Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 437

Chapter 437: Only Fortune Is Not Life Threatening

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"Hey! You can rest assured, I will be very gentle, I promise not to hurt you a little bit!" Zhao Yuande rubbed his hands excitedly, forcibly took away all the valuables from the girl, and then threatened, "So, you will overlord's family Tell me the situation, I will let you be held in a prison alone, otherwise I will let you be locked with those ghosts, blood hoofs, and spiders, and the news of your arrest will be passed out by then. This is very unfavorable to the overlord family!"

"You... this is absolutely impossible!" The girl's face was black. This guy was so shameless that he took everything away from him and almost took off his clothes to check for hidden treasure.

"Well, there is no way, you go in too!" Zhao Yuande directly threw the girl into prison.

This is an unexpected joy, five magic medicines, I think, at least it can raise my undead body to a new level, which greatly increases my fighting power, and only this super power that has been passed down for hundreds of millions of years In order to get five magic medicines.

Zhao Yuande was complacent, and suddenly his face changed, because he found that the space was constantly rippling, and a strong man tried to come here. If it were not for protecting this piece of space through a peaceful mirror, the strong man had torn the space in.

"Who the hell? Who took Zhen'er!" Dongmen Zhen's aunt Dongmen Qingyue looked extremely gloomy outside the room. Just now he noticed that his niece's breath disappeared here, and she suddenly felt no Miao, tearing the space to come here, but found that the space here was shrouded in unknown and powerful treasures, she didnt break it all at once!

Zhao Yuande's face changed, this one was too strong, hurry and run!

He summoned the Eternal Tower into a shuttle-shaped airship, directly drilled into the ground and withdrew the spectacle mirror that enveloped the space.

Without the shadow of the spectacle mirror, this space was instantly breached by the East Gate Qingyue. When the East Gate Qingyue saw a mess in the room, he suddenly knew that someone came here and directly captured your own niece.

"Underground!" Qingmen Soul of the East Gate radiated hundreds of miles in an instant, and soon saw the shuttle-type flying boat madly escaping underground.

"You can't escape!" Dongmen Qingyue, her face was extremely cold, and her niece was the heir to the blood of this generation. If something happened to her, the ancestors would probably shoot themselves directly, even if they chased the horizon. The niece will come back.

"It's broken! Was found." Zhao Yuande urged the Eternal Tower to tell him to walk underground, but soon he found that the figure of Dongyue Qingyue appeared behind him. This woman is the emperor's peak strong, and the speed is incredible. Even faster than the Eternal Tower, if you don't run for a while, I'm afraid she has already caught up.

"Put down Zhen'er, or die!" A blood of light in the hands of Dongmen Qingyue shot out, turning into a terrible meteor and immediately caught up with Zhao Yuande.


Eternal Tower was attacked, and Zhao Yuande felt a violent shock inside.

"Bang Bang Bang!"

The East Gate Qingyue said with blood, and the eternal tower that hit was like a small boat shaking among the waves.

Zhao Yuande was shocked by the seven haloes, and secretly screamed in his heart. At this time, the authority for anxious tower control was too little. If he can control one-tenth of the authority now, he will not be so suffocated.

Still not strong enough!

"You old lady, you attack me again and believe me to tear the ticket!" Zhao Yuande roared, "I don't want five magical medicines!"

"You... you dare to scold me!" Although Dongmen Qingyue is more than a thousand years old, her appearance is still as beautiful as a girl, and now she is scolded as an old lady how can she not be angry.

"I don't dare to scold you! I also...stop it immediately, otherwise I will kill your **** heir directly!"

"You... stop thinking!" Dongmen Qingyue was frost-faced, she was the first to be humiliated by her, she was already irritated!

"Old bite breaks you and I can't stop it, I burst her sea of knowledge!" Zhao Yuande also got out at this time, directly showing his body and grabbing your Dongmen Zhen out of the prison, and holding the mirror sword on her forehead. The skin on the forehead was pierced instantly, and the blood flowed gurglingly. He said coldly, "Don't try my patience!"

"Aunt! Save me!" As soon as Zhenzhen Dongmen appeared, she saw tears in her eyes when she saw her aunt.

"Zhen'er..." Seeing that Zhao Yuande really threatened her niece, she suddenly cast a mouse.

"What do you want to let go of my niece?" Dongmen Qingyue's face twitched, there was no way for her niece to be in the hands of others, she could only choose to do so.

At this time, they have appeared under a huge underground magma lake. The magma lake seems to be an endless ocean, with huge creatures vaguely swimming slowly.

"Hey, I am very particular about people who only want to make money and do not kill lives. As long as you hand over five magical medicines, you can immediately take your niece away!" Zhao Yuande laughed. "You know, my reputation is Very good, dont believe it, you can ask the Mowing Clan and the Mojin Clan, they praise me for their good word of mouth!"

"You... why don't you grab it! Five magic medicines, you're dreaming!" Dongmen Qingyue's face turned black, and when a magic medicine is used well, it can help an ancestor to live again and help one. The powerful man in the world was promoted to the emperor, and he even asked for five strains!

"How dangerous and slow to grab, where can I take the five magical medicines?" Zhao Yuande spread his hands, his face unabashedly complacent, "kidnapping and extortion is the fastest way to get this kind of anti-natural treasure!"

"You... it's shameless!" Dongmen Qingyue didn't expect this kid to say that, he was almost gasped by him.

"Please, I am not shameless!" Zhao Yuande sneered. "You are really shameless invading my world. It is not my invention of kidnapping, but the name of your alien. The Devil Wing Gemini used it first!"

"You..." Dongmen Qingyue was speechless. With the arrogance of their blood-blooded tribe, there would be no other invasion, but this invasion did have a reason. This is not their desolate area. Original intention.

"So I have nothing to say! Hurry up and let me go, otherwise I can't guarantee hand shaking, in case I hurt your heirloom heirloom heirs, I can't afford to sin!" Zhao Yuande was fearless, he saw the other's expression Attitude, we know that this Dongmen Zhen is definitely an inheritor.

"I'm going to get the magic medicine here, how do we trade?" Dongmen Qingyue was helpless, Dongmen Zhen could not be lost, and now he can only agree to his request.

"I will inform you of the time and place." Zhao Yuande can't let the other party seize the initiative. It is up to you to order it yourself.

"If you dare to think anything wrong with Zhen'er, my blood-blooded ancestors of the emperor will definitely put you down!" Dongmen Qingyue threatened with hatred.

"Reassure! I am a man who seeks for money and not for her life. She is my defeat and I will not take her at all!" Zhao Yuande looked at each other with pride. The heirs of the **** family were defeated by himself, and he also had A kind of pride.