Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 424

Chapter 424: Good Dance

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Their headquarters for the alien invasion was the broken star ring outside the starry sky, where they were blocked by the Thunder Priest family. Many gods, emperors, and powerful people could not come, so they established an alien city in the broken star ring.

The twelve big world forces of the Desolate Realm are stationed in the big city. These twelve big worlds are all the forces that attacked the Eastern Huang Great World. Among these twelve big worlds, there is the most powerful beginning of the Desolate Realm. Devil World, and this time the young devil of the Devil World, who is known as the strongest talented youth in the Desolate World, has also come here. He ranks fifth among the younger generation in the Desolate World!

"Swallow the sky... This guy's name is so bold! Ranked fifth..." Zhao Yuande has a strong war in his eyes. He whispered, "I don't know how much holy medicine I can get if I capture him? No! This kind of genius can no longer be measured with the holy medicine. I must use magic medicine or even fairy medicine in exchange for it, otherwise I will never let people go!"

"You..." Hearing Zhao Yuande's words, Mo Sijia still had a smug look on his face. He thought that the other party was afraid, but then, she froze directly, and this person was too shameful, he thought he who is it? It's just a little stronger than us, and I want to catch the devil who swallowed the sky, just dreaming.

The sister Mosley on the side was almost slanted and slanted, looking at Zhao Yuande as if he were a fool.

"Well! Now we have to store a lot of this top 100 geniuses, and then unify them into the magical wasteland big city of the broken star ring to exchange the holy medicine!" Zhao Yuande calculated, "Yes, I will catch a few aliens alive, let They passed the news back to see if the two witches could exchange for ten holy medicines. If they couldnt, it would be a joy!"

"Thank you brothers for their life-saving grace!" At this time, Jiang Che was also recovering from the abnormal state just now. He quickly dressed and came to thank.

"Come on! You kind of garbage, not qualified to call us brothers!" Heifeng now has a truce with Yijie. He glanced at Jiang Che with a look of disdain on his face.

"You..." Jiang Che's face was pale and pale, and finally he shook his hand away.

"Hey! The dance you just danced is good, buttocks are white! Would you like me to help you out and promote it!" Heifeng was very unhappy with this guy's attitude and deliberately teased him.

"..." Jiang Che fled into the desert, this time as a shadow of his life, I am afraid to live in it all his life.

"Okay! Now we are making a hunting plan!" Zhao Yuande detained the two witches in the prison of the Eternal Tower, and began to discuss with the crowd how to capture the genius of the desolate field.

"I think we should build up the entire front-line intelligence network, and then there are alien geniuses we will kill directly!" Yi Jie suggested.

"Yes! But how should this intelligence network be established?" Heifeng scratched his head. "Your kid's current identity cannot be disclosed, which would cause a lot of trouble."

"I have an idea! We can recruit all the people of Hope Zong and lay a big net on the front line. They don't need to fight, they just use it to send messages!" Zhao Yuande thought of Hope Zong, they should be able to do such a thing. .

"I'll go back and contact the Hope Sect first. You will now pass on the witch's affairs and wait for the reply from the aliens!" Zhao Yuande gave a few words and returned directly.

In Hekuai, the strong humans seized the witch sisters to extort the holy medicine, and soon spread among the human races and aliens.

The human race is happy and morale is strong in this respect. Some people doubt whether this is Zhao Yuande's return. Of course, some people also scoff at this speculation.

Although Jiang Che's Jiang Che thought that person wanted Zhao Yuande very much, he didn't dare to say it, otherwise he danced naked buttocks, kneeling in front of aliens like a poor worm exposed, he still has a face to live in this world Go on?

At this time, the powerful Winged Demon clan was extremely ugly. These two witches are the arrogance of their clan, the twin sisters that have been hard to come by for thousands of years, and they are also the parents and sons of a big clan in the clan. They must not give up this pair of sisters Although ten holy medicines made them hurt, they were still able to take them out.

Soon there was news from the Demon Wings that they were willing to exchange ten sacred medicines for two witches and inquire about the transaction location.

Heifeng only answered the word "Wait!"

Zhao Yuande returned to Shengzongzong, and it was easy to find the people of Hopezong in Fangshi, and let them pass the message to the four suzerains of Hopezong, and let them come to Shengzongzongfang to meet with themselves.

But he has now returned to his shop, some days have not come back, do not know how the shop is now?

As soon as he walked to that street, he heard the crackling sound of firecrackers and a burst of joyous laughter.

He walked past curiously and saw the crowds of people in front of his shop. Many cultivators were watching from afar.

"This shop is so courageous that it has rented half of the street directly, which is against the sky!" Some people were shocked and envious.

"I heard that they are still recruiting new staff, and the treatment is very generous, we can consider going to see!"

"Such a big place is too wasteful. I don't like it. I don't know how many days I can drive?" Someone shook his head.

"I heard that their backstage is Sheng Danzong, at least the quality of the medicine is guaranteed!"

"Sheng Danzong? Are their panacea rich? I heard that the frontline battles have been tight recently, and a lot of panacea has been transported to the frontline. Hey, aren't you going to the frontline? Why come back to buy panacea?"

"The frontline drugstore is at least twice the price here, I would rather do a teleportation round-trip!"


Zhao Yuande listened to their discussion, and immediately admired Liu Dongs courage in his heart. He actually agreed with Liu Dong. The higher the grade, the more comfortable it feels, as long as you keep the price with other stores In the same way, people will like to buy in larger stores, which gives them a guarantee in their hearts.

He squeezed into the crowd and walked into the shop. He saw Wu Qianqian, the water is right, A Dong and they are all helping Alchemy, their faces are filled with excitement, Alchemy is all they have for them.

"Young Master!" Liu Dong saw Zhao Yuande at this time, and immediately greeted him with joy. At this moment, he was a little nervous, and he would not be reprimanded by his son for doing this!

"Very good! Liu Dong, you really are a genius. The two of us have the same idea! Don't worry, don't be psychologically burdened!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder and gave him affirmation.

"Yes! Master, rest assured, I am planning to start establishing semicolons in other cities at this time. I believe that it will not take many years for us to become a large chamber of commerce. My ultimate goal is the super power of Wantong Chamber of Commerce!" Liu Dong The face was radiant with confidence.

"Okay! I'm optimistic about you!" Zhao Yuande took out a storage ring and handed it to him. "Here are some of the magical tools and treasures I collected and some materials. You can open a special counter to sell it!"