Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 418

Chapter 418: Show Attitude

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Suddenly, some big forces that had some friendship with the Mohists began to doubt, and they began to discuss one after another.

"This might be an alien conspiracy, because we can't attack the Ganges City for a long time, so we want us to be civilized and disintegrate us from the inside!" Mo Hongtian Zhenzhen said, but at this time, he quietly transmitted a message to Mo Hongfei around him. Road, "Blood Soul Thunder are all buried! These are all guarantees that we can leave safely!"

"Relax! Brother, everything is done, just waiting for you!" Mo Hongfei responded secretly.

"I really can't see the coffin without tears!" Zhao Yuande stepped out and stood in front of everyone, facing Mo Hongru, "Mo Hongru, who do you think I am?"

Mo Hongru heard Zhao Yuande's voice, and immediately felt familiar. Looking at his appearance again, his face suddenly appeared shocked.

" are that boy!"

"Yes! I am the young man, the young man who went out with you to hunt for aliens!" Zhao Yuande laughed. "In the cave, you secretly notified the aliens! Then we were taken away, but you were invited to the aliens. Meeting with the regent king of the other race in the big tent, what have you all talked about?"

"You... you are spitting blood on you! You are slandering our Mo family!" Mo Hongru's complexion changed greatly. If he was not caught by Shui Cangyun at this moment, he would rather go up and kill the kid directly.

As soon as everyone saw Mo Hongru's complexion, he immediately knew it. At this time, it might be true!

The original hesitant forces gradually realized at this time that they were not intentionally framed at this time.

"Who are you? Who knows if you are a spy from an alien community, so what is your intention to frame our Mo family!" Mo Hongtian suddenly took the case and wanted to grab Zhao Yuande directly.

"Mo Hongtian, don't try it in vain, you can't catch me!" Zhao Yuande had expected that he would be in trouble, and returned to Shui Cangyun's side as early as possible. "Your anger already shows that you have ghosts in your heart! "

"It's a nonsense!" Mo Hongtian sat back in his seat again and turned his head to look at Mo Hongru. "Mo Hongru, what's the matter with you? Why did you appear in the team of hunting aliens? Why?" Will appear in the big camp of aliens!"

"I...since I was caught by you, I also confessed it! I did it at this time. I am indeed a descendant of the Mozu. I want to give the East Emperor the Great World to aliens! Haha!" Mo Hongru suddenly A greasy face was exposed, one face turned blood red, and the two children were more pointed and long, like two blood swords, and the black breath rushed out of the pores on his body, exposing the demon's body.

"Mo Hongru... I didn't expect that you are really a demon..." Mo Hongtian pretended to be distressed and looked at everyone, "It turns out that my Mo family really had a demon mixed in, it was me who was the patriarch Im sorry for being oversight for a while!"

"It turns out that the Mo family didn't know, hey!" There were big forces sighing.

"I said that the Mo family has inherited for more than 100,000 years, and they should not hang up with the demon!

"This misunderstanding, just solve it!"



Zhao Yuande smiled and clapped, "Mo Hongtian, you are really a acting genius. If it were not for me to have the evidence, I am afraid I really have to believe you!"

"The matter is already clear. Do you dare to come here and talk nonsense, do you think I dare not take you down?" Mo Hongtian's face suddenly became extremely cold, and a pair of eyes stared at Zhao Yuande.

"Mo Hongtian, don't look at your fierce disaster-fighting fierce, I will make you cry!" Zhao Yuande smiled and took a piece of jade from his arms, shaking it in his hand, "There is evidence of your Mo family colluding with aliens, Would you like to see it?"

"Humph!" The power of Mo Hongtian's world turned into a big hand, grabbing the piece of jade in Zhao Yuande's hand. The speed is so fast that few people behind are too late to stop.

Mo Hongtian crushed the jade block and smiled at Zhao Yuande: "Boy, your so-called evidence is just to smear my Mo family, now I destroy it, I think you have anything to say!"

"Oh! I just accidentally took the wrong one! This is the one!" Zhao Yuande exclaimed and took a piece of jade out of his arms again, this time handing it directly to Shui Cangyun, "Senior Water, you let everyone see, see Come to Mojia's real face!"

"You... kid is so sinister!" Mo Hongtian's face changed, he didn't expect the other party to be so cunning, if he had destroyed the real evidence just now, if it was not really unclear.

Shui Cangyun seemed to have known all this, without panic, and directly inspired the image in the jade block.

Suddenly Mo Hongru and the alien regent's conversation reappeared, and the clear qualifications made people listen to his face and changed greatly.

"Mo Hongtian! What else do you have to say!" Shui Cangyun suddenly exploded into the sky, enveloping the entire Ganges city, and you must start to face Mo Hongtian, "You can't escape today if you insert your wings. !"

"You join forces to block here, don't let the Mojia thieves run away!" The other powerful men also looked dignified and began to arrest many masters of the Mojia.

"You are forcing me!" Mo Hongtian's face changed, but he calmed down instantly. "Since you know the existence of Blood Soul Thunder, then I'm welcome, you let us go, otherwise I will detonate immediately. Blood Soul Thunder, all of us have finished playing!"

"You... don't be impulsive!"

Suddenly, the powerful with great power panicked. Blood Soul Thunder is what they know better than anyone, but it can damage the Divine Emperor Realm to get a terrible thunder. If Blood Soul Thunder explodes under the Ganges City at this time, it will certainly Let the whole Ganges City be smashed. Although they can escape the disaster, all the disciples must be sacrificed here.

You should know that this time they brought almost all the disciples with potential here, and tempered them. If they were all lost here, I am afraid that Zongmen will fall into a dilemma for some time, and they may even collapse.

"Brother Shui, why don't you let them go! Anyway, they have been exposed, and they can't lift any more storms!" The powerful said.

"Yes! Let them leave Donghuang Great World forever!"

"If it really detonated, all our ancestors would be over!"


"Hey! We changed our minds. You will give this kid to us, otherwise we will still detonate the Blood Soul Thunder!" Mo Hongtian looked at Zhao Yuande with hatred in his eyes.

"Yes! Take him up and give it to us in exchange for the lives of your disciples!" Mo Hongfei looked at everyone in a panic and suddenly smiled, "Yeah, send my brother back, our brother wants Walk together!"

"This..." Many people hesitated and looked at Zhao Yuande and Mo Hongru again, undecided.

"Brother Shui, this is a big matter. We might as well have sacrificed this kid!" A strong man from the Jiang family stepped forward to see the hatred in Zhao Yuande's eyes.

Many people were surprised to guess that this young man was Zhao Yuande, and the Jiang family was the first to stand up. This is an attitude.