Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 425

Chapter 425: Truer Than Real Gold And Silver

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At this time, Zhao Yuande had no interest in ordinary spiritual treasures. He now equipped Black Wind with innate spirits!

"I'm worried about this. I didn't expect my son to solve it for me!" Liu Dong took the ring, dived into it, and then opened his mouth wide. It was a world of weapons, and all kinds of spiritual treasures accumulated. Like a hill.

"You don't have to pull down your cultivation, and strive to reach the realm of the realm as soon as possible. Only in the realm of the realm can you qualify to step into the universe and open the store throughout the starry sky!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder.

"Yes! Son!" Liu Dong nodded excitedly.

He never dreamed of being able to get to this step today. He had planned to spend a lifetime in his life, but he did not expect to meet Zhao Yuande, a noble hit, and made him change his past decadence and began to be angry. Now he already has His ultimate goal, he is working towards this goal.

At this time, Wu Qianqian was immersed in alchemy. Zhao Yuande did not disturb him. He was just observing the alchemy technique of several people. Although it was a little more immature, he already had the style of a master. He planned to cultivate a few people and they would be themselves Royal Alchemy Master.

He still has a volume of Gudanfang in his hand at this time. He now has no time to study it. After going through the territorial disaster, he will also allocate some time to promote alchemy. It can also be used as an ingredient.

Recently, his cultivation practice has been unable to improve, and he has gradually faded his dependence on eating. He is now just thinking about how to open the sky and think about how to survive this life and death disaster. I can die.

So now it is of no use to study other things, only the strength of oneself is the most urgent.

He waited for a day in the backyard, and finally hoped that the four suzerains of the sect had arrived.

All of them looked at Zhao Yuande very excitedly, but this is their biggest benefactor. Without Zhao Yuande, they might never be a loose repairer in this life.

"You are very good! Very good. I was surprised to be able to develop Hope Zong to this point in a short period of time! Even I was surprised!" Zhao Yuande looked at the four people. Although their faces and temperaments have changed a little now, but that kind of The simplicity is still there.

"It's all the graciousness of the son!" Qiong Bearded Han Zhongxiong clenched his fists, "If there is no son, we are still wandering in the wilderness on the street, muddy!"

"Sonson has nothing to say, let's die forever!" Si Kong was also grateful.

"Please ask my son!" The other two also hurriedly saluted, expressing their inner excitement.

"Okay! I'm not a hypocritical person either. I want you to belong to me and build a huge intelligence network in the entire world of the East Emperor!" Zhao Yuande looked at the expressions of the four.

Among the four, Zhong Xiong and Si Kong faces and the big-faced big man's face showed excitement, only the fat man's face showed a hint of hesitation.

"Fat man, what are you hesitating about, who is the son, we can do things under his command, this is our Rongxing!" Zhong Xiong looked at the fat man, his face showing hate and iron.

"I...I'm not actually worried about myself, but about my brothers. I'm too busy with the intelligence brothers' practice time..." The fat man smiled bitterly.

"Confused..." Zhong Xiong was still to be said, but was interrupted by Zhao Yuande.

"Oh! This is all right, as long as you help me, I will not treat my brothers!" Zhao Yuande not only blamed the fat man, but attached great importance to his opinion. Whenever you want to upgrade the realm, you can go to the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce to collect a panacea needed for breakthrough!"

"Really?" The eyes of the four people lit up at the same time. This is a huge benefit. They can hardly imagine how many people will become full members of the Hope Sect in the future. This is a huge expense.

"Really, it's more real than real money!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "However, you must be strictly controlled. If you want to become a full member, you must be evaluated. You must not allow some people with bad purposes to take advantage of it!"

"Please don't worry about this son, since you have said so, in the future I hope Zong is the son's intelligence network, and it will not be a dream to spread all over the entire corner of the East Emperor's world in the future!" The fat face full of hope.

"Hey! This is not my ultimate goal. What I want is to spread all over the world! And you can open your own shop in the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, you can sell the news, you should be able to only give yourself!" Zhao Yuande took out again A storage ring, which is filled with a ring of top-grade spirit jade, a full 10 billion! This is the activity fund he gave to Hope Zong.

Last time, he seized at least tens of billions of top-grade spirit jade in the warehouse of Jiangjia Mine, and it was trivial for him to come up with these.

When did the four people see so many Lingyu, and their glasses were widened.

"This is just a small amount of money! I will arrange it now. The front-line intelligence network will implement this matter. I am waiting for various geniuses to earn holy medicine!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help expressing excitement when he talked about holy medicine The color, "When the Holy Medicine starts, I will find ways to promote you to the later stage of the realm of the four of you, but the world!"

"Thank you son!" The four thanked in unison.

The world! This is something they dare not dream about. Now they are promised by Zhao Yuande. At this time, they really fell for Zhao Yuande.

The four people left in a hurry, they were full of excitement and longing.

Zhao Yuande once again asked Liu Dong to do some things, went to Sheng Danzong Refining Medicine Hall for a turn, and then re-entered the teleportation to the front.

Back at the front line, Zhao Yuande and Heifeng met with each other. Heifeng told him that the Devil Wings wanted to change the two witches and asked where they would exchange.

Zhao Yuande thought about it, and did not temporarily restore the Demon Wings, but continued to experiment with the Black Wind and their killing on the front line.

These days, the Black Wind has made rapid progress and has made great progress. The Black Wind will soon be promoted to the last king of the realm, and one ring also promotes the God Realm. The two form a mutual help and mutual competition. Relationship.

Especially Qin Xingyu, who has already trained Lingtai Pregnancy and God Realm to the extreme, and will soon begin to impact the Yin and Yang Unity.

"Go, let's go deeper, and catch a few alien geniuses, and I will help you to promote your existing state." Zhao Yuande waved his hand toward a more dangerous battlefield.

"Not good! A steel giant appeared in front of him. The fighting power was terrible. One punch could smash a giant mountain. Yao Elder Yao, the elder of the Yao family, was killed by his punch!" Suddenly, there was a cry Then, a large group of human cultivators fled in a hurry.