Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 433

Chapter 433: Here Comes The Perverted Demon

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"Hey! Is there really no peer genius in Donghuang World?" Zhao Yuande frowned. Wasn't there any young man who could fight these alien geniuses except himself?

As the so-called good iron can't beat a few nails, if this generation is all supported by himself, this will be troublesome.

correct! How is Zhu Luan now? In the previous life, she was a peerless fierce man who pushed the invincible hand of all worlds. I wonder if she is out of the inheritance hall now?

Also, if Ji Yuling really walked out of the Pantheon, I'm afraid it will be extraordinary too. Now I really look forward to meeting them!

"Brother Zhao, what are we going to do now?" Yi Jie shoved Zhao Yuande and said, "Just wait like this, or rush up for a group fight?"

"Wait for the fart! The other party is alien, and they are not studying together. One or the other can catch one!" Heifeng had already lifted the wind gourd in his hand and started to try.

"Dark Wind, as soon as you quit, take the stinky Moskong, break the sky, take the Xuanyue, and starry rain, you will find ordinary aliens to fight!" Zhao Yuande quickly made his assignment, and he himself Charged towards the big ship.

"Haha! Moskong, the real person is here!" Since the Black Wind, he has been hitting the back of Moskong with the wind and the gourd. He no matter what sneak attack or not, he can catch the other party, which is ten sacred medicines!

"I'm here too!" Yi Jie brought a certain big leather hat at this time to cover up the identity of the monk, otherwise people would probably guess Zhao Yuande by his identity.

The Zen stick in his hand also changed shape, turned into a brass stick, and turned the door to greet Moskong's lower plate.

Moskong was originally at ease, but with the addition of Black Wind and Yijie to reach the world, and the guy who secretly touched his hand, it was also a huge increase in pressure. When he neglected, he was almost stabbed by the brass stick of Yijie. Key point.

At first, he didn't care about the black wind hoist, only as an ordinary weapon, but unexpectedly, although the wind hoist didn't hit him, the gourd mouth opened when he swept his head. The terrible wind suddenly blown out.

A terrible breath swept Moskong instantly. He hurriedly rolled over and urged strong spiritual power to stop it, but it was useless. This was the innate wind and aura contained in the innate spirit treasure, which was so powerful. .

Feng Sha swept over his shoulder and cut off half of his shoulders. The huge pain almost made him pass out. When he just wanted to growl, he heard a Buddhist sound like Hong Zhong Da Lu burst into his ears.


Moskong felt a roar of his mind, and instantly lost his resistance!

"Come over here for you!" Heifeng grabbed him in his hands and slapped him a dozen times in a row to seal his spiritual power.

"The first battle was won!" Yi Jie laughed, he didn't look like a good monk.

On the other hand, Xuanyue was also attacked by the sky-breaking, the terrible innate spiritual treasure bred from Moro's body was terrifyingly powerful, but he was pumped away in just an instant.

Breaking the sky like a violent beast, rushing up and rounding the spear, a burst of pumping, pumping Xuanyue's whole body with blood, he is not as powerful as breaking the sky, and the speed is not as good as breaking the sky, even the realm is not as good as breaking the sky. The whole life was suppressed.

"Acknowledge defeat! I admit defeat!" Xuanyue conceded the defeat directly.

He knew that these guys were the scourges of the legends, and they were specially arrested for these geniuses for the holy medicine, which would not harm their lives at all.

Po Tian didn't even care about the underground demon clan's dumbfounded, grabbed Xuanyue's hair, dragged him up and left.

"Hey! Xiongtai, please don't scratch my hair!" Xuanyue's face was black, and his hair like a waterfall was messed up by this guy. He also caught a large number of them because he used too much force and gave him Distressed.

How can he treat him, and do his own thing.

"Ah! I fight with you!" Xuanyue broke out, offering a small sword to sneak into the sky, being spattered with a spear by the sky, and then carrying his hair back and forth and beating **** the lake, will He fell into a mess, and his whole body was soaked and embarrassed.

"I..." Xuanyue almost cried. He is the best clean person. Even if he fights, he must keep his handsome and handsome, especially his long hair, and he is now being abused to death. This is in his heart. Hate na.

Zhao Yuande's end was faster at this time. He didn't keep his hand, but the five-color treasure wheel rumbling down.

At that time, he almost scared that big spider to be stupid. He was a little skeptical. Is this still the younger generation? I am afraid that this attack can crush the old monsters in the early days of the Emperor Realm!

Brother Elder symbolically resisted a few times. If it wasnt for Zhao Yuandes hand, he would be crushed to death next moment!

"I surrender! I surrender!" Elder Brother Spider and Xuanyue are a kind of person, very weak, and his clothes are soft. Although he still has kills, he can't afford a little resistance against the five-color roulette. .

He even has some doubts, even the fifth demon lord of the Desolation Zone, Tun Tian, may not be able to withstand this trick.

The three men quickly gathered the captives together, and Zhao Yuande left them with only their pants, and then threw them directly into the prison of the Eternal Tower.

Zhao Yuande was very satisfied with the capture of three people in World War I. Just as the four of them looked at Qin Xingyu at this time, a wailing came suddenly from the distant interracial camp.

"The perverted demon is here! Let's run!" Many aliens heard this voice, as if frightened by the sparrow, they fled without any thought.

Everyone saw that Qin Xingyu was bringing together dozens of aliens who were knocked down to the ground, and then picked up a polish from top to bottom one by one, and no **** were left.

One of the aliens had long and messy hair on his head, and a wooden hairpin was inserted diagonally. He went up and grabbed the wooden hairpin. Then he began to rummage through the other party's long hair, trying to find other wooden hairpins. Hairpin or baby...

"Xingyu... It's almost enough!" Zhao Yuande sent a voice to him, but he was embarrassed to say that this was his apprentice, how shameful it must be!

"Master! Don't worry, there are three more!" Qin Xingyu waved to Zhao Yuande and continued his work. He was very careful and serious, making people think he was finishing a very sacred work!

Everyone watched Zhao Yuande's gaze suddenly changed. If there is a teacher, there must be a disciple. The blue is better than the blue. The master is a wonderful disciple and a demon!

"Cough! Don't get me wrong, I usually teach my disciples to be frugal and not to waste. I didn't expect this disciple to get it wrong, haha!" Zhao Yuande explained awkwardly, and finally he couldn't help laughing.