Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 414

Chapter 414: Tu Long

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"No, some people have robbed all our captives!" The voice shouted, and suddenly two more powerful emperors rushed out of its other two directions.

"These humans are our property, and I also plan to use them in exchange for cultivation resources in the Desolate Shrine, **** it!" The regent leaped like a thunder, "Catch me back, let me go out and catch people! Inform all the children who are fighting abroad Come and chase them down!"

"Father, I'll chase it myself!" The Seven Princes showed some excitement.

"You go! But pay attention to safety!" the regent asked.

"Father rest assured that there are a few strong guards in the child who will not go wrong!" The Seven Princes called his guards and chased them in one direction.

At this time, Zhao Yuande took Shui Xunbo all the way, he didn't show all his strength, but at this time the speed was still terrible. Shui Xunbo only heard the wind in his ears and his face was hurt by the wind.

"Brother, what kind of people are you, what kind of state are you!" Shui Xunbo shuddered, and he didn't forget to ask Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande's performance just now is too much against the sky. The strong man who hacked the world is as simple as chopping melons and vegetables. Is the other party an old monster who has a good face?

"Do you think that?" Zhao Yuande smiled gently.

"I don't know, I can't feel it!" Shui Xunbo was very real and shook his head directly.

"Well! There are chasing soldiers, so fast!" Zhao Yuande suddenly turned his head to look at the rear, and found that the seven princes were chasing them up with some of his guards.

"Don't you want to know my strength? Soon you will know!" Zhao Yuande found that you only had the Seven Princes and his guards, and there was no Emperor strongman behind him, and he suddenly let go of his heart.

"You are standing here, don't shoot!" Zhao Yuande put Shui Xunbo down, handed a mirror to his hand, and then quietly waited for their arrival.

"You..." Shui Xunbo opened his eyes in disbelief.

He found that the place covered by the mirror had disappeared, and he seemed to be an invisible man, even he could not feel his breath.

"Don't say more, just watch the drama!" Zhao Yuande messed up Tianyin with one hand and bare-handed fist with one hand. He wanted those people to test his open-day boxing.

"Boy, you are very interesting. Since you stopped voluntarily, please follow us!" An **** saw Zhao Yuande and did not run away again, with a grin on his face, "If you let us do it, you will be very painfully."

"Black Dragon, be careful, I feel that this kid is not simple!" The Seven Princes perceive keenly that Zhao Yuande always has a sense of danger.

"Relax! His prince, this person we captured last time, this skill is common!" This guard is a black dragon, although the body is not long, but it is fierce, although the cultivation base is in the field, but the actual combat power is not low Strong in the early days of the world.

He pawed toward Zhao Yuande with big claws, and wanted to directly grab Zhao Yuande in his hands.

"Humph! Black worm, you're looking for death!" Zhao Yuande punched out with a golden light on his fist.

"Boom!" The big claws collided with the golden light, and the golden light burst into the air. Zhao Yuande's body receded again and again, while the black dragon didn't move at all.

"Haha! Is this the only way? Boy, come over to me!" Black Dragon smiled, and his big claws came out again.

Zhao Yuande didn't use any other force just now. Just because of Jin's fist, he could barely confront it. His face also showed joy, and once again Jin's fist was greeted.

The two guys have come and gone, and have been fighting for more than a dozen breaths. The entire space is almost covered by golden light, as if numerous fireworks are blooming.

Zhao Yuande's more and more brave wars, the more pure the fist of the Golden War, the more powerful it is!

"Don't play with him, Black Dragon, kill it with all your strength!" The Seven Princes looked at Zhao Yuande, and there was always a bad hunch in their hearts.

"Aw!" The black dragon roared, his body suddenly swelled, and turned into a giant black dragon hundreds of feet long. The powerful blood was rushing, and the terrible power was raging. Everyone was backed by this breath.

"In this case, I will kill the dragon!" Zhao Yuande rose into the sky and rushed into the sky to fight the black dragon. The golden light became brighter and brighter. The second was mixed with this terrible hurricane. , Sometimes captured.

The black dragon roared again and again, but he couldn't take it all the time. Not only was his scale armor gradually torn by golden light, a large sword of golden light appeared in front of it, as if someone was in charge, puncturing it ingeniously.

"You two go up to help him!" The seven princes pointed to the two aliens around them.

These two aliens are the cultivation of the world, one is a **** big bird, the other is a stone man, and the two powerful men rushed into the battlefield with a roar.

The Scarlet Bird didn't attack me closely, but shot a bunch of red feathers, as if shooting a arrow toward Zhao Yuande. These feathers were extremely fast and could track people, and they even hit Zhao Yuande repeatedly. , The sound of metal symphony, although it can not cause actual damage to Zhao Yuande, but it caused great interference to Zhao Yuande.

The stone man turned into hundreds of feet high, and punched fist towards Zhao Yuande. The terrible force almost crushed the mountains, and the earth shivered.

"Humph! I am not afraid of the crowd!"

Zhao Yuande shouted violently, and his whole body radiated infinite thunder, and a thunder ray flashed in his hand, directly immersed in the body of the black dragon.


There was a blast in the body of the Black Dragon, and his stomach was blown out of a huge blood hole by Thunder.

"Give me death!" Zhao Yuande didn't care about the scary attacks of the Scarlet Bird and the Stone Man, and still rushed towards the Black Dragon without hesitation. His fist hair showed two red and blue lights, and a big blue and red grinding disc appeared, directly bombarded at On the head of Black Dragon!

"No!" The Black Dragon growled, desperately trying to avoid the crushing of the big grinding disc, but everything was too late.

I saw the blood splash, and the black dragon's huge head was crushed into a flesh and blood residue by a large grinding disk!

"Damn! Damn! Go together and kill him!" The seven princes' eyes were blood red, but instead of rushing up, he directed the two aliens around him to rush up together.

Zhao Yuande killed the Black Dragon with a punch, and also got a punch from the stone man. His body flew out dozens of feet away, but he only felt some pain and turned to God to kill the four aliens again!

The two aliens that have just arrived are the wolf tribe, which is not much different from the fighting power of the black dragon, but at this time Zhao Yuande has also killed his red eyes, and the chaotic sky seal in his hand suddenly shot the back of a strong wolf tribe.

Suddenly the entire spine was smashed at once. This wolf tribe wanted to escape, and the other three aliens also came to the rescue, but Zhao Yuande was crazy, and the big grinding disc on the other fist was formed again, and a punch was printed on the wolf tribe. On the back of the head.

The wolf head exploded, and another alien died.

The dignified color appeared in the eyes of the Seven Princes. Although he ranked in the top 30 in the Desolate Realm, and his combat effectiveness was also very strong, he still cannot guarantee to win Zhao Yuande.

However, he was so proud of his character that he didn't bother to besiege Zhao Yuande with his men, but he was still observing Zhao Yuande's fighting style.