Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 438

Chapter 438: Sneak Attacked

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To know that the blood-blooded family is famous for countless stars, their ancestors may not be dead yet, but they are exploring the ancient demon avenue in the Pantheon in the chaos.

Such a family not to mention in the Desolate Realm, even if it has a deterrent effect in all the star fields.

However, this kind of deterrence is of no use to Zhao Yuande. He has his own world on the other side of the world. Inside it is like the outside world. He intends to let his loved ones follow him wherever he goes, as long as he has nothing to do. No one can grasp his handle and hold his vital point.

"Remember your words!" Qingyue Dongmen turned around and walked away, and his body disappeared in Zhao Yuande's field of vision.

"Hey! This terrible woman is finally gone!" Zhao Yuande breathed a sigh of relief and sent Dongmen Zhen into the prison of the Eternal Tower.

"No, I think there is such a feeling that my heart is flicking. Does anyone want to hurt me?" Zhao Yuande frowned and looked deep into the Magma Lake. He just felt a little horror there.

But when the sky opened, looking into the magma lake, nothing was found.

"Is it something wrong with my induction?" Zhao Yuande shook his head, but he always had a feeling of restlessness.

"Bang!" Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a horrible wind blowing behind him, but before he could react, his body was hit by an unbearable attack. His lower body was shocked into blood mist almost instantly, and the upper body seemed to be A meteor crashed into the magma lake.

"It's you, you vicious woman!" Zhao Yuande saw a woman appear in front of herself at the moment of falling into the magma lake, and the energy hand directly captured him towards him, and his body moved sideways to escape. This attack.

"Boy, this is called the Xianshibao come quickly! You come to me!" Dongmen Qingyue grinously, she actually didn't leave at all just now, turned around and slammed back to Zhao Yuande's side again.

A top emperor who wants to sneak attack, there are a thousand ways to kill people like Zhao Yuande.

Just now she used her strongest weapon, a chaotic spirit treasure, which will be inherited from the ancient chaotic spirit treasure.

But what surprised her was that Zhao Yuande was only crushing powder in her lower body and was not directly killed.

"Old demon, you damn..."

Zhao Yuande exercised his whole body with all his strength, and a huge blood flow poured into his lower body, just in the blink of an eye, his legs grew back.

"Damn! You have such a strong resilience!" Dongmen Qingyue's eyes showed a trace of greed in the depths of her eyes. She knew that this must be a very anti-celestial recovery method, maybe even an undead body. A kind of legendary exercises.

If you can get this kind of exercise, this time the mistake can be made up!

The Dongmen Qingyue attack fell like raindrops, leaving Zhao Yuande no time to distract from Dongmen Zhen.


Zhao Yuande was directly punched into the magma lake by the East Gate Qingyue. The entire magma lake suddenly boiled, and countless horror forces blasted around. This palm almost knocked Zhao Yuande's body apart. If it were not for his full operation, he would not die. The body is really dangerous.

"Don't you kill Dongmen Zhen?" Zhao Yuande threatened the other side while avoiding the terrible attack in the magma lake.

"Did you have the time to use the power of the soul?" Dongmen Qingyue sneered. "Your spirit is suppressed by me. Now you only have the power of the flesh. You have no ability to communicate with the storage space!"

"Bang!" Zhao Yuande was hit again, and his body continuously fell back at the bottom of the magma lake and hit hundreds of feet on a small island in the lake.

"What should I do? What should I do?" Zhao Yuande was very anxious. His spirit was suppressed by the other party when he received an attack. The precaution is that he took out Dongmen Zhen to threaten. Now the spirit can't be used, and his body is completely suppressed. Many methods cannot be used. Is it now that the mountains and rivers are desperately desperate?

"Since that is the case, let's desperately!" Zhao Yuande also got rid of it, and the palm prints in his hand changed continuously. After a few palms, he finally condensed the five-color roulette.

The five-color roulette rumbling and crushing the void, even annihilating large areas of magma lake water, the terrible power even the Dongmen Qingyue couldn't help but frowned.

"I didn't expect you to have this kind of exercise. If you hand it over, I will spare you!" Dongmen Qingyue raised her hand and shot a blue light. Zhao Yuande saw clearly that it was a crystal-like little gourd in her hand. In my heart.

"Innate Yiqi Immortal Gourd!" Zhao Yuande could not help but exclaim, this is the legendary ancient treasure, although not as good as his eternal tower, it is not much different.

He could feel that the blue light from this little gourd just destroyed his lower body.

The five-color treasure wheel collided with the blue light, the blue light shattered at once, but the treasure wheel was still intact.

"I still don't believe it!" Dongmen Qingyue continuously excited the small gourd, and a burst of blue light shot out.

It was only three consecutive blues that made the five-color treasure annihilate, and even the Dongmen Qingyue did not change its color slightly. You must know that this is an attack of Chaos Lingbao. The attack against a monk in a yin and yang unity requires three consecutive times. Tao, this is beyond her imagination!

She was thinking, who is this young man in the end, but the yin and yang are in one place, and he can already suppress the eighth genius in the demonic wasteland of Dongmen Zhen, and can fight against the emperor who is about to be promoted for a long time without Defeated.

I will talk about his killing here at all costs today, otherwise I will not wait for his spiritual realm in the future. I am not even able to suppress myself, but by then it will be a disaster for all the young geniuses in the Desolate Realm.

"Go to death!" She continuously urged the small gourd in her hand, sending out a dreadful blue light, the place where the blue light was swept away was annihilated, and even the light would be swallowed!

Unable to use many treasures in the body, Zhao Yuande can only dodge hard.

"You vicious woman!" Zhao Yuande was hit by the blue light again, and half of his body turned into blood mist. The undead body went through crazy operations, and the body recovered again in the next instant.

"I don't believe how much of your blood can be used to recover!" Dongmen Qingyue's fingers fluttered and bursts of blue light, and at the same time, there was a huge world force suppressing towards him. She was iron I wanted to kill Zhao Yuande here.

Zhao Yuande has repeatedly avoided attacking the eyebrows, and he is almost attacked. He almost cried when he suffocated. The other party just calculated everything for him and made him useless.

"Bang!" Zhao Yuande was swept into the shoulder with a blue light, half of his body turned into blood mist, his body lost control, and crashed down on the island.


The island shook, and the continuous trembling he smashed, seemed to be overwhelmed and he would disintegrate.


A blue light blasted over, without focusing on Zhao Yuande, and swept directly on the island.