Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 435

Chapter 435: Finished By Hand

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The second Emperor Strong is a middle-aged man with no white face and a gentle look, but his eyes are extremely strange. Among them, there are three pupils, among which three colors flash from time to time, as if they can penetrate nine days and ten places.

"Wu Yuan, an ancient ancestor, was cultivated in the mid-term by the emperor. The blood ancestor of the ancient ancestor had congenitally different pupils..."

"This guy is not simple, but it seems to be...I'm going to go now!" This guy is now on the boat with a woman with a long fox tail, and he looks a little blushing for a short time. Heartbeat.

"Well! I feel that someone is peeping at us!" Wu Yuan stopped suddenly, and the three pupils in his eyes kept glancing in the void, like a searchlight, and the whole circle of the light was transparent.

"Let them see it!" The fox girl was disturbed, apparently very upset, but her eyes were very charming.

"Haha! Yeah, envious of this group of old guys!" Wu Yuan suddenly smiled and worked even harder!

Zhao Yuande continued to move in the direction of the next strong man, this time he decided to go and see which one is the strongest.

The emperor is a woman, and he is chatting with a girl at this time.

"Zhen'er, don't be too flamboyant when you get here. Many geniuses in my domain have suffered a big loss here!" This emperor's strong face has a little kindness on his face. It seems that the relationship between the two is not ordinary.

"Aunt, I heard that the swallowing is coming this time?" The girl didn't seem to care much about her aunt's words, but asked about other things.

"Well! Its not easy to swallow this person. You must be careful when you touch it. Dont be fooled by his mind." The Emperor Qiang said when he swallowed Tians face, he couldnt help being serious. Can't fight him, this person's heritage is too terrible, even the ordinary emperor might not be his opponent!"

"Is he even better than Brother Xuanyuan?" The girl felt uncomfortable.

"There is no way, your brother Xuanyuan is the Son of Destiny. There is only one demon in the entire desolate area. Outside of the mysterious innate **** demon reincarnation, no one dares to say that he can be defeated, even if I... none Hold him firmly and win!" Emperor Qiang sighed softly. "However, the man who swallowed the sky is really terrible. You cant compete with him with your cultivation base!"

"Oh!" Although the girl promised, she showed a disapproving look on her face.

"Okay, Zhen'er, let's go first! Aunt has something to do." The emperor's strong man waved his hand. She made her very uneasy about the niece. She was too arrogant under the elder brother, and there was a so-called magic wasteland. Fiance of the strongest genius!

Zhao Yuande didn't dare to easily provoke this strong man, even the appraisal technique was not used. He felt that the other party's soul was stronger than himself, and he was a super strong man who was about to be promoted to God Emperor Realm.

He quietly remembered the girl's breath, and then slowly backed away.

I turned a big circle in the fortress and turned the remaining two emperor strongmen. I still didn't find it, but I found a few young men with extraordinary temperament. They are now together and seem to be discussing What.

Zhao Yuande quietly approached them and found out that they were two men and a woman. Each of them was very extraordinary. The breath was not weaker than Moskong and Xuanyue. It seemed that they were several young geniuses who ranked in the top 100.

"I heard that this horrible guy who swallowed the sky beheaded a genius figure of the Eastern Emperor Great World on the front line, and captured several young masters of the family, and fought back against the arrogant guy!" On the face, the man with the bone spurs on his back showed excitement.

"The Lord Swallowed the Heavens, but those who are qualified to attack the top three of the anti-Sky Power, even the ancestors of the Emperor Realm are very headache for him, I dont think the East World, even the entire world. There will be a stronger young man than him!" Another man covered with blue scales also sighed.

"I just saw the witch of Dongmen Zhen just now. I don't know if she will come to fight against Tian Tian this time, then there will be a lot of fun to watch!" The last lively and pretty girl with sharp ears The excitement of the face.

"I don't want to be like that. When they did this, the limelight was snatched away, and we became the supporting green leaves!" So the man sighed softly.

"You call him a witch! Aren't the two of you sisters worthy?" The scale man looked at the girl in surprise.

"It's so hard to be a sister with him, and I have to swallow and tolerate it, and I have to accept it. I'm so bitter!"


Zhao Yuande listened quietly for a while, and got a lot of useful news. Although the three of them were very strong, but in his eyes, they were of ordinary level. He began to calculate how he could get rid of them without disturbing those strong men.

Breaking the sky can instantly manage the bone spur man, Yi Jie and the black wind can work together to ambush the scale man, this girl will be handled by me personally, but the instantaneous battle fluctuations are a big problem, I dont know if you can pass the whole room come.

Zhao Yuande's heart moved, through the infinite magnification of the mirror, and finally he could cover the range of a few square meters.

He summoned three people from the other side of the world, quietly negotiated, and began to work.

They walked down the ground, and then broke out in an instant.

Po Tian rushed out of the ground, punched the bone spur man with a punch, directly hit the Tongyou Mirror, and was almost hit into a pool of meat.

Po Tian and Yi Jie rushed out of the ground from left to right. The wind gourd and the Zen stick greeted the scale man at the same time, followed by a loud Buddha sound, and the scale man was seriously injured, and later There are shocking seven meat eight elements.

Zhao Yuande was even quicker. The chaotic skyprint in his hand shot like a brick on the back of the girl's head, and immediately passed out.

Although the sound is not small, but under the powerful effect of Tongyou Mirror, there is really no trace of it!

They quickly turned the three captives from top to bottom, and then threw them directly into the prison of the Eternal Tower.

At this time, there are already eight alien geniuses in prison, which is definitely a big harvest.

"Complete the work!" Zhao Yuande clapped his hands and re-entered the three into the other side of the world, and then prepared to leave.

"Sister Luo! Are you there?" Suddenly there was a girl's voice in the distance.

"She came just right, the eighth interracial princess, this value is definitely very expensive. If I can get it at least to get a magic medicine, I can't let it go!" Zhao Yuande's face was quiet, and the potential door was quiet after that.