Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 431

Chapter 431: Petty Fan

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"I thought how strong you two were. They turned out to be paper tigers. Get me down!" Zhao Yuande flew like a dragon, and he stunned the blood hoof with one punch. The next moment he appeared in front of the ghost cow. He punched **** his head.


The ghost cow yelled, his forehead glowed, and a pair of horns released black light again to fight Zhao Yuande's fist.

"You can not!"

Zhao Yuande chuckled at the corner of his mouth, and suddenly his fist burst into blue and red light. A large blue and red grinding disc rushed out and directly crushed the ghost cow.


The two horns of the ghost bull's head were crushed by the big grinding disc, and the body of the ghost bull fell to the ground like a broken pocket.

At this moment, Ghost Bull's eyes were dull, and his breath was weak.

"It turns out to be true... It turns out that everything is true!" Ghost Cow's face showed a remorseful expression, and at this moment he finally understood why the other party was able to capture Moro and others, which turned out to be so powerful.

"All right! You are all my captives now!"

Zhao Yuande went up, stripped the two guys up and down, and threw them into the prison of the Eternal Tower.

Seeing this time, those onlookers of the Shengdanzong worshiped Zhao Yuande to the extreme. A person of similar age could easily win two alien geniuses. It really deserves that legendary person.

"Okay, the two captives are in hand, let's continue to the next region!" Zhao Yuande waved at the four black wind hidden in the woods.

"Oh!" Heifeng shouted excitedly.

"Another 20 holy remedies! This business is so enjoyable!" Yi Jie was also happily following behind the black wind, his face full of smiles.


The Shengdanzong people were really sure that this person was the legendary person, because the legendary person was always followed by a few strangely described little brothers who liked to scream.

"Let's go! When you go back this time, you need to practice harder, and don't lose the name of our Saint Danzong!" Zhu Jianfeng looked at the several figures away, and he couldn't help but sigh.

Has he grown so far? It seems that Sheng Danzong still has a certain position in his heart, otherwise he will not be so low-key in the case.

This time, I must sue several brothers to re-evaluate him and come up with another attitude, so that he really feels that Sheng Danzong is his sect and his home.

"Boy, just now you clearly can shoot early, why should you wait?" Heifeng asked Zhao Yuande puzzled.

"Xiong blind man, you elm head, you know a fart, Brother Zhao is trying this elder elder to see if he will leave his disciple to escape alone!" Yi Jie was facing the black wind for a while Ridicule

"Yes, that's what I meant. I want to see the cohesion of this sect in the crisis, but the result did not disappoint me!" Zhao Yuande's face smiled happily.

"Bald, are you laughing at me?" Heifeng's eyes were very bad, his eyes staring at one arm of a ring, his mouth eager to try.

"What about the time! Oops... you let me loose, let go!" He had just finished speaking, and the black wind had bitten on his arm with a click. He shook his arm hard, and the black wind was like an old turtle. , He just hangs on the arm of a ring and keeps his mouth alive!

"This is the end for you to provoke a real person!" Heifeng laughed proudly, because his mouth could not close, and the corner of his mouth was like a spring.

"I fight with you!" Yi Jie pulled the ears of Heifeng and started a melee fight with him.

"Hey...the two teachers are about to start tearing each other again!" Qin Xingyu on the side opened his eyes again and refused to miss this intense scene.


"There is a group of aliens in front of you. Don't look at Xingyu, it's your turn!" Zhao Yuande pointed to a small group of aliens in front of him and nodded at Qin Xingyu.

There are no masters in this group of interracials, the strongest one is the triple field, which is the most suitable for Qin Xingyu to practice.

Qin Xingyu also showed a look of expectation on his face. Only in this life-and-death battle can he grow faster, just like a master.


He waved his fist and killed him towards the group of aliens.

"Hey! Guess, how long will this kid be able to kill this group of aliens?" Seeing Qin Xingyu going to fight, the black wind and the one ring did not tear each other away, and they all started to pay attention to this little guy.

"I think it will take half an hour for any place, but there are three other alien strongmen in the realm!" Yi Jie showed dignity on his face.

Po Tian raised **** and swayed in front of everyone.

"Two hours?" Heifeng incredulously said, "You have too little confidence in this teacher's nephew!"

"He meant twenty breaths!" Zhao Yuande pointed to the battlefield.

Everyone looked around and found that the stars in the battlefield were shining brightly, and countless brilliant brilliance swayed back and forth in the battlefield. In just a few breaths, the aliens had killed most of them, and only the powerful people in the fields below were breathing.

"This... is too ridiculous!" Black Wind rubbed his eyes hard, feeling unbelievable.

"Speaking of which, we really haven't paid attention to the progress of this teacher and nephew. I didn't expect him to be so powerful!" Yi Jie said.

Po Tian held his head, showing a complacent look, and half of Qin Xingyu's progress was his credit!

"Another Zhao Dakeng is rising!" Heifeng looked at Zhao Yuande with a smile.

"This is my apprentice! The powerful star **** body, if he waits until he condenses the stars, he may directly crush the emperor realm strong!" Zhao Yuande stood proudly, and he was also somewhat proud and proud.

In less than twenty breaths, Qin Xingyu parity resolved the battle, but it was a bit stunned that this little guy stripped everything from the dozen corpses and happily put it in his storage ring .

"This kid is broken, Brother Zhao is all you..." Sighing, one can't help but sigh, then looked at Zhao Yuande and found that his face was black, and suddenly covered his mouth!

"Master! What do you think of the battle I just made?" Qin Xingyu ran back happily and looked up to ask the master.

"Well! It's not bad, there was the style of being a teacher!" Zhao Yuande patted his head lightly. "And it's very insightful, but don't pick up the broken Lingbao and clothes!"

"Hey, my master, this is hard work and frugality. These are all Lingyu!" Qin Xingyu said embarrassedly. "These are my loot, they are all mine!"

"You little wealthy fan!" Zhao Yuande shook his head helplessly, he really did not follow this example.

"Okay, go on!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.