Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 422

Chapter 422: You Are Too Dark You Are Too Ugly

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A woman with a glamorous look is sitting on a boulder at the moment, with a row of human corpses in front of them. At this moment, all of these human heads have been cut off, and their blood has been hit in a big tripod. Was slowly heated.

Jiang Che, who was prideful just now, was only wearing a pair of pants, and was twisting his buttocks!

Even the glamorous alien looks somewhat similar, with a pair of blood wings behind them, which stretches out when they are excited.

"Mosley, Mosga, Twins of the Abyss, Six Realms of Realm, Demon Body, Intermediate Ingredients..."

"Okay! Very good! The human man really looks like a sign!" The **** red lips of the interracial woman on the left are slightly open, and the pink tongue is half a foot long, swiping around the lips, to the women around, " Sister, wait until he finishes jumping. How about letting my sister spoil him first?"

"Sister! Sister, I'm in a hurry too. Let's let my sister come first!"

Jiang Che, who twisted her **** over there, heard a conversation between the two women and couldn't help but swing her body.

He will never forget the scene just now. The elder of the Jiang family was bitten by his sisters throat, and the blood was shot like a fountain. The elder was still alive at that time, constantly struggling, but the more struggling the elder sister was The crazier, began to bite and swallow, and finally eat the elders alive!

But at this time he suddenly saw Zhao Yuande and his party, and there was a trace of excitement in his eyes.

"Save me! Save me!" Jiang Che waved at Zhao Yuande.

"Huh! How can the duck you get fly, you dare to tell me to eat you directly!" Sister Mosley took Jiang Che into his hand, pulled it in front of himself, and fell in Jiang Che's neck , Sharp teeth pierced his skin at once.

"No! I won't run, absolutely won't run! I promise you everything you want to do!" Jiang Che shivered as if it were a zombie, standing still, daring not to move.

"It's about the same, kneel down and wait for our sister to be lucky!"

Sister Mosley loosened her hand and Jiang Che fell to the ground all at once, but he got up on his bones and fell to his knees tremblingly!

Zhao Yuande's five people saw that Jiang Che was so arrogant and couldn't help but all speechless. Was this the arrogant and overbearing Jiang family genius just now? It is clearly a cartilage!

"What are they doing? Acting?" Heifeng looked at Jiang Che with some disgust, and asked with a loud voice beside Yi Jie at a very uncomfortable time.

"Playing a fart! They are selling things!" Yi Jie couldn't help but swear at this time.

"Hey! Two beauties, how much do you plan to sell this Jiang family's genius?" Zhao Yuande also asked weirdly at this time.

The abyss twins glanced at Zhao Yuande's five people, but finally their eyes fell on Po Tian, their eyes showing dignified color.

With a charming smile on her face, sister Mosli gave Zhao Yuande a wink and said: "Humanity, the price we want is not high, just two sacred medicines!"

My sister Mo Sijia was still staring at the broken sky at this time, in addition to dignity, there was a trace of excitement and longing in his eyes.

"Two sacred medicines!" Zhao Yuande's eyes showed excitement, and looked at the people around him, and some could not wait, "This junk is worth two sacred medicines! Then the two of them can be worth at least ten, it seems that we want to send Now!"

"It's definitely made!" The black wind eyes are shining like light bulbs!

Holy medicine! It is a holy medicine, even if it is taken directly, it will have a powerful effect on the powerful people in the world. If it is made into a panacea, the effect will be increased by ten times. Let the black wind and Yijie continue to upgrade their ranks.

Zhao Yuande's thoughts came to life at once, and if he got back hundreds of thousands of sacred medicines, he would be sure that everyone would be promoted to the world!

In this way, he can rest assured to let them go out and wander around, and he can rest assured that Zhaodidu will go to heaven!

"You... hate it!" Sister Mosley heard Zhao Yuande's words and saw his expression, and suddenly found her sister as if they were goods in their eyes!

"The demons in the void follow my call and tear these people up for me!" Sister Mo Sijia recites a summoning technique directly, which seems to attract powerful men.

"Void Summoning Technique! Good supernatural power." Zhao Yuande looked at the darkness in the sky, where a huge crack opened, and a black figure rushed out of the crack.

"Gargoyles, blood bats, werewolves, and flame demons... so many low-level goods!" Zhao Yuande looked at the various demons pouring into them like a tide and waved to everyone behind him. "These garbage are Yours, be careful of the Star Rain, you will take care of them when the sky breaks, and I will catch the two big fat sheep!"

"Okay!" The people answered in unison, although they saw so many strange-shaped demons, they were fighting with an intent.

The black wind was the first to rush over with a whine. He carried the wind gourd in his hand, but he did not blow out the wind brake for the first time, but went up to blow a gargoyle with a punch, and began to start with these demons. Fight physically.

A ring of meditation sticks, the body of the Buddha's light ripples, those demons seem to be most afraid of these Buddha lights, and the dark brown skin on the body after being photographed by the Buddha emits a scorching noise.

At this time, Qin Xingyu was holding a big bell, and he was wearing a big flag, and he was very wild to kill the demons. Both of these treasures were obtained by Zhao Yuande from Long Zhaoyun, and Qin Xingyu was saved first.

As for breaking the sky, at this time, I didn't bother to do anything at all, but always followed the three people, strict executive Zhao Yuande's order.

"Two interracial beauties, now we should talk about how to take you to extort holy medicine!" Zhao Yuande strode towards the two.

"Human, you are too dark, I don't like it!" Mosli watched Zhao Yuande keep shaking his head.

"Our sister likes the most beautiful things, you are too ugly!" Mo Sijia also nodded.

"You two witches, make me angry!" Zhao Yuande now looks like a dark-faced young man, and his appearance has also become unremarkable. I did not expect to be discriminated here.

He rushed forward and raised his fists to fight with the two witches.

Suddenly there was thunder and light in the field, and the thunder that fell all over the sky fell like rain, hitting the two witches!

"It's so powerful! Sister, let's join forces!" Mosley felt a terrible thunder, and her face changed suddenly. She originally wanted to retreat and let her sister face Zhao Yuande, but she didn't expect to feel the terrible crisis as soon as she came up. Some are not good.