Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 41

Chapter 41: Steal Alcohol

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In front of the hall at the top of the peak, a black bear is sleeping.

"Brother Xiong!"

Zhao Yuande gave a soft call.

The black bear's snoring sounded thunderous, without any meaning to be sober.

"Brother Xiong?"

Zhao Yuande stepped forward and kicked it lightly, still no response at all.

"Huh! This fat paw, if used to make steamed paw..."

"Hah..." The Black Bear discounted and yawned, rubbing his sleepy eyes, pretending to be just waking up, "Hey, brother, you are here, you are really not interesting, just walk for a few days, come and we will continue to barbecue today. eat!"

"Brother Xiong! Didn't you have something to do with me? It's time to eat meat, let's talk about the business first!" Zhao Yuande was a little curious, what did the black bear want to do to find himself.

"Brother, what do you think of my monkey wine?" There was a sly grin on the black bear's face.

"Delicious! Delicious!" Zhao Yuande told the truth, monkey wine is the top wine, even in the top power, it is also a precious thing to entertain the guests.

"Want to drink again?"

"miss you!"

"Haha! Good! Grandpa Xiong, I will take my brother to grab a few altars today. We come back to burn meat and drink and get drunk!" Black Bear laughed, grabbed Zhao Yuande, and rushed to Houshan.

Zhao Yuande also did not resist, and even if he grabbed his arm, the black bear was fast and appeared in front of a dense forest in a while.

A squeaky ape monkey cried out in the woods. Zhao Yuande could vaguely see a monkey with golden ridges on the treetops jumping around, so he was happy.

"Next, follow me, don't make a noise!" When he came to the woods, the black bear let go of him, lowered his voice, and asked him to slip into the woods with his feet.

Zhao Yuande laughed secretly in his heart. The black bear said it eloquently. The altar was clearly stolen. Looking at the cautious look, it was obviously the loss of eating this group of golden-backed apes.

Even the ancient relics of the fifth-order peak, such as the black bear, have suffered a loss. This group of monkeys must be very powerful. He couldn't help mentioning twelve points of caution.

The black bears seem to be familiar with the car, and after evading a few waves of monkeys, they came to a huge mountain depression.

There is a black cave in the mountain depression, and there are often sturdy monkeys in and out of the cave. These monkeys hold various kinds of spiritual fruits in their hands.

A fascinating scent of wine came out of the cave and it was fascinating.

"This is where the monkey wine is brewed. In the deepest part of the cave, there is a sip of spring wine, all of which is monkey wine!" said the black bear, and the Harazi in his mouth couldn't stop ticking down.

"Jiuquan!" Zhao Yuande was shocked that there was a sip of Jiuquan here, and it was indeed the best place to make monkey wine.

"For a while, my bear son and grandson led these monkeys away. We took the opportunity to install as many as we could!" The black bear endured the pain and pulled a large amount of black hair from his butt.

He pinched the black hair with his hand and a **** bear appeared in front of them.

"The children brought me up and led away the **** monkeys!" The black bear's big paws waved, and the big bears screamed and rushed towards the mountain depression.

"Brother Xiong! You are proficient in this technique, but you have to teach the younger brother!" Zhao Yuande could not help seeing the black bear Shi Wei.

Although these black bears only have their own appearance, they are the most suitable for attracting enemies.

"Hey! This is a trivial matter. This is a little trick in my inheritance memory. I will teach you later." The black bear waved his hand and behaved generously.

Suddenly a loud noise came from the mountain.

"That group of god-blind bears are here again, please inform the clan elder!"

"Dry this group of blind blind bears!

"Grab them, plug their dung doors with bananas, and suffocate them!"


The group of monkeys saw the big bear coming, filled with indignation, dropped the spirit in their hands, and chased toward the big bear.

"Brother Xiong, how many bad things did you do?" Zhao Yuande looked at the black bear eccentrically and felt that following it to steal alcohol was a very unreliable thing.

"This one"

The black bear blushed, and Nene was speechless.

"Quick! We rushed into the cave while the monkeys were chasing!" The black bear jumped gently down the mountain and approached the black cave quietly.

Zhao Yuande followed carefully, without making a sound.

The monkeys in the mountain are attracted by the big bear, and the two thieves quickly sneaked into the black cave.

The cave is not deep, only a few ten feet. At the deepest point, there is a water pond measuring a few feet. The liquid in the pond is golden and viscous. From time to time, the bubbling golden bubbles come out from the pool.

"Still stupefied, don't hurry up!" The black bear pulled a huge wine tank from the big pocket in his waist and stuffed it directly into the pool.

Zhao Yuande also hurriedly took out the broken copper tripod and began filling.

Don't look at the broken copper tripod, but it contains space, which can hold a big mountain, but there is no vitality in it, and no living things can be placed.

"Black Wind! It's you again. Wasn't the last lesson enough?" Suddenly a thick voice came from outside the cave. A tall monkey with golden hair all over the body, waving a big stick, chopped towards the black bear.

"Damn the monkey, why did you come so fast!" The black bear saw the monkey, his face changed greatly, he directly put the wine tank back into his big pocket, and took out a big mace to resist.


The black bear was clearly invincible, and the mace was struck by a stick, and the next one was hit **** its head.

Suddenly a big bag bulged.


The black bear yelled in pain.

"I'm sorry, brother, I'm leaving first!" The black bear's body swelled violently, turning into a height of seven or eight feet, and rushed toward the outside frantically.

How can the golden retriever monkey let it go, the big stick hit the black bear like raindrops.


Visible to the naked eye, the black bear bulged with fist-sized bags.

Black Bear struggled with dozens of sticks and finally rushed out of the cave.

Only Zhao Yuande was left standing a little silly, but the copper tripod in his hand was not raised from the pool, and he was still drinking wine.

"Children, hold this boy for me, I'll capture the black bear! Tonight's human black bear feast!" The golden-haired monkey yelled, and dozens of golden-backed ape monkeys rushed into the cave, all in their hands. Big stick, and each end is fourth order.

"Hello! Golden Retriever, this is Gu Tiande's disciple, you can't eat it!" Black Bear suddenly shouted when he heard this.

"Black Wind! Worry about yourself!" The golden retriever monkey's big stick hit the black bear's head for a round, and the black bear's eyes smashed straight.

"This black bear is too unreliable! I left and ran away!" Zhao Yuande was furious, but he still put the copper tripod into the storage space, and he confidently defeated these monkeys.

After a few breaths, he knocked out the last golden-backed ape monkey with a punch and rushed out of the cave.

But he saw that in the mountains not far away, the black bear was fighting with the golden monkey.

The black bear is obviously invincible, but with the thick skin and thick meat it can also deal with the golden retriever monkey, but it is screaming in pain.

"Hey! Brother Xiong, you can hold it first! The younger brother takes a step first!" Zhao Yuande carefully escaped the monkeys and rushed out of the woods.