Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 417

Chapter 417: Uncover The Truth

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"No!" The Seven Princes flatly refused again.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande turned to the beautiful woman in the North Mountain God Mountain. "Senior, if you avoid it first, it will be **** and violent for a while. This occasion is not suitable for you..."

"Cough... anyway, this palace has lived for hundreds of years, you haven't seen anything before, you are free!"

"Oh! Okay!" Zhao Yuande's face was helpless.

In fact, as soon as the beautiful woman entered the door, Zhao Yuande saw that her appearance was similar to that of Zhai Linxuan, and she looked at herself up and down as soon as she came in, and the identity of the other party was almost ready!

I can't be too **** and brutal in front of this prospective mother-in-law, which would damage your brilliant image.

"Seven Princes, since you have this hobby, then I will fulfill you!" Zhao Yuande lifted his foot and fell directly between his legs.

"No..." How could the Seventh Prince think that he would go straight to the subject, and suddenly exclaimed, his limbs were broken and he could recover, but there was no way to recover from being trampled there, if the other party passed on the news again If he goes out, his father may give up on himself. What good is an abandoned prince?

The key is that there are many brothers. These brothers all stare at their position, especially the third brother's ranking in the younger generation is second only to himself!

"I... say! But I can only say the cooperation between the Mo family and my family, and nothing else can be revealed! Otherwise, I would rather be abolished!" The seven princes still have self-knowledge. It is not fundamental and harmless, but if the other things of the alien are spread, even if the father does not punish him, the emperor will not let him live.

"That's right!" Zhao Yuande chuckled and pulled the seven princes off the ground, helping him bounce off the dust on his body. "Come and talk to your seniors!"

After a long time, the faces of several emperor strong men showed shock and anger, they did not expect the Mo family to actually be able to do such a thing.

Especially the identity of the Mo family descended from the Mo family, but the Mo family is a more terrible race than the aliens. The aliens invaded the world of the East Emperor only to plunder and colonize! The Demon Race is even worse, they will demonize all the practitioners, let them lose their self-consciousness and become demon servants!

"Damn it! Really **** it!" Shui Cangyun's temper was the most irritable, and he roared, "I immediately summoned everyone and pushed the Mo family to me, this group of demons are **** it!"

"I have recorded everything just now, and we will immediately summon all forces to make this public!"

"Or send someone to encircle the Mo family first, and try not to let them escape one!"

"Several seniors, I think the most important thing at the moment is to solve the hidden worries of Ganges City. If that kind of killer really bursts ahead of time, Im afraid everyone will finish it. Now Im still not aware of the leaking of the Mo School. , We must first remove the hidden danger!" Zhao Yuande suggested, "Since they are arranged underground, we will search underground!"

"Yes, I will join hands with the soul to explore the Ganges City within a thousand miles, and pull out all hidden dangers!"

Several people acted immediately. They are all super powerful. The powerful soul can cover almost half of the middle domain. Now several people have joined forces and are so detailed that they can monitor each ant!

Soon they found traces of blood soul thunder in a hundred miles underground. These blood soul thunders were all placed on the ground veins. As soon as they detonated, the ground veins would also detonate, and the entire Ganges city would fly up immediately. In the sky, almost all cultivators in the world will disappear under this terrible explosion!

"There is a Mo family guarding the place where these Blood Soul Thunders are located. If a person is found, they may control other places, maybe they will jump the wall and detonate the Blood Soul Thunders. We will take a few steps and work together!"

"Yes, do it right away, otherwise they may explode at any time!"

Under the arrangement of these powerful men, many world powerful men quietly sneaked into the underground. It was easy to control the Mo family in the four directions underground of Ganges City, and carefully removed the Blood Soul Thunder.

Blood Soul Thunder has naturally become the foundation of these sects, and if it is taken out in the future, it can also deter the party.

"Since the crisis is cancelled, let's start to encircle the Mo family!" Shui Cangyun's face was very murderous. Although they were invaded by aliens, they hated this group of demons even more.

"Notify several other super-families, show them the evidence, and then mobilize the people to destroy the Mo family!" The strong man of Wan Shengzong took the case, "I will go about this in person!"


At this time, several members of the Mo family were secretly talking in the stronghold of the China Domain Alliance, and suddenly there was a noise outside.

"What the **** happened?" Mo Hong had already returned, and he walked out of the room and looked out.

Although he knew that someone had escaped from prison, he did not expect Zhao Yuande to listen to their plans long ago, nor did he expect the seven princes to be captured, and gave out the details of the Mo family!

"Mo Hongru, how fast you can come back!" Shui Cangyun walked in with a lot of strong men.

"Water... Brother Shui, what are you talking about?" Mo Hongru looked at the group of powerful men, and almost occupied all the major forces. His heart suddenly burst, and he suddenly felt that something was awkward.

"What do you say?" Shui Cangyun grabbed Mo Hongru with a grim expression on his face, "Monster, I think you still have something to say today!"

"You..." Mo Hongru wanted to explain, but he was taken directly into the house.

"Brother Shui, what are you doing?" Mo Hongtian was shocked to see this happening, but he was still calm, as if he already had a bottom in his heart.

"What do you say I do? Mojia Demon Race, this name has a connection. I didn't expect your Mojia to really be the devil of Mozu!" Shui Cangyun sneered.

"I didn't understand what Brother Shui said. When did the Mo family get in touch with the Mozu?" Mo Hongtian pretended to have a puzzled expression. "I can't say this nonsense. It has been standing for tens of thousands of years, and the Demon Invasion was only tens of thousands of years ago, how can we be the remnants of the Demon Race?"

"Still quibbling, this is the confession and video of the alien seven princes, I see what else you can say." Shui Cangyun took out a piece of jade to stimulate the memory, and the scenes immediately explained by the seven princes were played back in front of everyone .

Seeing this picture, Mo Hongru was suddenly desperate, and his body was not struggling.

Mo Hongtian saw it but waved his hand in disapproval: "This is probably an alien's alienation. Do you think you should believe an alien?"