He couldn't believe the scene in front of him was real!

When Su Yusi saw the old face of the old man with wrinkles and mottled scars, instead of disgusting, he touched it gently with his hands, feeling the roughness in his hands, feeling the craziness in the wound, all her eyes were remorse, all Things pity!

Her uncontrollable emotions finally broke out, hugged Jiang Chenyu tightly, and started crying.

At this time, the girls who were not far away also began to sob softly, which was so touching!

"I blame me! I blame me! If it were not for me to leave the house in anger, there wouldn't be so many things happening at all, and you wouldn't suffer this kind of treatment... it's all me... wooh!"

Feeling the temperature in the arms of the arms, feeling the warmth that can only be felt in the dream, the old man's hand finally finally embraced Su Yusi.

"No... it's not to blame you, just come back, just come back!" The old man finally believed that the scene before him was real, at this moment he felt that he was the happiest person in the world.

He did not expect that after three hundred years, he could still meet, and he did not expect Su Yusi to return to his side.

"But...but I am now..." Suddenly, the old man let go of Su Yusi, hesitant and inferior in his eyes. He is now like this, but the woman he loves is still old.

"No... it's not the point, it's important that the person you are can be by my side!" Su Yusi shook her head and met again three hundred years later, she would never let this man leave herself again!

"Grandpa, actually you don't need to care about these, these can be changed!" Zhao Yuande's mother and Li Rushuang came over.

"Zu... Grandpa! Are you?" The old man looked at Zhao Yuande and saw Jiang Yilin next to him, and suddenly knew the relationship.

"You are the descendant of Yufeng..." The old man pointed at Jiang Yilin tremblingly, and his expression was a little excited, but suddenly he burst into tears, "Yufeng...he, he is still suffering in the mine now, save him quickly. !"

"Father, he is still..." Jiang Yilin heard this and suddenly showed a happy face, grabbed Zhao Yuande's hand, "Child, save your grandfather, he... he was already abolished and repaired. How can you work in a mine! Save him quickly!"

"Damn Jiang Chenguang, I must put your bones down!" Zhao Yuande's face turned blue, this person was too ruthless, just because he didn't get the position of the head of the family, he was so angry with his loved ones. This is still human. What did it do?

"Hey! Really..." Jiang Chenyu stood bitter with a bitter face, and the tears in his eyes could not stop flowing down.

"No! Don't worry, let's take care of Grandpa's body first! His old man's health is very bad now, and his life is in danger at any time!" Zhao Yuande frowned, saying, "I will go as soon as possible!"

"Child, I know you have the skills, hurry up and give your grandfather and grandpa!" Mother anxiously grabbed the grandfather and grandfather's hand, and the relatives met with endless words.

Zhao Yuande began to look in the space, first using the lowest-level elixir to improve his grandfather's physical fitness, Shouyuan, and his cultivation, all in three directions.

Three days later, Jiang Chenyu's cultivation regained the status of the Blood Poseidon, and his physical fitness and longevity also increased greatly, especially his appearance. Under Zhao Yuande's gourmet food supply, it looked like a day a day, and he quickly recovered middle-aged people. It looks like the scars on the face still need to be slowly recovered and restored. Zhao Yuande taught the grandfather the practice of immortality so that he should never pass it on to others. This kind of practice is really against the sky, if it falls on some In the hands of people with bad intentions, I am afraid that it will cause chaos.

Only in this way did Zhao Yuande walk out of the other side of the world with confidence. His next goal was a mine in the Jiang family, where his grandfather was mining.

He knows that this time he took grandpa grandpa, the senior Jiang family will surely die with his grandfather, and even more than the emperor realm ambush himself there, but this time he borrowed the Tongyou mirror from grandma grandpa, this The innate Lingbao mirror has a very magical effect, not only can it shine for thousands of miles, but also can make people hide their bodies. With his cultivation, I am afraid that the Divine Emperor may not be able to discover it.

With this baby, he no longer worried about anything, he had the Eternal Tower in hand to save his grandfather and left, no one could catch up.

He soon appeared next to the Jiangjia mining site.

In the hand, the ghost glasses are infused with spiritual power, and instantly a clear picture appears in front of him.

One by one describes the exhausted workers digging the spirit jade ore in the hole, each of them thin as a wood, scars all over his face.

Many supervisors were waving long leather whips around them, whipping these miners wantonly.

Which one is the grandfather? Zhao Yuande could not help frowning, although the picture on the mirror was very clear, but these people were gray-faced and could not see the true appearance at all. Grandpa said that there was a black birthmark on his grandfathers ears, but these workers had long hair and unkempt hair Enough to face, can't see ears at all.

In desperation, he only opened the invisible function of Tongyou Mirror, and led him into the mine quietly.

After a few laps in the mine, he found nothing, but had no choice but to use the soul to explore the entire mine.

In this exploration, he suddenly found several powerful characters hidden in a mine, and only three miners were mining in this mine.

These people must be hiding next to their grandfather and ready to seize the opportunity. Although these four are all powerful in the world, it is not difficult to save Grandpa from their hands!

He quietly dived into the mine and touched the four.

The four people were not together, but scattered around, forming a situation of encirclement and attack, which made Zhao Yuande save a lot of trouble.

He approached one by one, holding the chaotic Tianyin violently and smashing them in the back of the head.

Although these people are all powerful in the world, but they can't help the bombardment of the chaotic Tianyin. The four powerful people in the realm of the world were solved by Zhao Yuande in this way. He temporarily threw the bodies of these people into the other side of the world, and then Walked towards these miners.

He is observing the situation of these miners one by one.

He found that one of the miners was very old, and there was no spiritual fluctuation in the whole body, just like an ordinary person, and the other two obviously had good practices in their bodies, but they were hidden deeply so that people could not see it. What is wrong?

This old miner should be his grandfather, Zhao Yuande thinks so.