Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 42

Chapter 42: Excitement

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He returned to the peak of Yaofeng, and Yuzaiyou relied on the front of the hall, waiting for the return of the black bear.

"Aw! Damn it, this dead monkey's hand is really heavy, my big bag...hey, it hurts!" The black bear's head was like a reincarnation of the Buddha, a big pimple with blood on his head.

"Brother Xiong, come back!" Zhao Yuande tilted Erlang's legs and looked at the black bear with a smile.

"I... Grandpa Xiong underestimated you!" Black Bear up and down a large number of Zhao Yuande, and he found that he didn't even lose the root hair, he grinned involuntarily, "Okay, okay! I was wrong as a brother, I voluntarily fined three more cup!"

"Humph! You want to be beautiful!" Zhao Yuande pretended to be angry and ignored the black bear.

Although Zhao Yuande was a little angry, he knew that the black bear did not want to harm himself. The golden-haired monkey must be the same as the black bear's origin, and it also belongs to the Huoyunzong, and may also be a partner of a certain generation of ancestors.

The black bear warned the golden-haired monkey with the name of Master, and he also knew what he was thinking. This group of monkeys did not dare to really treat themselves.

"How about I let you pick a Breitling potion in my pharmacy as a guilt?" Black Bear compromised and hurriedly said the new conditions.

"It's almost the same!" Zhao Yuande turned angry, and a hundred-year-old elixir was also made in vain.

The two guys set up a fire in front of the main hall and started barbecue.

With monkey wine and barbecue, the two guys who are eating have deeper and deeper feelings.

"Brother Xiong, I want to stroll around Yaoshan." Zhao Yuande remembered to help Black Bear replenish his essential blood. "Just look, I don't mean anything else."

"Don't think that Grandpa Bear is a fool, I can see from your small eyes, you have been thinking about my drug garden for a long time! But, today, Grandpa Bear is sorry for you, it is up to you." Black Bear readily agreed, and Personally guide Zhao Yuande.

One person and one bear hang out on Yaoshan, and countless disciples who come to Zongmen to take care of the medicine garden look at them with big eyes.

You know, this evil bear sometimes does not even give face to the suzerain, and now accompanies a young disciple, everyone suddenly has such a question in his mind, who is this kid?

"He...he really went to the top of the mountain to find someone?" Zhang Ruoyu saw this scene and couldn't help but stammered in shock. What people said was true.

"He seems to be called Zhao Yuande... Zhao Yuande's name is so familiar!" Zhang Ruoyu murmured the name.

"Zhao Yuande! Zhao Yuande who activated the Huoyunbei? Heard that he was accepted as a disciple by Elder Gu. Was Elder Gu sent him?" A disciple in a medicine garden not far away heard Zhang Ruoyu's words and couldn't help but be irresponsible Guessed.

"It's very possible that Elder Gu is in charge of Danfeng, and even the evil bear will have to stammer."


But at this time, Zhao Yuande was unscrupulous in identifying the elixir one by one.

He was already familiar with alchemy, and he naturally knew what kind of elixir could supplement the blood, so he was only looking for this kind of elixir identification.

"Blood Moon Flower, Replenishing Essence and Benefits of Essence... Low-level ingredients, matching recipes,'Blood Moon Biling Soup', a small amount of restorer's blood, food ingredients table..."

"Dragon bone grass, replenishing blood and refining bone and flesh...intermediate ingredients, matching recipes, "Dragon bone Tiankui blood replenishing soup", supplementing a small amount of refined blood, refining flesh, list of ingredients...


After searching for a long time, Zhao Yuande was still a little disappointed. There is no special kind in these elixir. He just found a few adjuncts of Shenxue Tang.

"I want these!" Zhao Yuande pointed to some of the spirits that had been selected for a long time, and said, "I don't want those 100-year-olds. It should be no problem to change these ordinary ones!"

Looking at the adjuvants and main medicines selected by Zhao Yuande, Black Bear's face has been distorted.

"Grandpa Xiong, I was blackmailed today! This is the first and the last time..." The black bear gritted his teeth and looked at Zhao Yuande's eyes as if he would swallow them alive.

"All right! Brother Xiong, you come to my cave mansion after an hour, and I invite you to eat soup and drink!" Zhao Yuande happily threw all the elixir into his storage ring and hummed Xiaoqu down the mountain.

"His grandmother, Grandpa Xiong, I have to drink all my losses today!" The black bear gritted his teeth and looked at his medicine garden again. His big black-haired face showed bitterness.

An hour later, the black bear entered Zhao Yuande's cave.

As soon as he entered the door, he smelled a faint fragrance, his big nose shook, and Zhao Yuande was found following the fragrance.

At this time, Zhao Yuande had boiled a big pot of "Blood Moon Biling Soup" and was tasting it.

"Good soup! This soup seems to have a very unique flavor, which makes me greedy and tempted!" The black bear sat in front of the soup pot.

"Huh! How is this soup pot like an ancient thing, this pattern... I rely on you, a prodigal boy, which seems to have a mysterious power flow, you... you even use it to cook soup!" With broad knowledge, the more you look at the tripod, the more shocked you are, and the more solemn your face.

Zhao Yuandesheng handed a bowl of soup to the black bear, and sighed quietly: "It's a pity it broke! The Taoism above broke from the middle, and I couldn't realize anything useful."

"It's a pity!" Black Bear took the soup, no matter whether it was hot or not, he poured it directly into the mouth with a grunt.

"You! Huh! This..." The Black Bear didn't care at first, just started to ask for the monkey wine, and suddenly felt the soup was down, and suddenly a flame of flame rose inside his belly.

The flame instantly burned all over its body, especially among the bones.

At first, the black bear's face changed greatly, thinking that Zhao Yuande was critical to himself, but the next moment, among the bones burned by the flames, the golden yellow bone marrow seemed to recover suddenly, and began to work like crazy.

The crystal-clear blood essences were made, transported into the blood vessels, and then all gathered into their own sea of blood. The dried up sea of blood suddenly became alive!

It's a pity that this feeling comes fast and goes faster, but the flame disappears in just a few moments, as if it never existed.

"What kind of soup is this!" Black Bear opened his eyes sternly, staring at Zhao Yuande.

"Blood Moon Bi Ling Tang!" Zhao Yuande smiled and looked at Black Bear Road. "How does Brother Xiong feel? How much blood recovered?"

"One ten thousandth!" The black bear looked at the sea of blood and came to this conclusion after a rough calculation.

"This is a decoction that I developed from Danfang to supplement the loss of essential blood. What does Brother Xiong think?" Zhao Yuande told the other party according to the good luck beforehand.

"Okay! Haha! That Grandpa Bear is also welcome!" Black Bear lifted the Ding Guo directly and pours the rest of the soup into his mouth.

The skeleton of the black bear's whole body crackled and cracked, its body became larger and smaller, and its breath was sometimes violent and calm, and finally returned to its original state.

The black bear's eyes burst into ejaculation, and then a look of gratitude in Zhao Yuande's eyes.

"How much blood recovered?" Zhao Yuande asked anxiously.

"One in a thousand!" Black Bear felt confident in her own strength, and suddenly thought of what she looked like, "Brother, my good brother, I'll make another ninety-nine pots for my brother! All the herbs are You can find it on Yaofeng!"

Zhao Yuande shook his head and said: "Brother Xiong, this soup can only be taken three times, after three times it will have no effect! But..."

The black bear heard that it could only be taken three times, and suddenly his face was filled with disappointment, but when he heard only two words, his small eyes lighted up again.