Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 432

Chapter 432: Really A Weak Chicken

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Because of Qin Xingyu's relationship, they did not set off toward the next goal, but wandered in this battlefield, looking for the object of Qin Xingyu's trial.

There are many aliens in this battlefield. Qin Xingyu grows fast here, and those defeated aliens are all stripped down, and Qin Xingyu who surrendered will not let go.

In the end, wherever they went, all the aliens were bare butt, whether they were alive or dead. The scene was really speechless.

"Sister nephew, you too..." At this time, I felt a bit of scalp hair. This teacher nephew can be regarded as a thorough implementation of the Guangyu policy, even some female aliens are no exception!

At this time there is a terrible story circulating in this battlefield, saying that a perverted demon wandering in the battlefield, and he likes to strip the corpse's clothes.

Especially when it spreads widely among human beings, when Zhao Yuande looked at Qin Xingyu again, they couldn't help but wonder what this little person had in his mind? Is it really a perverted heart?

Soon, they left this battlefield, because almost all the aliens here have run out, first the ghost cow and blood hoof were caught alive, and then the metamorphosis appeared. All the aliens felt that the wind and the trees were all soldiers, they were afraid.

They came to another battlefield, which is the source of the Ganges, originally a beautiful lake with many blue waves, but at this time the lake was full of smoke and war, a team of powerful cultivators flew around the lake, they During the battle with the aliens, the blood water almost stained the surface of the lake, and countless large fishes with white belly fell on the water.

Where is this beautiful big lake, it is a Shura slaughterhouse.

"Jiang Tianzhao, the ancestor of the Jiang family, was born. I heard that he got a great chance from the **** ruins. Until now, he has crossed five small stages in a row. Now he is already the cultivation of the five gods in the field!"

"I heard that he just beheaded the aliens of the two worlds. The momentum at that time was terrifying!"

"He heard this time that he came to Zhao Yuande and Zhao Dakeng. He heard that Zhao Yuande had attacked their Jiang family mine and snatched countless top-grade Lingyu!"

"This guy is so brave, but I think he is just bluffing. Although he is strong, he is not necessarily Zhao Yuande's opponent. He just wants to raise his identity through Zhao Yuande's reputation."

"Take care of him! Which of them is strong and what is weak with us, what I care about is the alien invasion!"

"I heard that the underground demon clan also came with a master. It is said that he once fought with Jiang Tianzhao for more than a dozen rounds, and both sides are equal!"

"I also heard that they are betting to see who can catch an alien genius first, and then exchange it for holy medicine!"

"...It would be nice if they didn't get caught!"


Zhao Yuande entered a cultivator's stronghold and heard these news as soon as possible.

Jiang Tianzhao, this guy he had seen in the **** ruins, is also a stunning character, but if the other party really wants to know his life and death to find his trouble, he will never be soft-hearted, saying that he must not be taken down together In exchange for holy medicine.

"An alien warship landed in the north, and countless powerful men rushed down!" At this time, someone suddenly shouted, "I heard that there are still a few alien genius powerful men!"

Hearing the glasses of Zhao Yuande and others suddenly lit up.

"Go! Let's go hunting for genius teenagers!" Zhao Yuande waved and led the crowd out of the stronghold toward the north.

Just a few hundred miles after they flew out, they saw a huge ship lying on the lake, and a large group of aliens were fighting with this human cultivator.

At the moment, three young men were standing on the ship, arguing about the following combat goods.

"Moscon, I heard that your twin sisters have been captured?" A teenager with black hair like a waterfall, with a smile on his lips, deliberately and provocatively inquired about the other person.

The other man was a man with wings on his back. His brows were slender, and his eyes seemed to be unable to open, but the occasional gleam reveals a shock.

"Xuanyue, don't try to challenge my patience, if I get angry, no matter what you are the young master of the Moonlight Clan." Mo Sikong's voice was very cold, as if the wind blowing from the Nine Nether Hells made people listen. Can't help but have a creepy feeling.

"Mo Sikong, I'm not afraid of you, I have long wanted to fight you with a life and death battle, why would you be two taller than me!" A young boy named Xuanyue, with black hair and no wind, automatically fluttering like a cloud cover day.

"Come on then!" Moss eyes suddenly stood up, and there was a long whip in his hand. The long whip seemed to be a viper, hissing and screaming on the ground.

"Hey! Why are the two opposed to each other? We are here to suppress the flames of the human race, and grab a few human races in exchange for some holy medicine!" The last one hurried forward to stop the two.

"Big Brother Spider, don't stop me. I have seen this guy discomfort, today..." Xuanyue was interrupted relentlessly before saying the following.

"Who dares come to fight with me Jiang Tianzhao!" A handsome young man descended from the sky and shouted at the three men on the big ship. The turbulent lake surface all made waves.

"Who will fight me Rong Qingluan!" A woman flew from a distance, her body was blazing with flames, and the powerful breath shocked many people.

"Don't the two want to compare? You each choose an opponent, whoever can win, even if who wins, what do you think?" The young man Xuanyue called the elder brother looked at the two and suggested.

"It's so good!" Moss suddenly popped out of his body, killing Jiang Tianzhao.

Seeing that only the woman named Rong Qingluan was left, Xuanyue had no choice but to kill the past. Two peerless battles unfolded instantly.

But obviously Jiang Tianzhao and Rong Qingluan underestimated each other's strength, and they were suppressed as soon as they came up.

"Hey, is this the so-called Jiang family genius? Really a weak chicken!" Moss Kong showed a playful expression on his face. Although the other party was amazing, it was not his opponent at all, not a series of people.

However, a strong person in the Jiang family rushed directly to help Jiang Tianzhao. This is the best genius of the Jiang family.

"Uncle Luo Tian..." Jiang Tian Zhao stopped talking, and he was deeply hit by it.

"Don't lose faith, you must know that your age is much younger than him, and your cultivation base is weaker than that of Haha City. If you grow up, you are not necessarily worse than him!" This world powerhouse is in a hurry Open your mouth.

"I know!" Jiang Tianzhao regained his confidence. "Interracial, I am not as good as you today, does not mean that I will be inferior to you in the future. I will definitely suppress you when I raise the level!"

"Stupid, you and I are not a level of people at all, you will find that you are getting farther and farther away from me!" Mo Sikong was indifferent, simply disdain.

Rong Qingluan on the other side also suffered from this kind of encounter. Although she is a peerless genius of the underground demon clan, it is still a distance from the young Xuanyue. If it is not a demon king and her teaming up against the enemy, she may have lost.