Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 426

Chapter 426: Another Captive

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At this time, at the end of the distant sky, a huge figure hundreds of feet tall chased in this direction step by step.

The figure was all gray and black, as if it were a huge piece of iron lump. The whole mountain rumbling under his feet. Every step of the way, fifty cracks appeared in the mountain. The situation was terrible.

"The Moro, the Mojin tribe, the sixfold heavenly king of the realm, has the magic steel core, and can cast the top-level acquired spirit treasure, which cannot be an ingredient!"

You should know that the acquired spirit treasure is also divided into strong and weak, and some top-order acquired spirit treasure can almost be comparable to chaotic spirit treasure!

"There is this race? Even Zhao Yuande had never heard of the Mojin tribe!" When he saw this steel giant, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt his body full of blood. He had a strong urge to fight up against him.

"Human! Too weak, you have to die!" The steel giant made a rumbling sound like thunder, and the practitioners who fled in front of the shock spurted blood and nose, and several of them fell directly to the ground and could not climb up.

"I'm going to capture it. I don't know if such a big person can change some sacred medicine!" Zhao Yuande rushed up and started a war with him.


As soon as the two collided, they made a tremendous noise.

Zhao Yuande's body receded again and again, and there was a trace of surprise on his face. The opponent's body was too strong. Although he didn't use his full strength in this punch, the ordinary powerful players in the later stage of the world might be directly smashed, but the opponent's body A deep fist print was left on the upper limb.

At this time, the steel giant was almost overturned by Zhao Yuande on the ground, and his heart was even more shocked. His body has been tempered by the infinite years, and it is almost comparable to the innate spirit treasure. The other party's punch was left on himself. Under the trace, how powerful is the opponent's punch?

"Oh!" The steel giant roared, and a pair of big hands comparable to the hill continuously bombarded Zhao Yuande. The sky seemed to be thundering and made a terrible loud noise. Zhao Yuande didn't react for a while and was directly hammered into the ground.

"Big guy, you annoyed me!" Zhao Yuande slammed suddenly, his body began to swell continuously, and finally became as tall as the other party, and began to fight with the other party constantly.

Under the rage, Zhao Yuande had no intention of keeping his hand, and he used his strength of twelve points to confront the opponent.

The two giant giant battles suddenly attracted the attention of many powerful people around them. They all stopped the fight in their hands and began to look here!

"That's... Moro of the Mojin tribe! Ranked 38th among the younger generation! He even met his opponent!" An old elder with an elbow looked at this scene in shock. As a powerful player in the Emperor Realm No one has the confidence to kill this big iron bump.

"Haha! This is my genius boy in the Eastern Emperor Great World. Let your demon wasteland be more arrogant and finally meet your opponent!" The gasping cultivator who was just chased just now, couldn't help but watching the battle between the two in the battlefield There was a smile on his face.

Zhao Yuande exploded with all his strength, and his physical strength was unparalleled. He punched Moro back in succession with every punch, and deep grooves appeared on the steel body.

"You! You annoyed me, the Demon Soldier was born!" Moro kept roaring, and a rumbling noise rang out from his body. A black ray of light erupted from his mouth and nose. These black lights seemed sharp. The sword's awn is generally cutting the void, and I don't know what terrible weapons will be born in his body.

At this time, even Zhao Yuande felt a trace of terrible breath coming out of the other party. He also wanted to know what was hidden in the other party's body.

However, for safety reasons, he summoned the Aion Tower, which was transformed into a halberd in his hand. The halberd did not emit terrible fluctuations, but it did not lead, and it hides his terrifying power very well. .

"The Demon Soldier appears!" Moro snarled and thrust his hand directly into his mouth, slowly pulling a black spear out of it.

As soon as the black wind spear emerged, the surrounding space was suddenly turbulent, and a terrible pressure overwhelmed Zhao Yuande.

"This! This is a top-grade innate Lingbao weapon!" Heifeng all had a shocking light in their eyes.

"I... want to... want!" At this time, the voice of the sky breaking from the sky rumbled, and he even had the urge to grab it.

"Relax! I will keep this weapon for you!" Zhao Yuande turned back and smiled at him.


Moro waved his spear and slammed his head towards Zhao Yuande.

"Is that right?" Zhao Yuande kissed the Eternal Tower in his hand, and when the spear blocked it, he began to use the set of halberds in the Eternal Tower.

The level of the eternal tower exceeds the spears too much, and the set of halberds is even more powerful, and the big Moro is losing ground.

Moro was almost ignorant!

I just made a big move to kill the other party, but it turned out to be contrary. The other party's euphorbia didn't seem to have any brilliance, but every impact made him tremble. This euphorbia seemed to be a terrible ancient mountain. Billions of pounds!

"Big guy, your baby belongs to my brother!" Zhao Yuande swept across the halberd and crashed the spear all at once.

Impatiently waiting for the break of the sky, seeing the spear flying towards him, he grabbed it with excitement.

"Roar!" shouted with excitement breaking the sky, waving his spear, and the tiger was in full swing.

"That's mine!" Morrow was dumbfounded and wanted to take back his weapon.

This was the birth of a spiritual treasure in his body that he did not know for thousands of years, and it was his lifeblood. Now that he is changing masters, how can he give up.

It is a pity that he was fighting against Zhao Yuande at this time. He was distracted, and was suddenly hit by Zhao Yuande's halberd in the back.


The huge body fell to the ground all at once, crushing a mountain.

"Haha! Finally fell!" Zhao Yuande rushed up to sit on the Iron Giant and raised his fist to bombard his head, making his dizziness dizzy and almost the entire head was recessed.

"I admit defeat! I admit defeat!" Moro, the steel giant, didn't feel ashamed at all, and came directly to admit defeat!

"Small! Make me smaller, otherwise I won't be able to hold you in such a big cell!" Zhao Yuande kicked his feet fiercely. This big guy was really hard. His shaking hand was a little sour.

"I..." Moro had no choice but to beat others, what to do!

He was transformed into a three-meter-high man, standing there stupidly, his head green and purple, all beaten by Zhao Yuande.

"Haha! This is the third captive, you go in!" Zhao Yuande searched Moro up and down several times before throwing him out of the prison of the Eternal Tower.

The prison of the Eternal Tower has a terrible seal ability. It can seal a powerful existence into an ordinary person. Even if the God Emperor is captured, there is no way to escape.