Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 416

Chapter 416: My Brother In Law

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When Zhao Yuande picked up the Tongyou mirror and exposed the water training wave below, his eyes were almost straight!

" are...Zhao Yuande!" Shui Xunbo said it for a long time.

"Hey! You guessed it." Zhao Yuande smiled, this guy is really a little clever.

"Brother-in-law! My brother-in-law, you will be my boss from now on, I'm mixed with you!" Shui Xunbo hugged Zhao Yuande's thigh.

"This..." Zhao Yuande frowned, and he found this guy had a dark taste and thick skin, but he didn't hate this kind of person, "Uncle, don't be like this! What do you want to do with our relationship, Just say it!"

"Just wait for you!" Shui Xunbo grumbled up, hehe laughed, "Brother-in-law, do you think I can be promoted to the field first!"


No more chasing soldiers along the way, Zhao Yuande and Shui Xunbo soon returned to Ganges City.

At this time, there was a shock in the Ganges City. A young man was alone in the alien camp, and the rescue of many strong men quickly spread. Many people are speculating about the identity of this young man.

"Maybe it is the heir of a super big family! Only they have this kind of strength." Some people speculate and cite many examples, such as the appearance is similar to that of a patriarch of a super power, such as some exercises Points are similar to a large group...

"Or a person from the Thunder Prison family has shot, this person is not very young, he is not young, he has never seen it before, and his strength should be able to enter the list of people." Someone shook his head negatively and said his own thoughts.

"No! You are not right, I think this boy really wants to be alone..." A rescued strongman came out and said the following, "Much like Zhao Dakeng... Only Yin and Yang are in one place Cultivation, with a strong physical body and speed, even the weapons in his hands are very similar!"

"'s him out of ten! I think of it. The sword in his hand is peculiar and wider than the door." Another rescued person came out to prove it.

"Absolutely impossible, why is this scourge of Zhao Dakeng so kind? This is definitely a coincidence!" Some people simply don't believe that Zhao Yuande is already an evil little devil in their minds, even if they kill them, they don't believe it and will help others. people.

"I believe it or not, I believe it or not!"

At this time, Zhao Yuande had secretly come to the stronghold of Shengdanzong, met the sect Master Jumei, and asked him to contact several super powers close to him, such as Water God Palace, Wan Shengzong, Beihuang Shenshan, to discuss major events.

These super powers heard that they were invited by Zhao Yuande, and all of them came to the stronghold of Sheng Danzong. They wanted to ask whether the young man who saved everyone was Zhao Yuande.

As soon as the strong man of the Water God Palace appeared, Zhao Yuande's face twitched.

It turned out to be Shui Cangyun. At that time, they bet that Shui Cangyun would call his uncle when he saw him, but he had that kind of ambiguous relationship with Shui Jukong. What should I do?

You can't always call your uncle, so you can pay your father-in-law!

Isn't this messy?

But at this time, Zhao Yuande changed his appearance, as long as he didn't mention his identity, it would be able to cover up the embarrassment.

Several other families also came with powerful heads and faces, all of whom were powerful in the late Emperor, and the breath of a few people sitting here made people feel trembling.

"Seniors, I have a few captives here, please see!" Zhao Yuande dropped the seven princes and his three guards on the ground.

As soon as the four captives landed on the ground, they suddenly found that the surrounding atmosphere was not right. They looked up and suddenly looked like a mourning concubine. Especially the seven princes clenched their lips and dared not say a word.

"Oh! It's really you who saved people?" Shui Cangyun said first, with relief in his tone and a little embarrassment.

What he meant was that he knew the identity of Zhao Yuande, but he couldnt really say it. Although his daughter was unclear with this kid, this kid had too many stinky things, and the legend was very stinky, in case The other party took out the old old account, where did his face go.

"Water...water..." Zhao Yuande didn't call out senior water for a long time. He only laughed and said, "Hey, it's really me, careless, did a good deed."

"Seven princes, don't pretend to be dead, come and meet your predecessors!" Zhao Yuande raised the seven princes and smiled, "Say what your father Wang and Mo Hong talk about!"

"You... I won't say it!" The Seven Princes were so angry that they ignored Zhao Yuande for the first time.

"Little friend, don't be so troublesome, let's just explore his soul!" The emperor of the Wan Shengzong said with a smile, "By the way, you can also see what classic he is practicing, or give it to me. The East Emperor Great World adds some details!

"Hum! Don't even think about it. My soul was planted by His Majesty the Emperor. If you want to explore my secret, you will detonate the God instantly, and then you will hum..." The Seven Princes mentioned His Majesty the Emperor , His face suddenly filled with arrogance, as if the emperor His Majesty was his spiritual pillar, and he will never fail.

Several emperors were suddenly shocked, and all the spirits they found were taken back. Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but frown, which was really troublesome.

"I urge you to let me go as soon as possible, otherwise plan ahead, you Ganges City... just hum!" The seven princes looked at everyone's expressions, suddenly feeling smug, and began to threaten them in reverse.

"Are you dreaming!" Zhao Yuande punched him in the face and flew him out, and his figure appeared again in front of the Seven Princes. He stepped on his face with his big soles Zi ruthlessly devastated the face of the seven princes, "Since then you are useless at all, I will just kill you directly!"

"You..." The Seventh Prince suddenly remembered how Zhao Yuande had beaten himself before, his face scared pale, and he never dared to say another word.

"What are you! Hurry and tell me, otherwise I will cut off your "five limbs" directly, making you a "waste man"!" Zhao Yuande puts the words "five limbs" and "waste people" particularly important, so that everyone can listen His face turned black.

Especially the emperor strongman who came to Beihuangshenshan this time was a beautiful woman. Her face was slightly red, and she twitched her heart. This Zhao Dakeng is really shameless, and I dont know what Xuan'er in my family likes him. Fortunately, there was no emoji status just now, otherwise it would be really embarrassing.

This woman turned out to be her mother Zhai Linxuan, mother-in-law of Zhao Yuande.

"Do you dare..." The Seven Princes are not fools, naturally knowing the meaning of this, he was suddenly scared to a pale face, but he had to threaten Zhao Yuande with a tough voice, "If you really dare to do this, my father must be It will detonate your layout in the Ganges City in advance and let you all fly into the sky!"

"Oh! Decorate..." Zhao Yuande suddenly laughed, "Actually, we don't want to know this, we just want to know if there is any collusion between you and the Mojia, is there a conspiracy. It's not too much to exchange your limbs with this! "