Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 439

Chapter 439: Meet Old Friends

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Suddenly, the whole magma lake was shaking, and the magma lake seemed to come to life at once, and the huge waves rolled like a huge tsunami.

The island that was swept by the blue sky began to rise, the whole underground world was shaking, a huge head that was unimaginable was lifted from the magma lake, and there were dozens of people in the single horn just above the head. Crude.

And connected to this head is a neck that is tens of miles long, curved deep into the magma lake.

"This..." Zhao Yuande froze when he saw the head. The scene was so familiar. Isn't that the flame mysterious turtle under the Huoyunzong? When did it come here?

At this time, Dongyue Qingyue also froze. She felt a terrible spirit locked herself at once. She felt like she was a little sheep stared by a tiger. This kind of gap made her no trace at all. The hope of being able to overcome each other.

Even the current ancestors of the over-blooded family do not necessarily have this terrible breath, she can't help but start to retreat, and then back!

After losing the repression of Qingyue in the East Gate, Zhao Yuande suddenly felt a loose body, and finally he was safe. He looked at the Flame Profound Turtle with interest. At this moment it was furious, and it seemed that it was about to breathe fire!

"You hurt me!" Flame Profound Turtle made a thunderous sound like thunder, and its eyes were staring at Dongmen Qingyue.

"Yes... Juniors don't know that seniors are here to rest, how offended they are, please forgive seniors!" Dongmen Qingyue is still retreating, she wants to find a chance to escape, faced with such a scary creature, she has a creepy feeling .

"Forgive! Hey!" Flame Xuangui turned to look at Zhao Yuande, winked at him and smiled, "Little guy, do you think you should forgive her?"

"Absolutely cannot be forgiven. She is an alien invader, killing me countless cultivators of the Eastern Emperor Great World. The most important thing is that she dared to disturb you to rest. Last time, did you want to eat me in one bite? Just eat it in one bite He forgets!" Zhao Yuande knew that the other party had recognized himself, and suddenly relaxed.

Dongyue Qingyue seems to feel that she is dreaming, how could she encounter such a terrible existence here, is this boy's luck against the sky or her own bad luck, she feels like a weak ants, opposite the horrible everyone He can control his own life and death.

"Little girl, what else do you have to say?" Flame Xuangui turned his head to look at Dongyue Qingyue. Because his head was so huge, this turning turned the magma in the magma lake splashed up. The sky is full of red waves.

"Senior, I am the heir to the Patriarch family. My patriarch Patriarch is still in the Pantheon..." Dongmen Qingyue now has no choice but to take out his patriarch to threaten each other.

"Ba Emperor Family?" Flame Xuangui looked up and down at each other, "You turned out to be the descendant of the old ghost of Ba Emperor, then I really can't bully you!"

"Seniors know my ancestor?" Dongmen Qingyue's face was filled with joy, and a big stone was put down in his heart, and he would leave when he turned around. "Since you and my ancestor are old people, the juniors will not disturb your old man!"

"Hey! Don't go, I can't bully the overlord's descendants, but I didn't say to let you go!" The flame mysterious turtle spit out a flame, the entire underground world was suddenly blocked by the flame enchantment, and the East Gate Qingyue felt like he was hitting On a hard wall.

"Senior, aren't you old-fashioned with my ancestors? Why is it so..." Dongmen Qingyue suddenly felt a trembling feeling, she felt things were not as simple as she thought.

"Boy, you could owe me a promise." The flame mysterious turtle no longer ignored Dongmen Qingyue but turned to look at Zhao Yuande. The huge turtle's face showed a smile.

"Do seniors want me to honor now?" Zhao Yuande looked at the flame tortoise and was curious about him.

"No, no! I just want to remind you kid, let you don't forget!" Flame Xuangui looked at Zhao Yuande, a satisfied smile appeared on his face, "I didn't expect to see you in just a few years, you have grown to At this point, he was able to fight against the Emperor Strong, and the fellow Zhou had a really good vision!"

"Zhou!" Dongmen Qingyue heard the name, and her glasses were straight!

Zhou is the legend of this ancient universe. I heard that he is the master of time and space. He is in control of the reincarnation and the other shore. It is almost invincible. Even many fairy powers are very afraid of him. Is this kid actually related to Zhou? ?

Or that the universe they talked about was not the one they understood?

Her mind is constantly turning. If this kid really has something to do with Zhou, then his unbridled performance can be explained. In countless star fields, anyone who has heard the name of Zhou will tremble, even if he is The Patriarch Patriarch, in front of Zhou, is just a joke.

If this is true, she feels very dangerous!

The stars in the heavens and the realms, the strong are like clouds, and all the disciples of the strong are walking outside. If you don't have much difference in the realm, you can chase him at will. Even if it is killed, these real powerhouses will not trouble you, and if you crush them with a powerful state, all you have to do is wait for the endless anger of the powerhouses.

"Senior has won the prize!" Zhao Yuande smiled modestly. He suddenly remembered the old turtle who claimed to be a water spirit in the wild, "Senior, do you have a brother called Water Spirit in the wild?"

"Oh! Shui Ling... This name hasn't been heard in a long time!" Flame Mystery Turtle was in deep contemplation, "It seems to be my brother! When we were born by our mother and thrown into chaos, The old guy opened up the world and accidentally sent us to the East Emperor Great World. The two of us were born from this... how many billions of years have passed... How is my brother?"

"Oh..." Zhao Yuande was frightened by this billion-year history, saying that turtles live longer, but their age is the same as that of the Eastern Emperor Great World. How long has this been alive, no wonder his own brother can't remember , "Senior Shui Ling did not know who was suppressed for cultivation, locked in a deep pool to take care of a treasure, I also promised it to help it unlock and unlock!"

"What! My brother was locked by someone and became a guardian beast!" The flame mysterious turtle's voice pulled up suddenly, its huge body suddenly stood up from the magma lake, and the entire underground world seemed to be unable to resist this terrible power, Start shaking violently.

His excitement, the continuous volcanic group above began to shake violently, as if a major earthquake occurred, countless mountains collapsed and collapsed, and many alien humans who were fighting were affected, and they did not know how much they died.

Even the huge fortress of the aliens sank crookedly, and suddenly in a huge flame swamp appeared, countless aliens screamed madly and wanted to rush out, but they were drowned by the magma pouring out.