Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 421

Chapter 421: Heavy Taste

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After drinking enough food, Zhao Yuande and his party embarked on the road of hunting aliens.

The direction they are now in is tens of thousands of miles away from Ganges City, and there is also a large camp of aliens in this area. I heard that there is a powerful genius among them, who have beheaded the powerhouses of the worlds triple dominance. .

The last time they watched this person from the Black Wind, they were so powerful that they dared not get close.

"It is said that this alien is ranked 13th among alien young people and is named Wan Tribulation!" In a human stronghold, they got the news.

"Aliens seem to have three kinds of lists similar to the world of heaven and earth. I don't know if this guy ranked 13th can be compared to You Jiutian?" Zhao Yuande is fascinated. Now he urgently needs to find a strong man to fight and practice in the fight. Own open the treasure wheel!

"It's not good! The aliens have increased their troops again, and many young strong men have arrived on the battlefield, killing the Quartet! It is said that all the alien young men rank among the top 100 strong men!" It was at this time that human cultivators rushed back to their strongholds He was all covered with blood, and one arm was smashed, and his flesh is still blurred.

"What! This group of guys bully us no one in the East Emperor Great World?" Some people hated, "If Zhao Dakeng is here, look at these aliens and dare not arrogant!"

"Huh! He is just a person, where can he be strong? Long Zhaoyun, who killed the 23rd in the kill list, I think it is just a rumor!" A Jiang family disciple looked at the person just now and said The words are very unpleasant.

"Jiang Che, your Jiang family can really do it. People say that they have saved you. How can you export to hurt someone!" Some people felt uncomfortable.

"Do you want to die?" The young man named Jiang Che, cultivation is also a five-fold situation in the field. In this small stronghold is the top character, he is very arrogant.

The man turned black and stopped talking.

"Hey! It's a pity! People originally wanted to kill aliens to contribute to the Eastern Emperor Great World, but they were targeted by some greedy people!" Naturally, some people are not afraid of this Jiang Che, a young man in white pouted. Point.

"Fenghuang, are you provoking me?" Jiang Che was very bully, staring coldly at this young man named Fenghuang.

"No one is afraid of you Jiang family, I am not afraid of Fenghuang!" Fenghuang turned his head and looked at Jiang Che with a provocative look in his eyes.

"Go, a battle outside!" Jiang Che pointed out.

"You and I are internal friction, we might as well kill the aliens, whoever kills a lot of aliens, how can we win?" Feng Huang stood up and strode out, "It is best to meet a real 'S strong interracial, otherwise it is really boring!"

"That's good, I'll kill aliens with you!" Jiang Che also strode up.

Several people hurriedly followed their footsteps, and they wanted to see whether these two young geniuses were strong or weak.

"Let's go and see?" Heifeng looked at Zhao Yuande.

"No need to watch, the two of them did not have the ability to kill the group of top 100 strong men, and soon the news will come back. Let's wait here again!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand, the two men were more powerful than Heifeng and Yihe The ring is weaker and not worth his attention.

Sure enough, but in half an hour, someone hurried back, the person was covered with blood, and his face was even more fearful.

"What the **** happened? Why did so many of you go out and you came back yourself?" Someone rushed up and asked.

"Everyone is dead! Everyone else is dead!" The man was a little lost and looked frightened.

Where did Jiang Che and Fenghuang go? Are they dead too?

"The Wind Emperor escaped with wounds, Jiang Che was captured by aliens!" The man's eyes showed fear, "The two were so powerful, Jiang Che who was hit with only one stroke was seriously injured and captured him. The Wind Emperor wanted He fled and was hit by another palm, but he escaped using the treasure!"

"What! Jiang Che from my Jiang family was taken away!" A strong person from the Jiang family world rushed up and grabbed the man directly. "He was taken there by someone? Tell me!"

"Three hundred miles away from the stronghold, the alien said that you Jiang family should take out the ransom, otherwise Jiang Jiang will be killed!" The man suddenly remembered something, and was a little lost. "They threatened to hunt through the talents of all the families of the East Emperor's World and use them in exchange for the resources of the East Emperor's World!"

"It's too much to bully!" The Jiang family, a powerful person in the world, was furious and punched the earth in a big hole with a palm, and rushed towards the three hundred miles away.

"Oh! It's a good idea. There must be a lot of precious elixir that we don't have on this side. I can follow suit!" Zhao Yuande's eyes lit up suddenly. This is a good idea to get rich!

"Hey! It's a pity!" He suddenly patted his thigh. "It's a pity!"

"What's going on? What a pity you say?" Heifeng didn't understand.

"Unfortunately, then the seven princes got rid of it. If they threaten the regent, ask him to take out the ransom... It really accompanies Daihatsu! Such a strong man can at least exchange for a holy medicine! Passed me by!" Zhao Yuande thumped his chest!

"I..." Master Yijie was speechless.

"Let's go, let's go hunt for the alien strong man, and blackmail the alien elixir!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and rushed out of the stronghold first.

Heifeng and Yijie glanced at each other, and their eyes were all showing excitement. Even Qin Xingyu was blushing at this time, which was exciting.

However, Zhao Yuande had just rushed out hundreds of miles, and heard a violent roar from a distance, but a few people flew back in a moment.

"It's not good! The Jiang family's world powerhouse was killed by someone! The alien young man is too against the sky, we are going to be finished!" Someone seemed to be abnormal, shouting while running away.

"Shut up for me!" Someone behind him scolded him, "Do you want to die with such a loud voice?"

"Where are those two youths now?" Zhao Yuande grabbed a man and asked.

"Still still, they are drinking and having fun, let Jiang Che dance next to it, it's humiliating!" The man's face turned black, apparently angry.

"Poof! Let a big man dance, these two guys are really evil enough, are they abnormal?" Heifeng couldn't help laughing.

"No, those two are female aliens! Powerful and outrageous female aliens!" the man argued. "You still have to run quickly! After the run, you will be caught by those two female aliens. Oil pan!"

"Are they going to eat people?" Yijie asked.

"Not only to eat people, they are still drinking human blood, abnormal!" This man's face was pale, this was scared by the picture in the memory!

"Sure enough to taste! Let's go and see, these two female aliens have a few heads in the end." Zhao Yuande let go of the man, and rushed towards the place with a black wind and a swarm of bees.

As soon as he approached the area, Zhao Yuande smelled a pungent blood.

"Is it really so evil!" Zhao Yuande speeded up his feet and soon appeared on a hill.