Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 430

Chapter 430: Ghost Cow And Bloodhoof

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"It's all yours! It's not rare for Lao Tzu!" Ghost Cow said disgustedly.

"Hey! Since that's the case, then I'm here!" Bloodhoof made an uneasy laugh.

With the addition of Bloodhoof, the battle immediately began to reverse, and the primordial princes who had the upper hand were now overwhelmed by the strange and sinister moves of Bloodhoof.

"You go first!" Zhu Jianfeng felt bad, and immediately yelled at the many disciples behind him, let them quickly retreat.

"No... Zhu Taishang, we will stay to help you!" Yu Feihong and other powerful people in several fields rushed up and wanted to help Zhu Taishang.

But soon they found out how stupid they had made. Although their realm was a realm of realm, the difference between these ranked talented characters in the Desolate Realm was not a star.

Not only did they fail to save Zhu Taishang, they let Bloodhoof seize the opportunity, and constantly used these disciples safety to distract Zhu Taishang.

"Hey! A group of stupid human beings, are you here to deliver food?" Bloodhoof grabbed a disciple of Shengdanzong and bit it directly on his neck. It was just a moment that this disciple of Shengdanzong was sucked into a human being.

"Ah!" Many female disciples of Sheng Danzong shouted in horror. When did they see such a scene, they were all scared and their faces were trembling!

"Come on! Otherwise, it will be too late!" Zhu Jianfeng shouted, punching out many disciples with a punch in his body and a sleeve with his sleeve. At this time, his face was bloody, and he roared again at many disciples. . "Quick! You are gone, I have a chance to leave!"

"Old man, you can't go away!" The ghost cow exhaled, and a pair of horns suddenly turned black and generous, spurting toward the gradual wind as a chest.

"Ghost Cow is desperate! Hey, I can't fall." Bloodhoof smiled faintly, his body exploded into thousands of blood, and enveloped toward the gradual wind.


Zhu Jianfeng's chest was pierced by a horn, and a big hole was punctured with blood, and there was a black light flowing in the big hole, which seemed to be constantly blocking the physical self-recovery.

It was at this time that countless blood enveloped the gradual winds all at once, and the gradual winds roared, and the fire dragon rising behind him burst out into the sky, completely enveloped itself and began to burn the blood Light.

But this was a little slower in middle age, and Xueguang rushed into the wound on his chest.

He felt that the blood in his body was like a river breaking through the embankment, and was absorbed by the blood. His body became dry and dried in a short breath.

Zhu Jianfeng's body stepped back and forth, and his face was instantly bloodless. He felt that he had become very weak at this moment, and he would fall.

A cold burst of laughter came from his ears, it was blood hoof, and now he had reappeared, the blood mist that wrapped him was even stronger!

"Human, you are finished! Your disciples are finished, they will become my **** food, hehe!"

"No..." Zhu Jianfeng screamed angrily, and the world inside him suddenly expanded, and a burst of blood burst out of his body. He wanted to explode the world inside, and he died with the two alien geniuses in front of him.

Seeing this scene, Bloodhoof and Ghost Bull all changed their faces, and their bodies retreated one after another. They didn't want to die with each other.

"Okay! Uncle Masters, stop now!" At this moment, a voice suddenly came from his knowledge.

"It's him!"

Zhu Jianfeng saw Shi Shiran, a dark-faced young man, come to him. He heard the voice and knew it was Zhao Yuande!

"Senior, let's go to rest!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Zhu Jianfeng, a powerful thunder force burst into Zhu Jianfeng's body, and those black lights and blood mist hidden in his wounds were instantly struck by thunder Force to destroy.

"Thank you!" Zhu Jianfeng took a breath, and this time he felt light, nodded to Zhao Yuande, and then came silently to the group of disciples.

"Zhu Taishang, is this one the legendary one?" Yu Feihong saw the ease on Zhu Taishang's face, and his face showed curiosity.

"Hush, don't talk much, watch the battle carefully, this will be an incentive for your future growth!" Zhu Jianfeng did not intend to say Zhao Yuande's identity. The other party's appearance is also to avoid some unnecessary troubles. Help him casually promote.

"Huh!" Yu Feihong nodded, and she naturally had her own guess.

Zhao Yuande saw the cohesion of the disciples of Shengdanzong, although he knew that he was still invincible, he could still stay to help Zhu Jianfeng, and he also saw that Zhu Jianfeng would rather explode and let the disciples get out of the way. He felt very relieved and felt that he did not Disappointed, although everyone has their own thoughts, but when they are external, they can concentrate on it, which is enough!

"The two of you are ghost bull and blood hoof?" Zhao Yuande looked at the two guys up and down. They were much worse than the Mojin of the Mojin alone, but who knows what can happen when they join forces.

"Hey boy, we have been waiting for you for a long time, and today you finally appeared. Today, the two of us will capture you. Not only are the holy medicines for us, we will also exchange you with the human race for holy medicine, hehe!" Laughing, but his body is constantly backing away, behind the ghost cow.

"Don't be verbose with him, we are half of those thirty sacred medicines!" Ghost Ox's excited eyes were all red, and he rushed directly to fight against Zhao Yuande.

With this ghost bull, Zhao Yuande felt that the other party's power was very strong, almost comparable to that of Moro, but did the other party want to use this power to defeat himself? This is simply daydreaming. Did he eat it in vain these days?

At this time, the food at least increased his physical strength by 20%. The Moro who could have suppressed it could not lift his head. The ghost cow in front of him was not as good as Moro. He naturally you can suppress the opponent with all his strength.


After exploring the truth and reality of the other party, Zhao Yuande no longer hides, and the most powerful force erupts directly.

With just one blow, the body of the ghost-bull was turned upside down, and the sound of the cracked bone cracked in all the arms.

"Oh! How is this possible!" Ghost Cow exclaimed.

"Blood Soul Fog!" Just as the ghost cow was blown away, the blood hooves on the side found an opportunity, and once again turned into a mass of blood fog, swept toward Zhao Yuande.

"Do you think these little tricks can hurt me?" Zhao Yuande smiled on his face, he shouted, "Lei!"

Suddenly the thunder was like a waterfall. Thousands of thunders poured down like a rainstorm. Zhao Yuande bathed in the thunder, as if a thunder **** came.

"Ah!" There was a cry of screams in the blood mist, which turned into a human figure at the next moment. At this time, the blood mist outside the human figure had dispersed, leaving only the figure of dry clothes.