Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 423

Chapter 423: Wangmei Quenches Thirst

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After the thunder, there were flames all over again. These flames looked like blossoming lotuses, blooming everywhere. The terrifying flames melted the countless forests and sandstones around them, and the magma flowed on the ground.

A huge figure appeared in the flame, punching hard at the two witches.

This is the open fist that Zhao Yuande comprehends. He has now practiced the fist of fire to the point where he can summon the gods and ghosts!

However, the two witches are not ordinary masters, and they each raised a terrible demon with first-horned horns. This is their appearance, and their power is boundless.

"Good! There are some skills, you try this again!"

Zhao Yuande was like a violent **** of war, madly **** at the two witches, and a terrifying blue and red two-color grinding disc thundered out of the void, rolling towards the two witches.

Zhao Yuande is still practicing his open fist!

"Whip of the Martyr!" Sister Mosley's face changed drastically, and a bone whip suddenly appeared in her hand. I don't know what creature's spine formed. The terrible coercion radiated from above. "Sister whips with me !"

The Whip of the Martyr appears to be very powerful and difficult to control. Only when the sisters join forces can they barely take control. They pull out towards the rumbling roller.


Under this whip, the whole void cracked a big mouth, the whip of the **** of sacrifice collided with the big grinding disc, and the big whip broke with a blast, and the whip of the **** of death flew back and took the two women to fly out hundreds of feet. Just stopped.

The two women were flushed, and their eyes were full of shock. This was a weapon made from the spine of a mythical beast. Its power has exceeded many powerful innate spirit treasures. I did not expect to be shocked.

"We are not his opponents, run away!" The two women were also extremely tacit, and immediately escaped when they were not right.

"Holy medicine! Don't run!" Zhao Yuande snorted. In his eyes, these two witches were ten holy medicines.

"Damn it!" Sister Mosley's face was somber, what a shame they were treated as holy medicine.

However, how can their speed be comparable to that of Zhao Yuande, who was caught up by Zhao Yuande before he ran out of hundreds of miles. Zhao Yuande had already detected their details, and the two witches could join forces with Long Zhaoyun if they were real. Show the strongest body, able to win them in ten strokes.

However, they are busy running away now, without any intention to fight. Zhao Yuande has no plans to keep it, but in a few breaths, the two women were beaten by Zhao Yuande's fists with blood on their faces, and even the flesh behind them was torn apart. Then, they could only look at this swarthy human in horror, and let him hold their throats one by one, dragging them back to the original battlefield.

At this point the battle was basically over, and a large group of demons were killed by four people. They talked and laughed with ease.

"Haha! Have you captured the ten holy medicines?" Heifeng looked up at the two witches in surprise.

"Catch it back, but ruin it, it shouldn't be the price!" Zhao Yuande sealed the repairs of the two witches and dropped them on the ground at will.

"Master, are they strong?" Qin Xingyu leaned up and asked.

"Powerful? They are too good!" Zhao Yuande whispered, disapproving, "The two of them add up to seventy or eighty on the list! They may not even beat the sky!"

"Weak chicken!" Qin Xingyu spit out these two words, and almost snorted the black smoke from those two witch's breath.

"What do you guys know! The two of us are only ranked 99th in the Desolate Realm. This time, there are more than 30 top 100 people coming to your world, and you are waiting to be slaughtered!" Moss Li felt that her sister had been insulted and responded sharply.

"Oh! More than thirty..." Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a little yearning, his eyes were as bright as stars, he started to count by pulling his fingers, "Even if it is thirty! One can get ten holy medicines, thirty can be In exchange for three hundred plants... the top ranking will definitely be more valuable, even if it is fifteen, assuming that ten can exchange for fifteen plants..."

The two sisters stared at Zhao Yuande dumbfounded. They felt that they repeatedly fell into the dream of the nightmare goddess. This human kid actually calculated this way, equating everyone to the holy medicine. This is an insult to their desolate field, a serious insult. .

They were indignant, and there was a raging anger in their hearts, but there was nowhere to send, and they could only stare at Zhao Yuande.

The rest of the people, especially the Black Wind, are now drooling.

He tapped his mouth and looked at the two women again, no longer disgusted, but regarded them as holy medicine, he swallowed slobber, he suddenly felt himself hungry!

"Hey! Xiong blind man, what are you doing? The saliva will drown these two witches!" Yi Jie felt a little bit lost.

"You know a fart, I'm called Wangmei quenching thirst!" Heifeng explained. "After a long time, I haven't eaten anything yet. I looked at these two witches, and I swallowed saliva. If I had more saliva, I could fill my stomach!"

"Uncle Black Wind, good!" Qin Xingyu was also given a shocking explanation by the black wind to Zhen's dizziness. He only felt that this uncle could win the top three at least in the world.

"Hey! Great nephew, I'm right!" Heifeng proudly.

"You..." Yi Jie was also defeated by this guy's cheeky face.

"What are you, come over and watch with me, and you will be full in a while!" Heifeng pulled a ring and forced him to watch with him.

"Dead bear blind, don't pull me!" He kicked the black wind with one ring and one foot, he felt that he could not communicate with this guy.

"Oh! Really hungry! Bald, I will eat you today!" Heifeng murmured, flew towards the ring, the blood basin opened wide, and he bit toward the big bald head of the ring .

"The poor monk is going to drop the demon guard today!" One ring is unambiguous, and the Buddha seal is greeted in his hand.


After a loud noise, the war begins!

"Quick, here is Uncle Tiantian!" Qin Xingyu has already found the best position at this time, and he is sitting on the sidelines and watching the battle.

The two witches are messy in the wind, who are these people?

"Haha! I figured it out, it's 350 plants!" Zhao Yuande's excited eyes turned red, and he grabbed Mosley who was thrown on the ground. "Quickly, how do you take you to blackmail your clan? Also The strongest of you this time is the ranked number, what kind of race are they..."

"We won't tell you!" Mosleyon's head looked unyielding.


Zhao Yuande directly made a punch on her proud face and beat her with blood and blood.

"For you!" Zhao Yuande dropped Mosley and mentioned Mosja again.

Mo Sijia looked at the miserable sister, and immediately obediently said everything she knew.