Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 419

Chapter 419: Mojia's Annihilation

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If it were not for the Jiang family, the strong man was not as good as Shui Cangyun, this matter would have to start to catch Zhao Yuande.

"Good! The lives of all our disciples whose lives can be changed by one person have to sacrifice him!" At this time, another strong man came forward, this is a strong man from the Yao family, who was killed by Zhao Yuande in the South China Sea. Seven or eight, now finally seized the opportunity to retaliate.

"Good! Friends, you will sacrifice the ego to make a big picture! Your death can be exchanged for the lives of tens of millions of geniuses in Zhongyu, and you can die well!" Another strong man stood up and wanted to continue this opportunity To Zhao Yuande to death.


A lot of people echoed at once!

"Don't you think it's too much to do this?" The beautiful woman of Beihuang God Mountain looked at these people's faces and couldn't help feeling a little disgusted, "He helped us in the world of the East Emperor except the evil spirits of the Devil, you just blinked Do you want to put him to death?"

"Mrs. Zhai, can't say that, we all consider the overall situation, sacrifice him to protect everyone, this is the general trend, you can't change anything by yourself!" Jiang Jiaqiang looked at the beautiful woman, he knew Because of the relationship between this woman and Zhao Yuande, it is not polite to speak.

"Ms. Zhai, although he has merit, but if we can help us again, wouldn't we be more grateful, we will treat his descendants well and let them live a life without clothes and food!" Yao Jiaqiang laughed.

"Yes! He is part of our Eastern Emperor Great World. For the Eastern Emperor Great World, he should make this kind of sacrifice to drive out the aliens!" Someone said coldly, "If he doesn't want to sacrifice, Then we have to do it!"


Shui Cangyun's face was cold, he listened to these people and lamented his heart. These people are really mean and shameless, even if they say such words in a majestic manner, it seems that they don't know them well enough!

"Haha! Really Jiang family, Yao family, and you forces, I Zhao Yuande remember you!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "I didn't expect you to really hurt me like this, but I still want to thank many The power to express my opinion to send me out. Although you have not received my friendship, I will not target you anymore!"

Zhao Yuande just wanted to see the real faces of these people, and see that some forces would jump out and hurt themselves, so that he could find the right target to make trouble.

"Zhao Yuande, are you finished with your last words?" Jiang Jiaqiang said with a smile, "Finally, you will restrain yourself and follow Mo Hongtian! We will not send you!"

"Yes, you'd better be obedient, otherwise don't blame us for grabbing you!"

"Shut up!"


"Huh! Mo Hongtian, do you think I'm determined to eat?" Zhao Yuande ignored these jumping people at all, but turned to look at Mo Hongtian.

"Boy, I'm going to swallow you alive, let you taste all the pain, wailing for ten days and ten nights before dying!" Mo Hongtian grinned and stretched out his hand to him, "Come on! Do you need me to invite you?"

"Mo Hongtian, who do you think these people are?" Zhao Yuande casually dropped some people on the ground and smiled. "Look at your dog's eyes and see clearly, who are they!"

"Humph! Do you want to threaten me with our clan? Don't you know the habits of the Mozu? We see life as ants, even the lives of our loved ones..." Mo Hongtian sneered, "You think You made a mistake!"

Mo Hongtian didn't respond, but Mo Hongfei's face changed drastically.

" the Blood Soul Thunder!" Mo Hongfei's voice trembled. He seemed to see the end of the world, his face suddenly turned white, and he looked at the dozens of powerful emperors across from him. He can foresee what will happen after he is caught!

"All of them are demolished. Your blood soul thunder is of good quality. You should be able to kill the emperor's strongman. We all laughed!" Zhao Yuande held an extra blood soul thunder in his hands and shook it in front of everyone, laughing, "I don't know That one will come over and catch me!"

"You guys are very good!" Shui Cangyun turned to look at the happiest emperor strongmen, who had the intention to kill. These people wanted to kill their son-in-law. How could he not have hatred in his heart? !

Several people saw Shui Cangyun's hatred, and his heart was filled with misery. This one is known as the first person of the emperor. If he is hated by him, it will be troublesome!

"Brother Shui! Don't be angry, we also consider it for Zong Men, really have no other meaning!" Jiang Jiaqiang first served softly.

"That's it!"


Several people said good things, but Shui Cangyun ignored them at all and strode to Mo Hongtian. He is going to take the blame today!

"I thought I was afraid of you!" Mo Hongtian finally stopped covering up his hideous side, turned into a dark monster, and rushed towards the water and clouds.

"Seize the remnants of these two demons!"

Dozens of the emperor strong men hurryed all around, and the result was conceivable.

Although Mo Hongtian was so powerful that everyone was a little shocked, in the end, he was still unable to resist the attacks of so many emperors, and after a few breaths, he was beaten to pieces!

Mo Hongfei was originally only cultivated in the world, and died even more miserably, and was alive and shocked in the aftermath!

At this time, the strong men who surrounded the Mo family also received orders and began to encircle the Mo family together.

Although the Mo School has stood on this land for more than 100,000 years and has a deep background, it still can't bear the joint efforts of dozens of major forces. In just half an hour, the entire Mo School was slaughtered cleanly. Not even Mo's dog left.

The destruction of the Mo School also means that the Mo Schools collection is exposed to everyone. The Mo School has accumulated more than 100,000 years, and it is not clear how many good things there are.

Many great forces have found more than a dozen huge treasure troves in the Mo family in succession. There are countless spirit treasures, countless spirit jades, and countless magic medicines!

After all the major forces have left, there are still unscrupulous casual repairs to dig up the treasures. As a result, some people still find the hidden treasure trove, and they are ushering in a burst of robbery!

At this time, the entire world of the East Emperor also got the news that the Mo family is the devil of the Devil, and wanted to unite the aliens to subvert the East Emperor's big world, but was destroyed by Zhao Yuande, a small yin-yang monk, and everyone immediately began to discuss One after another.

At this time, Zhao Yuande said goodbye to Shui Cangyun and his mother-in-law, and said that she was looking for a beautiful place to prepare for the robbery.

Before leaving, he gave Shui Xunbo to Shui Cangyun, explaining his situation. Shui Cangyun immediately said that this kid can join the Water God Palace and will cultivate it vigorously!

Shui Xunbo almost fell to his knees and hugged Zhao Yuande's thigh again. This was the dream of his life, and he finally realized it.

Zhao Yuande made a teleportation circle and turned around, changed his appearance again, turned into a black boy, and returned to Ganges City.