Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 412

Chapter 412: Seven Princes

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"Why are the aliens we see all in animal form? Isn't it humanoid, similar to ours?" After two battles, some people couldn't help but wonder, and many people nodded.

"Hey! If we encounter a humanoid figure, we can just run away! The humanoid figures are very powerful, and the lowest are the realm of the realm. They are nobles among aliens. Every time they come out, they will carry a lot of guards. I am afraid that the forces will die if they come into contact!" Qiu Ran Dahan asked very seriously, "If anyone finds a humanoid alien, just run away!"

This time they helped the pair of strong men fight, and were also assigned to two powerful interracials as spoils, so everyone was also very excited. At this time, it was already evening, and their group sat in a cave and began to take a break. .

"Interracial, most like the night, without the sun's shining, the world's repulsive power against them will be much less, their combat effectiveness will also increase a bit, if you fight at night, you must pay attention!" Qiu Dahan is giving Everyone talked about the various situations of the different races, so that everyone could not help but benefit a lot.

"Not good! There is movement! It seems to be an alien!" Qiuhan Dahan suddenly changed his face, and his body suddenly popped out of the cave.

"Boom!" A terrible roar came, and Qiuhan Han was bombed into the cave like a meteor.

He bleeds at the corners of his mouth, his face pale, and sees he was hit hard!

"Quick! Defense! A strong humanoid alien appeared!" Qiuhan Dahan struggled to climb up, stuffed a pill in his mouth, and rushed towards the hole again, "The strong men in all realms break through the hole and defend together!"

At the moment, a big shield appeared in the hands of the big bear, and he kept watching the spiritual power in the shield from the hole.

The big shield is a top-level spiritual treasure. Under the infusion of powerful spiritual power, a hazy protective light shield was scattered, blocking the hole.

When everyone saw this, they rushed to the hole and took out all kinds of spirit treasures and joined them as if.

Zhao Yuande's soul digged out of the cave and found that there were more than a dozen interracial people, one of them was a humanoid figure, looking like a handsome young man with a double-horned head. His cultivation practice is roughly equivalent to the sixth level of the field. Several powerful aliens surrounded it to protect it, and one of them was made to be equivalent to the world's double true spirit realm.

Zhao Yuande looked at Mo Hongru for the first time to see if the matter was related to him.

Mo Hongru showed a smile on his face, but he was very cautious, did not show anything, and was actively defending.

Zhao Yuande knew that this guy was very cautious. It seems that this time it must be him who sent out the news and attracted the alien strongman.

Zhao Yuande was waiting, waiting for him to reveal the tail of the fox, in order to catch Mo Hongru's tail, it was helpless to sacrifice some people, but the big uncle Shui Xunbo wanted to keep it.

"The people inside you have nowhere to go. Don't bear the stubborn resistance. As long as you surrender, my young master will never kill you!" There are strangers outside shouting.

"It is impossible for us to surrender! It is impossible! If you have the ability to attack!" Qiu Bearded man gritted his teeth. Although he had no bottom in his heart, he was bloody. It is impossible to surrender to aliens. "The strong of our human race is around. , If you know to move forward and back, push back, otherwise it will be too late!"

"It's really death! Open the cave for me and catch them alive!" The handsome young man with a double-horned head outside waved a little impatiently, "Remember not to kill, all must live!"

Several powerful aliens joined forces to attack, and this group of casual repairs could not be resisted at all. All the spiritual treasures were all shattered. The alien strong rushed in and the war began soon.

Zhao Yuande saw that Mo Hongru had always refused to reveal his true body, did not know what he planned, and the enemy would not move him.

In the end everyone was caught alive by aliens and put on a huge prison car.

"It's unlucky! It seems that this time is dead!" Shui Xunbo's face was desperate and whispered, "I heard that interracial people like to eat human meat the most, and they can't survive a meal without human meat, especially Our cultivator's flesh..."

Zhao Yuande smiled bitterly. This big uncle was at this time, and he had no choice but to talk about this. He didn't speak but secretly followed Mo Hongru.

Soon they were taken to a stern camp. Countless powerful aliens rested in the camp. Zhao Yuande could feel that there were three powerful breaths in the camp, as if they were three powerful emperors.

"Seven Princes, how is the mission this time?" As soon as they entered the camp, aliens greeted them and asked the first-born horns.

"Unshameful mission! It's all under my control!" The first seven princes with their two horns pointed to the prison car, and a smile appeared on their faces.

"Then congratulate the seven princes, they will build amazing achievements as soon as they come to the world, and they will need a lot of support from the seven princes in the future!" This alien is also very tall and has a crescent-shaped mark on his forehead.

"It's easy to talk! The father still waits for me to return, so I won't talk much! You put all these captives in the black jail!" The seven princes commanded them to send Zhao Yuande and he hurried into a large room Account.

The black prison was indeed very dark, enveloped by a large dark formation, his fingers could not be reached.

"There is a strong formation here, and our cultivation base cannot be destroyed at all. Everyone should not be impulsive for the time being. They did not block our cultivation base, saying that we still have a chance!" Even if we were caught, Qiu Dahan has always been In motivating everyone, this person is calm and capable, but it is a pity that talent is not high enough, otherwise it is not impossible to become a large number of elders.

"Do we still have a chance to escape?" Someone asked in a low voice, "But there are so many aliens here, and we can tear us apart with just one tip!"

"The location here is close to the Ganges City, if there are strong people to attack the camp, we still have a chance! Now mainly don't despair!"


Many people are silent, how can they not despair at this time, the other party does not know what to do to catch them alive, is it really like the legend, interracial like to eat human flesh, but also like to cut meat from them alive!

After Zhao Yuande was sent to the black prison, nothing happened again, as if forgotten. Zhao Yuande has been carefully observing Mo Hongru, this guy has been impatient and impatient, as if everything is under his control.

Suddenly the door of the black prison opened, and a powerful alien came in. The light outside made everyone close their eyes.

Mo Hong then quietly emerged from the black prison while the light flashed, and Zhao Yuande quickly followed in stealth, and at that time the alien grabbed a cultivator from the crowd and closed the door again.

"Ah! Brother Li is gone!" Shui Xunbo felt that there was one less person around him, and he immediately lamented in his heart. He felt that this brother fits his appetite, and the result turned out to be!

Mo Hongru followed behind the alien, the alien smiled at him, and then led him to a large account.

Zhao Yuande was so happy in his heart that he really waited for you!