Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 411

Chapter 411: Brother In Law

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Although Zhao Yuande is chatting with Shui Xunbo, a trace of the soul has been watching Mo Hongru.

The team started quickly. Their goal this time was the mountain that was three hundred miles outside the Ganges City. Among the mountains was the battlefield of the Eastern Emperor Great World and the aliens.

They can only pick up leaks in the periphery for these low-level repairs.

Three hundred miles is not far away for these cultivators, they soon approached the mountain.

Watching the piles of powerful men fighting in the sky, there was a terrible roar, a dazzling brilliance, and from time to time a powerful cultivator fell down, and all the living lives disappeared.

Some of the people in the team were scared and pale.

"Dont be afraid of everyone! These aliens are like gods with flesh and flesh. They are not recognized by this world. Every breath is like absorbing poison gas. Their fighting power cannot be fully exploded, and we can do our best. In the past, so we have a huge advantage! As long as we kill one, we will have the resources to cultivate, and the more we kill, the smoother the road to our future cultivation!" The consciousness gradually subsided, and the body began to have blood boiling.

Suddenly, a shadow in the mountains and forests swayed in the distance, rushing out of a team of a dozen oddly powerful creatures.

"Kill! These monsters look powerful, but they are all paper tigers. Don't be afraid!" Daoqiang Dao rushed up first and started a war with those powerful creatures.

Zhao Yuande and Shui Xunbo also rushed up, and the two found their opponents and started fighting.

Zhao Yuandes opponent seemed to be a big crab-like alien, and his cultivation base was roughly equivalent to a yin and yang union. Its eight legs seemed to have eight huge sickles, constantly cutting the void, and making a strange noise.

Naturally, Zhao Yuande will not use all his fighting power, but will fight against it with his golden fist, and he will constantly sharpen his golden fist in the battle.

The opponent of Shui Xunbo next to him was a big octopus, as big as a house, countless tentacles continually flapped, and squirted ink from time to time.

However, this water training wave is not a weak hand, a pair of scimitars in the hand like the wind, like a tornado that continuously rotates beside the big octopus, and is inseparable from the big octopus killing.

In other battles, it can be considered a victory or defeat, strength or weakness, but there are obviously many people on their side who have the upper hand.

"Kill!" Zhao Yuande felt that the big crab couldn't sharpen his golden fist anymore. In his hands, countless golden lights exploded, piercing the big crab's head with holes, and soon ended the battle.

This big crab is delicious, Zhao Yuande directly threw it into the other side of the world and stored it.

Killing the big crab, Zhao Yuande rushed to the side of Shui Xunbo, and he beheaded the octopus monster with him.

Because of the sudden outbreak of Zhao Yuande, the situation on the battlefield collapsed, and the battle soon ended.

Although several powerful aliens saw the misfortune and escaped, this time they still beheaded dozens of powerful aliens, each removed the symbolic organs of the aliens, and then gathered together again.

"Everyone performed very well in this battle, although the two fellows were damaged, but the gain was also huge!" Qiu Beard was very satisfied with everyone's performance, especially nodded to Zhao Yuande. , And finally won.

"Next, we are going to leave this area. The escaped aliens are likely to bring reinforcements. Let's go over there!" Qiuhan Dahan obviously experienced many battles, very familiar with the aliens, pointing in another direction, "we Although you have defeated one game, dont get overly excited. You must be step by step. No one can run around casually for me, otherwise we will attract a large number of aliens, and we will be dead!"

Everyone nodded, and agreed with Qiu Dahan's words.

Mo Hongru performed mediocrely in this battle, without attracting the attention of others, nor with other emotions.

"Brother Li, you were really powerful just now. That's the golden rule! Are you going to be promoted to the realm soon?" Shui Xunbo laughed and talked to Zhao Yuande.

"It's still early, but just realized a little bit in the battle just now, and then the fighting power broke out!" Zhao Yuande smiled.

"Comprehension in battle, I think too! Unfortunately, my talent is not enough, and my comprehension is not good..." Shui Xunbo shook his head and sighed.

"Actually, you are already pretty good. At this age, you have reached this level, and you are a little genius in the family!"

"Hey! I was originally a branch of the water house of the Water God Palace, but my mother..." Shui Xunbo was also familiar, and only then knew most of them for a while, and told his genealogy to Zhao Yuande.

"Water God Palace! That's a super power. I want to know the Water God Palace too!" As soon as he mentioned the Water God Palace, Zhao Yuande suddenly raised interest. That's his **** ally, and Shui Jukong is his own woman. The relationship is deep.

"You don't know, the water house of the Water God Palace actually found its way in Shuiyun City. They only moved out of Shuiyun City after walking out of an emperor strongman. You should also know that this strongman is the old man of the water **** palace Water God! My ancestor didnt move with them because of some things, and eventually became a branch of the Shui family. Originally, our outstanding disciples could go to the Water God Palace to practice, but my father loved it. Fuck me, hey..." Shui Xunbo sighed, helpless.

"What's wrong with your mother?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"My mother is a disciple of Xu Lingzong, Xu Lingzong and the Water God Palace are enemies for generations, so my father was kicked out by the family, and I became a freelancer!"

"It turns out so!" Zhao Yuande sighed. There was really no way to say such things as feelings.

It's like Jiang Chenyu and Su Yusi's love, which has remained unchanged for three hundred years, and it is touching. Although Grandma Zu did something to sorry Grandpa Zu, she was still diluted by strong emotions. It must also be true love, otherwise the two people cannot come together under heavy pressure.

"Actually, Shui Juekong, the little princess of Water God Palace, is still my little cousin... Hey!" Shui Xunbo sighed again!

I rely on! The closer I said, the closer! Zhao Yuande was a little depressed, so the kid became his brother-in-law without any reason!

"There is a battle ahead, it is a battle between the human race and the aliens. Let's get closer and observe. If there is a chance, we will help. If there is no chance, we will quickly escape!" Quietly the big man suddenly raised his hand to signal that everyone stopped, and his body flashed. In the distance, personally observe the strength comparison between the two sides of the battle.

"Let's go help!" Qiu Dahan quickly returned, beckoning everyone to take action.

This battle was originally a stalemate battle. The strong men and the aliens in seven or eight areas of the human race were evenly matched. Because the joining of the Qiu Beard, they quickly gained the upper hand, and finally killed a few powerful existences, and the remaining aliens all fled Too.