Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 408

Chapter 408: Sneak Attack On The Emperor Strong

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He lurked quietly next to the other two miners, and found that they seemed very irritable, and their eyes were also squinting, as if tense.

He quietly shot directly to solve one person, and under the exposed figure, he quickly killed the other person.

In front of his old miner, he pulled him away!

"Quick! Let's go, otherwise it's too late!" Zhao Yuande looked very panicked.

But at this moment, the old miner started to shovel at Zhao Yuande's head with the miner's shovel in his hands.

Zhao Yuande only felt that a terrible world power was pervading, wrapping the entire space in it, he could not move because of the whole body, and he could only let the miner take a picture.

The miner's shovel suddenly burst into tens of thousands of golden lights, as if talking about the bright sun, and a powerful soul erupted in the miner's shovel, sending out a terrible thorn of the god's soul, puncturing his sea of knowledge, which turned out to be A powerful innate Lingbao disguised!

However, Zhao Yuande smiled at this moment. He passed through the mirror in his hand. At this moment, all the light was taken in by the mirror, and the whole world suddenly became dark.

A mirror sword appeared in his hand, and the backhand against the miner's shovel shot at him was a sword.


I heard a symphony of gold and iron symphony, the mine shovel was actually split by the mirror sword for two quarters, and a terrible howl was issued, and the spirit in it was also instantly killed, a congenital Lingbao became waste.

At this time, Zhao Yuande's other hand was holding the chaotic Tianyin and hit the miner fiercely.

"This... this is a spectacle mirror! You..." The miner was shocked. He didn't expect that he was holding a congenital spirit treasure, which was directly destroyed. Suddenly, in the darkness, he felt a powerful force of sucking. Tearing his own soul, he wanted to retreat, but he was too late to be hit by a chaotic sky seal by Zhao Yuande.

"Check his soul and find the whereabouts of my grandfather!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly ordered the spirit of Chao Tianyin.

"No problem! Your grandfather is in a spirit stone warehouse three miles away, and there is a guardian of the emperor!" Soon Tianyin soon said the place.

"Is the emperor strong?" Zhao Yuande whispered, "Even the emperor strong can't stop me!"

He sent the bodies of the three people into the other side of the world again and sneaked out quietly.

He was a little excited at this time. This spectacle mirror is really too much to go against the sky. It is definitely the best choice for killing more people.

Three miles away, Zhao Yuande quietly sneaked into the Lingshi warehouse. At this time, an old white-bearded man was sitting cross-legged on the ground, and there was a ragged miner in front of his eyes. The dust on his face did not know how long it had not been cleaned, especially He broke his arm and leg and only had a fluttering sleeve.

"Jiang Yufeng, I didn't expect you to have such a descendant of the sky. If you persuade him to join our Jiang family, I will help you to resume cultivation and continue to break your arm to make you a cultivator again!" The old man with white beard had a smile on his face, as if not speaking to a miner.

"Ancestor, don't lie to me anymore. I really don't know where Tongyou Mirror is. Tongyou Mirror must have been taken away by her mother!" Jiang Yufeng looked numb, as if asked by such a question.

"This time it is true! There is a Chaos Eucharist among your descendants, and your wife seems to have also been a Chaos Eucharist! Otherwise, how could the bloodlines of the Chaos Eucharist appear among your descendants? "What the old man said inadvertently made Zhao Yuande a little shocked not far away.

Yup! He never knew why he was the Chaos Eucharist. The previous life was not the Chaos Eucharist at all. Was his voice also reversed by that universe? What exactly does he want to do? What kind of meaning does the name of the reincarnation of Zhou represent?

" did you know!" Jiang Yufeng looked at the old man in shock.

"Because we have followed her once, but unfortunately she was rescued by someone who doesn't know! Otherwise we might crack the mystery of the Chaos Eucharist and let it break through the final cage!" The old man proudly said, " At that time, the Pantheon living in Chaos lowered its will and asked our Jiang family and several other big families to seize the Chaos Eucharist! I dont know who is so bold and dare to fight against the Pantheon, but then the Pantheon did not know why. After cancelling this kind of order, I really can't understand what this group of high-level existence is thinking about."

Zhao Yuande was even more shocked. Chaos was actually remembered by the Pantheon? Why should this group of innate gods and demons seize themselves? There must be a secret that no one knows!

"What does this have to do with me? I was abolished by Jiang Chenguang, and I am no longer a member of the Jiang family!" Jiang Yufeng's expression was numb, and he seemed to feel that he was in love.

"Okay, I know you have emotions, as long as you cooperate with us..."

"Shut up! I have to mention this matter again. Do you think I am a ruthless and indifferent person like you? It is ridiculous to let me cooperate with my descendants!" The old man's words were interrupted by Jiang Yufeng ruthlessly. .

He had already put his life and death out of his mind, and he was not afraid of the elders at all, so he didn't give the family's elders a face.

"Forget it, since you don't want to, then I won't force you! Your descendants, that little fish will be sent to the door soon!" The old man simply closed his eyes and practiced, and would never care about it again. Jiang Yufeng.

"Is my descendant? Is it Yilin's child?" Jiang Yufeng's face showed a trace of expectation, but it was replaced by pain in an instant.

After listening to their conversation, Zhao Yuande knew that this was a senior elder of the Jiang family, who was cultivated in the realm of the emperor. Is he thinking about how to hit or kill it and sneak attack?

You have to know that Emperor Realm is the strong man who condenses the avenues. Each avenue is extremely powerful. You can crush the heavens and earth with your hands, and you cant resist it with his current cultivation!

Or you can instantly urge the power of the Eternal Tower to bombard each other, but the momentum is too great, lest you attract the attention of other powerful people, you must know that you have reached the level of the Emperor Realm, and you can freely tear the void freely, you can count Shuttle freely within a thousand miles.

He was afraid that even if he hurt the other party, when another emperor came, he couldn't get away, because it would take too much energy to use the Aion Tower, and it could not be used continuously for a while.

"Chaotic Tianyin, can you hurt the emperor's soul?" Zhao Yuande asked the chaotic Tianyin's spirit.

"My own spirit is capable of fighting against the Emperor Realm, but once you do it, you will also be suppressed by the other party. If you can use the God Soul to make that big killer at this time, I think it should be possible to let him lose his combat power for a period of time. ."

"In this case, it is worth a try, the most important thing is not to let him send a message for help, otherwise we have to be passive!" Zhao Yuande asked.

"no problem!"

"Okay! Let's get started! This is the first time that a strong attack on Emperor Realm!" Zhao Yuande was really nervous.