Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 429

Chapter 429: Overall Enhancement

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"Okay! Come along with you!" Zhao Yuande greeted him and entered the backyard together.

This time he was able to buy so many elixirs so quickly, thanks also to Liu Dong. He naturally could not treat him badly, but also asked him to improve with him.

Liu Dong finally experienced what it means to increase the speed of flying, especially when he was directly promoted to the threshold of the realm of the field. If it were not for Zhao Yuandes fear that his foundation was unstable, let him accumulate a lot, I am afraid that he would directly become a field Powerhouse.

Even so, Luo Dong was a dream. This was something he didn't dare to think about before. Now it is easy to do with Zhao Yuande. He decided to work harder to return Zhao Yuande's kindness in the future.

The next thing is the promotion of the Black Wind and Yi Jie. He used 21 holy medicines in a row to promote the two to the world, and spent a lot of energy to help them stabilize the realm, so that they can also improve the realm at the same time. The qualities in all aspects prevent them from being promoted because of problems in their foundations.

Po Tian and Qin Xingyu both watched the promotion of the two people and couldn't help but feel fiery in their hearts, but Zhao Yuande just let them upgrade various qualities, but did not let them upgrade the realm.

Especially Qin Xingyu is now his most critical moment. He has elevated all the previous five realms to the extreme realm. Next, he will break through the yin and yang unity. Zhao Yuande has allowed him to continuously strengthen his foundation and promote all The numerical value requires him to rise to the unity of yin and yang according to his perception, which is a test for him.

Only in the moment of Yin and Yang unity can divide the soul into two, which can reach the extreme state of Yin and Yang unity. This is the most difficult hurdle. As long as he can succeed, the power of God and Soul will rise to an unbelievable level. At this point, it is enough to stand in court with the powerful in the world.

And with Qin Xingyu's powerful special physique, the next practice will be more effective, and will soon catch up with his own pace, or even surpass himself.

As for breaking the sky, he is a descendant of a beast and has a strong inheritance in his body. As long as he continues to fight, it is best to promote to the next level in the battle. Instead, using the esophagus to promote it will promote it.

However, Po Tian and Zhao Yuande and Qin Xingyu were together, specially picking up foods that enhanced various attributes. Their physical bodies were getting stronger and stronger, their strength was rapidly improved, and their spirits were extremely stable. They His physique has the tendency to sublimate to the utmost.

A month later, Zhao Yuande and five of them embarked on the teleportation team with great energy. This time they decided to get a big ticket and got enough holy medicine to help others to promote the world. Zhao Yuande brought a large group of worlds. What it feels like when the strong come out.

As soon as he returned to the front line of the Ganges River, Zhao Yuande got a lot of news from the Hope Sect. The message marked at least dozens of infested areas of powerful interracial geniuses, which made their faces all smile, and they rubbed their hands. Rushed into the battlefield.

At this time, the battle between the aliens and the world of the East Emperor has entered a fierce stage, and countless alien forces have rushed out of the teleportation array, rushing in all directions, and almost all the powerful forces of the world of the East Emperor have arrived. Underground demon clan also joined the battle at this time.

The battle between the two parties is often bloody, and the bones are like mountains. Although there are no strong men above the emperor's realm to participate in the battle, the mountain and river that are still fighting have changed their original appearance. Ganges does not know how many branches have been added. The original torrential river also became much smoother.

They are now rushing to a place called Condor Cliff. Of course, this is just the original name. Now when they arrived at Condor Cliff, everyone didn't see the original high cliff, only saw a huge palm print.

"This palm print is at least left by the powerful man in the late Emperor's Emperor, and the breath of terror above has not completely dissipated. I am afraid that the time of leaving the palm print is less than a day. We better be careful." Zhao Yuande looked solemnly Touch the palm print on the ground to remind everyone.

Everyone nodded and started to be careful. This is not a joke. The late Emperor strong can almost suppress all of them.

"There is a battle ahead, let's take a look." Zhao Yuande suddenly looked at a mountain forest not far away, among which there were horrible fluctuations, and the huge trees fell down as if cutting wheat. It seemed that the battle was very fierce.

They are fast, and several ups and downs appear beside the battlefield.

Now fighting is a bearded old man and a tall tauren with a huge horns on his head.

This bearded old man was an acquaintance who turned out to be the elders of the Taizong elders of Sheng Danzong, and he had the upper hand at this time.

At the moment, not far behind Zhu Jianfeng, there was a group of disciples in Sheng Danzong's costumes, among them were people he knew well, such as Yu Feihong and Lu Zhen.

This group of disciples must have followed this elder Zhu Jianfeng to experience killing the enemy and see the cruelty in the battlefield.

"The princes are really powerful, you see his fire dragon technique, the burning bull is losing ground!" Some disciples watched the tauren hurt, and his face looked excited.

"The princes are powerful players in the triple dominance of the world. They have become fascinated by the use of the power of the world. They have not been able to deal with this kind of alien. The reason why they have been fighting for so long is to let us grow some knowledge!"

"I looked at this cow as if it was the legendary alien genius ghost cow in the battlefield! If the princes can take it off, can we also exchange holy medicine with the aliens?"


Most of the disciples were full of excitement at this time, but at this time Yu Feihong and a few other disciples showed a dignified face, because there was a figure shrouded in blood mist not far behind the ghost bull. Can feel the bursts of crisis from this figure.

If this person participates in the fight, I am afraid that things will be reversed.

At this point in the battle, many parts of the tauren were scorched by the terrible fire dragon, and the smell of meat came out of him.

"Bloodhoof, what's the matter? Do you want to watch Lao Tzu being killed alive?" The tall tauren was suppressed by successive winds, gradually becoming restless, and began to growl at a figure covered in blood mist behind him. .

"Ghost Bull, aren't you very strong? Isn't it claimed that the power can be ranked in the top ten? Now what's wrong, you can't take an old thing, and I need my help." The figure in the blood mist made a cold voice , Mocking tauren.

"You are a ghost that hides its head, and you will run away if you don't shoot!"

"Good! I'll do it, but I have to say it first, the blood of that group of little guys is all mine!" The person called the blood hoof, a pair of eyes glowed in the blood mist with a blue light, glancing at the Holy Danzong A kind of disciple seems to radiate excitement.

The disciples who were swept by their eyes couldn't help but feel stunned, and Ji Lingling fought a cold war. They had a feeling of being treated as prey.