Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 434

Chapter 434: Sneak Attack I Like

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Everyone's face was weird, and Zhao Yuande and Qin Xingyu felt like they wanted to laugh but didn't dare to laugh, and their faces turned red.

Zhao Yuande's face was black, they didn't believe in themselves!

"Haha! This brother's education is right, yes!" The guardian of the world around Rong Qingluan called haha.

"It's still the predecessor's reason!" Zhao Yuande gave him a thumbs up.

"Master, I'm fine! Let's go! I'm looking forward to the next battle!" Qin Xingyu's face flushed a little, which is exciting!

"Let's go!" Zhao Yuande felt very faceless and turned to take everyone away.

"70% of this person is Zhao Yuande!" The Jiang family powerful person had seen Zhao Yuande fighting from afar, and he had some knowledge of his intelligence, which made him have such a guess.

"Shall we go to the ancestors and take him down?" Jiang Tianzhao looked at Zhao Yuande's back, his eyes were very complicated, and he wanted to show his energy in the Shenxu that year, but he was robbed by Zhao Yuande. His limelight was depressed and submerged under the brilliance of Zhao Yuande.

A few days ago, when he left the border, he reached the five-fold situation in the field. He felt that he could come out to shine. Unexpectedly, it was unfavorable to be a teacher. The limelight was taken away again by others.

"No! The ancestor spread the word, don't touch him again when the aliens invade!" The world powerhouse shook his head.

"Why? He killed so many people in our Jiang family and robbed our spirit stone mine!" Jiang Tianzhao puzzled.

"The ancestor said that he was suspected to be standing behind the Thunder Prison family!"

"Lei Yu Family..." Jiang Tianzhao sucked in a breath of air!

Although their Jiang family is one of the most powerful forces in the East Emperor's Great World, but in front of the giant of the Lei He family, it seems like a toddler who is just a toddler. They may be able to destroy the Jiang family with a slap.

Zhao Yuande exchanged captives with the aliens through the Lei Yu clan to exchange prisoners in exchange for sacred medicine. This caused doubts in many people's hearts. Could he really have any unclear relationship with the Lei Yu clan?

This is also the reason why many forces clearly guessed that this person was Zhao Yuande, but did not dare to do it easily.

Zhao Yuande they quickly left the area and began to head towards the last place in the Hope Sects intelligence. There is a volcanic group. There is a large teleportation point for the aliens. It is also one of the most important targets of human cultivators. .

Many strong men are fighting against aliens in this area, which is the most terrible area on the entire front.

Around this volcanic group, humans have many strongholds, and many chambers of commerce have joined together to open up large strongholds here. The price here is very high, basically three to five times that of the big cities outside, but the business is very prosperous. This is the war money.

Even Zhao Yuande couldn't help but see some of the hot scenes here, how profitable this is!

"Beihuang Shenshan, the two halls of the Halloween Palace attacked a large camp of aliens, and they ended up defeated. Many disciples did not escape!" They heard such a news as soon as they entered the stronghold.

"I heard that there was an invincible strong in the big camp this time, and the two forces that fought did not even have the power to fight back! Even Ye Qingcheng of Yehuangcheng of the North Wild God Mountain was captured!"

"The Lord of the Northern Wilderness Mountain is really angry, but he can't get away from him on the other front, and several Taishang elders are on their way!"

"I'm afraid it will be over when they come. I heard that aliens like to sell our human race to the Desolate Realm..."


Zhao Yuande is a bit big-headed, this mother-in-law is really not worrying, she was taken away!

I can't watch her being trafficked by others, so Zhai Linxuan must worship him.

"Brothers, this time we have a lot of votes!" Zhao Yuande gritted his teeth and whispered in the ears of several people.

"Sneak attack, this is not our style!" Yi Jie said.

"Fart! As long as you can catch a genius disciple in exchange for holy medicine, whatever style he wants!" Heifeng disagrees.

"Sneak attack! I like..." Qin Xingyu clapped his hands, but was slapped on the head by Zhao Yuande.

"Don't do your business, obediently go to the Eternal Tower to try, and strive to be able to promote a combination of Yin and Yang!"

"Oh!" Qin Xingyu was disappointed.

"Go, while the mother-in-law hasn't been sold, go to save her first, it really can't be rescued, only to catch it for a day or two before replacing it!" Zhao Yuande waved a few people apart from the stronghold, and then waved his sleeves to bring them all Into the other side of the world.

He rose into the air and rushed towards the alien camp in the volcano.

Soon he saw the rolling volcanoes, all spitting out strong black smoke, and a huge fortress stood in the center of the volcanoes, like a demon temple in the region.

There are still fierce battles below. I dont know how many human races are fighting with aliens. Zhao Yuande saw a large group of disciples wearing Beihuang Shenshan and Wan Shengzong costumes are fighting and retreating, and there are several strong members of Wan Shengzong after the break. .

"It seems really fierce. How can I be less in this good show!" He took out the Tongyou Mirror, instantly disappeared, and quietly sneaked into the alien fortress.

The fort was dim, and the passage connected to it seemed like a huge labyrinth.

Zhao Yuande's soul spread out, covering the entire fortress, and suddenly felt a few strong breaths.

"One, two, three... there are five powerful people in the Emperor Realm sitting here, and one of them does not need to be so different!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but grin, it's no wonder that the two forces will return .

"Where is the mother-in-law locked in the end?" He carefully avoided the five powerful emperors and searched carefully in the fortress, but he didn't find it after searching for a long time. "Did I come late, or... "

Zhao Yuande dared to start moving towards the position of a strong emperor in the emperor realm. The five emperor strongs did not stay together, but instead sat on each side.

The force he first approached was not too strong. Probably in the early days of Emperor Realm, Zhao Yuande was not afraid of this guy. He quietly came to the hall where the emperor was located to observe carefully and found that it was a long crocodile. The monstrous man of the tail

"Scale tail, the elder of the crocodile **** clan, the first emperor of the emperor, the body has the blood of the ancient crocodile god,..."

This guy's physical strength is probably still on his own, but his weakness is the soul. Chaotian Yin this guy restrains the soul. If I can attack it, I might be able to kill it.

But in a flash, he dismissed this idea, because now it is to save people, not to kill the enemy.

This scale tail was reprimanding the disciple at this time, and the scolding was extremely unpleasant. The slap was constantly pumping, and the disciple was beaten.

Zhao Yuande retreated quietly and proceeded to the place of the next Emperor Strong.