Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 415

Chapter 415: Deformity Prince

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"Haha! It's addictive, killing aliens, it's really enjoyable!" Zhao Yuande punched a wolf with one punch and turned to fight with the other three aliens again.

His physical body is almost invincible, and the attacks of three aliens fall on his body, causing almost no harm to him, but his chaotic sky and fists, each blow may make the other party crippled.

Now there are three aliens left. At the beginning, they gave up the use of two-color large grinding discs, but began to merge the five kinds of fist of wind, thunder, fire, and earth in the battle. Sometimes the wind and thunder rolled, sometimes the flames raged, and sometimes...

Although his attack was powerful, the opponent was not weak. After shocking, they each displayed their own housekeeping skills. The Scarlet Bird no longer wandered, but a pair of sharp big claws constantly struck, its eyes. Bleeding flames in the middle, constantly burning the sky.

The stone man is a double boxing day. I dont know what mysterious power is turned on. The body begins to shrink sharply, but each time it shrinks, its strength increases by one point. Every punch hits Zhao Yuande, and he beats him back and forth. .

Although the wolf tribe is weak, but a mouthful of thick venom spews out of the mouth, people can't help but look disgusted, even Zhao Yuande keeps frowning, unwilling to mess with it.

The three aliens gradually cooperated with each other. They attacked and defended well, advancing and retreating freely, so that Zhao Yuande could not grasp the weakness temporarily and could not kill quickly.

However, Zhao Yuande is just trying to find his fist. Otherwise, he can crush these three aliens by directly using the four-color large grinding disc. He is not in a hurry. There are three masters who are accompanying him to feed him.

"It's really a tough character, but your combat power is only so!" The Seven Princes couldn't help but feel relieved when they saw this. If Zhao Yuande's skills stopped here, he would have full confidence to leave it behind.

At this time, Shui Xunbo, who was hidden not far away, was terrified.

He was able to fight so many powerful aliens alone, and he still had the upper hand. Is he really a cultivation of Yin and Yang?

and many more! He is Zhao Yuande!

Shui Xunbo suddenly thought of this name, and only he can have such a terrible fighting power, and only he has a reason to save himself. Whether it is Hope Zong or the Shui family, he has a big relationship with him. It seems that he is a big deal. There must be a blessing!

Suddenly, Zhao Yuande burst out with a punch of five colors, a colorful roulette that was several acres in size appeared on the top of his head, a terrible horror pressure emanated from the colorful roulette, and the three powerful monsters were different. A little bit was turned directly by the appearance of this colorful roulette.

But at the next moment, "Boom!", the roulette broke and disappeared into the invisible.

"I can't let him continue anymore! If the five-color roulette just condensed just now, I'm afraid I will be trembling!" The seven princes tightened their hearts. He knew that the other party was practicing with his three guards. Strong exercises.

"You all retreat, I'll capture him!" The Seven Princes walked towards the battlefield, faster and faster, the next moment already appeared in the battlefield.

The three aliens glanced at each other and retreated silently. They knew that the arrogant temper of the seven princes would not besieged with themselves and others. If the seven princes were in trouble for a while, it would be a big deal!

Zhao Yuande was hitting Xing's head, and suddenly the three of them retreated. The colorful roulette he had just realized was stranded, and he suddenly got angry in his heart, squinting at the seven princes.

"Interracial, you hate it!" Zhao Yuande decided to solve this guy as soon as possible, let him lie down to basking in the sun.

"I will give you a chance. As long as you surrender to me, I will give you the supreme glory!" The Seven Princes are full of gas, their heads are slightly raised 45 degrees, and they look at Zhao Yuande in a downward view.

"Succumb to your mother!" Zhao Yuande was not used to his problems, and he punched him in the face with a punch.

His unbelievable speed, coupled with the unpredictability, the seven princes only felt a chin pain, and the whole person flew up.

"Your deformed prince, you have two horns and you think you are a cow. Today I fought so badly that even your deformed dad would not recognize it!" Fists fell like raindrops.

Zhao Yuande had exerted 12% of his strength this time, which was more than twice as fast as when he was fighting. His body seemed to be surging at the moment, this is the sound of blood washing the blood vessels.

The three aliens were almost dumbfounded. They knew what the strength of the Seven Princes was, even if their three joint forces were not their opponents. They didn't expect to be beaten by anyone as soon as they got started.

"Okay! So fierce! Is this his real strength?" Shui Xunbo murmured as if he was dreaming. "This is the strong strength that can beat the seventh in the list. He just kept suppressing just now. , Want to understand a magical power through battle!"

"Ah!" the seven princes shouted miserably, his teeth were completely lost just under the fist and the face was swollen like a pig's head.

He was hysterical, he didn't understand what happened, why the other party became so powerful all of a sudden!

He wanted to resist, and wanted to come up with his own means, but he was unable to do anything with Zhao Yuande's fist, and was beaten like a sandbag. What made him feel wronged most was that the other hand seemed to be aggrieved. Every time a big seal like a brick is photographed on himself, his own soul seems to be drawn one point, which is why he has been unable to mobilize the power of the soul to defend the enemy.

"Quick! Save the Seven Princes!"

The stone man's voice rumbled and rushed towards Zhao Yuande first, followed by the other two.

"Don't make trouble!" Zhao Yuande flew a foot and kicked the stone man out. His huge body hit the ground like a meteor, hitting a large tens of feet deep.

The stone man gasped, struggling to sit up for a long time, his chest shattered a large transparent hole, and the dark red blood was gurgling out.

"This..." Seeing this situation, the other two aliens were shocked, and they all knew how strong the stone man's defense was. Now they are kicked and killed to death, who is not afraid.

"You two also lie down to me!" Zhao Yuande rushed toward the Scarlet Bird and the Wolf Clan, carrying the seven princes who had been beaten.

Seven princes are in the hands of each other, and the two guys can't escape but can only rush to fight with Zhao Yuande. The result is conceivable, Zhao Yuande broke out with full force within a few strokes.

"You are all my captives now!" Zhao Yuande pointed to several aliens, sealed them all up, and then pulled all the things up and down, and forcibly penetrated into their inner world. In the middle, the soul began to search.

A moment later, three aliens and a prince were tragically trapped by Zhao Yuande and thrown into a cell in the Eternal Tower.

All other aliens killed by him were found by him, sent to the other side of the world, and kept as food.