Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Sect Mission

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"But what?"

"But I have also researched other decoctions, which are limited to the reason of the material. Only three can be tested!" Zhao Yuande mysteriously raised three fingers and continued, "The effects of these three should be one to one Strong, I will do it all in a moment!"

"Haha! As long as Grandpa Xiong recovers, I think the unlucky monkey dare to bully me!" The black bear laughed with pride. "How much monkey wine will I need in the future, and the bad luck monkey drinking will bow his head and beg for mercy."

Three days later, the black bear held a big belly and walked out of Zhao Yuande's cave.

Its black face seemed to have become a flower with laughter. In these three days, he actually recovered 3% of the loss of essential blood. Although it was only a small salary, he had already seen hope.

Especially Zhao Yuande's last sentence made his heart even more fiery.

"Brother Xiong! Not only the elixir can restore the essence and blood, but other things such as fierce beasts and bones, all kinds of rare treasures containing the spirit of the world, as long as Brother Xiong finds it, I can try to make some soup food, The effect is stronger and refined, and eat a hundred times raw!"

What Black Bear wants to do now is to sneak into the Zongmen treasure trove at night and remove all the good things inside!

"Yawn... sleepy! Sleepy! Go back to sleep and talk again!" The black bear yawned and returned to the mountain top hall before falling asleep.

During these three days, Zhao Yuande's blood was still accumulating. In the end, the sea of blood could not be filled, causing him to look like a huge stove with infinite energy but could not be released.

"It seems that I still have to improve my realm as soon as possible, and open up a larger sea of blood, otherwise all the essential blood will be wasted!" Zhao Yuande practiced a kind of exercise to refine the flesh over and over again. All are transformed into energy to temper their own flesh.

Unfortunately, this process wasted too much, which made him feel a little bit distressed.

"It's time to break through the middle period of Qi and Xuehai! But before that, you should inform Master to respect his old man, so that he should not worry, but also notify the black bear, do not disturb yourself during this time."

He got up and walked out of the Dong Mansion. He first met the Master and explained his intention.

The ancient head is working on a panacea, and he has no time to take care of him, but just waves his hand at will.

Black Bear's servant is even more unreliable. He lies in front of the hall and sleeps awake.

In desperation, he only hangs a sign outside the cave house, reminding the visiting guests the host is closed and do not disturb.

Half a month later, Zhao Yuande walked out of the cave.

This breakthrough is not difficult, it may be because of his thick accumulation of hair, his blood sea seems to be an endless ocean at this time, the vastness has far exceeded ordinary practitioners.

However, he is still not satisfied at this time, because he knows that the sea of qi and blood is the foundation of cultivation. As long as this foundation is laid well, in the future, the tall buildings will rise to the ground and there will be no danger of the rice falling.

Why do ordinary cultivators have bottlenecks one after another, first of all is the issue of innate qualifications, your talent is good to practice with less effort.

Another reason is the foundation. As long as you can stand loneliness, even if you have ordinary talent, you can have great achievements.

"Brother! Brother!"

A familiar shout came from not far away.

Zhao Yuande turned his head and saw that it was Song Zhende who was walking towards his cave.

"Brother, is there something to do with me?"

"You've been up the mountain for almost a month, and you haven't participated in the Zongmen mission. I came to inform you at the order of the head of the sect to pick up the mission in the mission hall." Song Zhende stepped forward to arch his hand and explained his intention.

"Your younger brother forgot! I will go here!" Zhao Yuande just remembered that there is indeed such a rule. Every elite or personal disciple must complete at least one sect mission every month.

Farewell to Song Zhende, he hurried to the mission hall.

There are many people in the mission hall, most of them are disciples who come to take over the mission. Most of them take the mission together in groups of three or five, so that the risk factor can be minimized.

In the previous life, he also teamed up with other people, confusing in the mission hall, so he is very familiar with the mission hall.

He quickly found the mission release points for elite disciples and personal disciples, and selected one of the most difficult and rewarded characters to take over.

The content of this mission is that a golden eye beast was found around Songhe Ridge. This golden eye beast was ferocious and brutal, destroying many small families around it. The largest family wind family on Songhe Ridge asked Huoyunzong for help, request Send the strong to destroy.

This golden eye beast is a fierce beast of the fifth order, which is equivalent to the strong man in the early stage of the spiritual stage of the human cultivator Lingtai. It is very powerful. The sect will send six elite disciples and a group of inner disciples to destroy.

At this time, only one elite disciple was left, which was occupied by Zhao Yuande.

According to the mission prompt, through the Zongmen teleportation array, came to a meeting point outside Songhe Ridge.

At this time, there are already more than ten young disciples waiting here, most of them are inner disciples in black costumes, and the three elite disciples in yellow clothes stand in the center of the crowd like the stars holding the moon, accepting Flattering of everyone.

Among the three elite disciples, one person, Zhao Yuande, had seen it, and it was Shuidong who came.

Zhao Yuande looked up and found that this person had entered the late stage of the blood sea **** fetus, and was promoted by one order in just one month. Sure enough, he was a genius of Shuiyun City.

The remaining two people, Zhao Yuande, had not seen them, nor did they have impressions in their previous lives. It seems that they will all be unknown persons in the future, and he does not care.

"Brother Zhao has seen!" Shui Dong came to see Zhao Yuande, his eyes lit up, and he hurried forward to come to see him.

"Young Master Shi, congratulations on breaking through the realm!" Zhao Yuande nodded gently.

"Brother Zhao Qingduo cared, Shui Youdao was the younger brother's uncle!" Shui Donglai lowered his voice and said his origin.

"Oh! No wonder I always feel that you are kind-hearted. It turns out that you are a nephew of righteousness, and you are all good to talk about yourself!" With the relationship of Shuiyoudao, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt that his relationship with this person was closer.

The other party can find himself, and they are all instructed by the water, and he will naturally take care of him more.

"If you encounter danger in Songhe Ridge for a while, as long as you are close to me, I can keep you safe!"

"Thank you, Brother!" Although Shui Donglai promised this, he looked at Zhao Yuande in disbelief. The other's cultivation was only in the middle of the **** sea, but his cultivation was in the later stage of the blood-sea **** fetus. There is a big realm plus a small realm.

He even said that he wanted to protect himself. Is the Chaos Eucharist really so strong?

Zhao Yuande saw the doubt in the other person's eyes, but did not explain it. All explanations are superfluous, just wait for the facts to prove it.

The two chatted one sentence at a time. Shui Donglai just felt a little awkward. Uncle called the boy in front of him a master, but called him a brother, and the other party did not feel like a young boy. It's an old man with a heavy heart, who is also tough and hard to talk about.