Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 420

Chapter 420: Magical Wooden Fish

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As soon as he returned to the Ganges City, Zhao Yuande contacted Heifeng and several of them. At this time, they were on the other front, fighting with the aliens.

"I heard that your kid is very famous recently. It is said that they saved the lives of all the people in the city. They are very grateful to you!" Heifeng came together to damage Zhao Yuande.

"This group of guys, like every fine monkey, Mingli came to compliment me. In fact, they secretly wished me to die!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth, except for a few powerful forces such as Shui Cangyun, Mother-in-law, etc., others would not appreciate it at all. Instead, he was very interested in the secrets in him.

This is also one of the reasons why he dared not stay in the Ganges City. If he fails to do so, an emperor will attack and count himself, uneasy!

"Master! I have made great progress recently, and I can stand alone as one of the strongest players in the field!" Qin Xingyu ran over excitedly to rejoice Zhao Yuande.

"Well! Not bad, there is the style of the master!" Zhao Yuande patted his head, this disciple's qualifications are absolutely against the sky, and it is worth cultivating.

"We have beheaded countless alien strongmen, and now they are all saved, and we will have a good meal at that time!" Yi Jie was used to staying with the black wind, mentioning eating eyeball thief bright.

"Let's start here!" Heifeng couldn't help it anymore. When he thought of the food made by Zhao Yuande, the harazi at the corner of his mouth began to flow.

"Xiong blind man, where are you going! Damn, your saliva dripped onto my pants..." yelled a ring, and slapped it on the black wind's head.

"Crack!" Heifeng tilted his head and directly held Yi Jie's hand in his mouth. "Woo, if you can't eat meat, chew your bones first to solve the greedy!"

"Let go! It hurts the poor monk... Ah! The poor monk fights with you!"

"Ding Dong Ping Pong!"

The two guys started torn apart from each other.

The side of the sky and Qin Xingyu very well found a place to sit tight and began to watch the drama.

"Uncle Blackwind's mouth is stinky, what did he eat this morning?"

"Ah! Uncle Master's bald head is so hard..."


Zhao Yuande is speechless, these guys are too unreliable!

However, when the meaty flavour came out of his gluttonous real spirit trip, four people sat around in a wandering manner, and all showed a very clever look, and each person held an extra large bowl, Looking at the power of the space rippling in the bowl, I am afraid that it is not just so big in appearance, I am afraid there is another space in it!

"You... you're mad at me!" Zhao Yuande could not beat the black wind and the pain of a quit, these two guys took their apprentices in a few days!

"Don't just think about eating, I will test your combat effectiveness for a while, if you don't improve, don't blame me for giving you a good class!" Zhao Yuande looked at the four people, and breaking the sky is one of his most assured. Zhu is tired of blood, and he is naturally powerful. , No need to practice as long as you constantly improve your realm and hone your will, it will soon be automatically promoted to level

The other three people need to be supervised, especially the guy named Heifeng who is not very interested in cultivation.

He came to meet the four people this time to see them, let them not slack off, and be able to keep up with their own pace, otherwise, after he really breaks through the realm of the field, he will explore the more dangerous universe starry sky, These guys don't work hard, can't reach the realm of the world and really can't wander with themselves, and then the forces can only get further and further away.

"Relax! The real person is now going up and picking out the hard bones to eat. Yesterday I singled out an alien of the world's heavy chaos. Although I didn't really kill it, I also ran it away!" Heifeng listens With his chest up, he could finally fight across the border.

Zhao Yuande turned his attention to another ring, but before he even spoke, the black wind grabbed the white again.

"Balds are also good, and their fighting power is comparable to mine. The big bald sacrifice came out and almost killed an eighth-order Beastmaster!"

"Xiong blind man, don't talk nonsense! That's the Buddha's true body!" Yi Jie hurried to correct.

"Hey, anyway, they are all bald!" Black Wind smirked.

"Buddha's true body!" Zhao Yuande was shocked. This was the most powerful means of the ancient Buddhist sect. He didn't expect to get such a powerful magical power in a ring.

"Yes! I was inherited by chance in the Buddhist kingdom and recorded on a wooden fish!" Yi Jie took out a slap-sized wooden fish and handed it to Zhao Yuande for him to watch.

Zhao Yuande took the wooden fish and felt that there was a very wonderful and powerful force flowing on it. He looked closely and found that the densely covered small heads were all covered with small heads, all in obscure language, and he used his soul to probe the wooden fish and found that it seemed to be hidden. In a huge space,

The golden light shone in the space, and a golden Buddha figure appeared in the sky and earth. The power exuded by this Buddha was quiet and peaceful, which made Zhao Yuande want to get closer.

A kind of buddha sound resembling the sound of nature is constantly echoing in the space, purifying the soul.

"Well, ummi!"

The six-character mantra of Buddhism continued to penetrate into Zhao Yuande's ears, and suddenly rushed into his eyebrows. The six characters continued to rotate in his sea of knowledge like six stars, giving him a desire to vent Impulse.


Zhao Yuande opened his mouth and spit out the three-character mantra. A green lotus suddenly appeared on his body, and the lotus bloomed suddenly. The endless terrible heat enveloped the range of dozens of miles at a time. Countless grass and trees were turned into ashes at this moment!

At this time, the four people beside him were safe and sound, as if the flame knew them.

"This..." Yi Jie's complexion changed greatly, his eyes showing strange colors, "This is Qinglian fire!"

"Shut up!" Zhao Yuande woke up suddenly and put away the Qinglian fire with a whimper.

"This thing is so weird!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly returned the wooden fish to a quit, his face even more surprised.

"Brother Zhao, is this a green lotus fire?" A ring of expectation emerged from the eye of the wooden fish.

"Yes, it is the Qinglian Fire!" Zhao Yuande nodded. "It was really strange just now. The Qinglian Fire broke out on its own just now, and its power is more than ten times greater than the original! What is going on?"

"Congratulations to Brother Zhao!" Yi Jie looked at Zhao Yuande with envy. "This green lotus fire is my sacred flame of Buddha's door. Brother Zhao was inspired by the six-character mantra, or he will actually receive incredible magical effects! And the three words just now The Mantra only increases the power tenfold. Perhaps one day Brother Zhao can use the six-character mantra as he pleases, the power of Qinglianhuo may be increased by a hundredfold! And there are other incredible effects!"

"It turns out like this!" Zhao Yuande nodded, but he is not too interested in these six-character mantras now. The most important thing now is to open the Tianbao wheel and condense it into colorful multi-colored Tianbao wheel!

Only condensed into a colorful treasure wheel can compete with the emperor's junior strongman. After condensing into a colorful treasure wheel, he needs to start condensing water, wood rules, and two punches!

If he can successfully condense into the colorful treasure wheel, he will have the confidence to go through the territorial disaster!

What can Qinglianhuo, the six-character mantra, and the Tiantian finger, or even the Jiang family mantra, he can devote his energy to study!