Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 440

Chapter 440: Yishi Yiyou

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"Senior don't be excited. Since I promised Senior Shui Ling, I won't be able to eat my words!" Zhao Yuande stood in front of the Flame Profound Turtle. Although not affected, he was still deterred by this terrible momentum.

The Dongmen Qingyue next to it was sweating. She just used her soul to look out of the ground and found the terrible scene. She knew that the other party wanted to kill herself. It must be a breeze, especially the other party. According to what he said just now, I am afraid that he has already surpassed the realm of the Divine Emperor, but he is a congenital demon!

An innate **** and demon all need a promise from this kid. Does he really have anything to do with Zhou? She feels that she has a big head. Now she is not afraid of dying herself. The most scared thing is that it involves the **** family. If the family has so Something went wrong, she couldn't forgive herself.

"Hey! I haven't lost my temper for a long time!" Flame Xuangui gradually calmed down and sighed softly, "Boy, since I have your promise, I will rest assured! This time on my brother's face, I will help You once! Now what do you do with this little girl of the **** family?"

The flame mysterious turtle looked at the Dongmen Qingyue, and there was a cold light in its eyes. It secretly said to the Dongmen Qingyue: "Little girl, I have had a relationship with the overlord, although not very familiar, but if you can Let this kid forgive you, and I will let you go, otherwise don't blame me for being rude!"

"Well..." Zhao Yuande looked at Dongyue Qingyue with a bit of hatred in his eyes.

This woman not only attacked herself indifferently, but also allowed herself to die several times. If she didnt happen to encounter the flame tortoise, I am afraid there would be only one way to die!

"This distinguished son, I was so excited just now. I want to ask you to forgive me. As long as you let me go, I will go back soon to help you prepare five magic medicines." Dongmen Qingyue expressed very implicitly He apologized, and focused on five magic medicines in an attempt to attract the attention of the flame black turtle.

"Magic medicine? Why did she give you the magic medicine?" The existence of the level of the flame black turtle didn't care about the magic medicine at all, but was very interested in the truth of the matter.

"Hey! Senior, you know too much hard work, I just want the people around me to grow up, so..." Zhao Yuande said the matter, and suddenly the head of the flame mysterious turtle was a little bit harder.

"Good boy, good! Since the aliens have invaded my Eastern Emperor's World, they must be ready to be exploited!" Flame Xuangui looked at the East Gate Qingyue Road, "Little girl, I'm in charge, I'll take ten magic medicines Let you go, otherwise I will accept you on behalf of the Eastern Emperor Great World!"

Flame Mystery Turtle blinked at Dongmen Qingyue while preaching: "Okay, let's promise this! Ten strains of magical drugs are not an exaggeration for your hundreds of millions of years of blood-blooding!"

"But Senior...Okay!" Dongmen Qingyue almost cried out, what is the concept of ten magic medicines! Even for their **** family, it is a big number that cannot be ignored. Tens of thousands of years ago, their pharmacy was attacked by a group of mysterious strongmen, and they took away a lot of holy medicine.

To know that the growth cycle of the magic medicine is tens of thousands of years, you can even 100,000 years. They are now when the green and yellow are not connected, and they are blackmailed like this, I am afraid that the ancestors will cry.

Zhao Yuande was almost upset, ten magic medicines! He originally planned to open the lion's mouth and asked for ten sacred medicines to make up for the damage caused by the other party. Unexpectedly, the flame flame turtle doubled directly!

"I promised!" Dongmen Qingyue was bleeding in his heart. Although there was the Great God of Flame Black Turtle as a shield, he still could not imagine how he would face the anger of his brother and what kind of punishment he would suffer.

"One more thing, did you catch a woman, where is she now?" Zhao Yuande thought about the real purpose of this dive into the alien fortress.

"Here!" East Gate Qingyue threw a comatose woman over. Zhao Yuande saw Zhai Linxuan's mother.

"It's no wonder I searched the fortress for a long time, but I didn't see it. It turned out to be yours!" Zhao Yuande checked and found that there was no big problem. This sent the mother-in-law into the other side of the world. Come here, otherwise the mother-in-law's face will be dull, so she has to wear her own shoes.

"Okay! I will contact you when there is news." Zhao Yuande heard the other party's promise, and he immediately frowned, and the hatred on his face also turned into a smile. "Seniors are really more courageous than men, admire and admire!"

Dongmen Qingyue and Ben wouldn't pick him up, and directly worshiped the Flame Profound Turtle and turned away in a hurry.

"Thank you senior for your shot!" Zhao Yuande saw the other party leaving, and then took a long breath, calmed down his inner excitement, and bowed to the flame black turtle.

"Okay! Just remember your promise!" Flame Xuangui shook his head and sighed, "I wouldn't come if I knew that it was so uncomfortable, and I was disturbed to clear my dream again, and I went to sleep again!"

After the flame tortoise finished speaking, its huge body turned into a thin little old man. The little old man raked into the void in one step, and the void was closed and he could no longer see its figure.

"Boy, I hope the next time I see you again, it is when you can honor your promise! Goodbye!"

"Seniors rest assured!" Zhao Yuande waved at the void, then turned and left the underground world.

With the overthrow of the alien fortress, this volcanic group soon lost its trace of aliens. When Zhao Yuande appeared on the ground, it was no longer a battlefield, but a huge ruin.

After this dangerous experience, Zhao Yuande has been thinking about his own combat power and spirits to continue to improve, and there are already nine captives in his space, eight captives can exchange for 80 holy medicines, and one can In exchange for ten magic medicines, with these, he feels that he can already raise all the people around him to a new level, and he can continue to improve his strength.

He decided to start trading with aliens immediately, cash in all of these holy medicines, and then start the next big upgrade.

"Black Wind, are you two going back with me or continuing to grind fighting here?" Zhao Yuande recruited all the stone people and asked their opinions.

"We are already in the world, and it will take a long time to consolidate. We choose to continue fighting on the battlefield!" Yi Jie answered.

"Bald is right, that's what it means!" Heifeng nodded.

"I want to stay here too!" Qin Xingyu eyes excited.

"You can't do it! If I weren't, you wouldn't have been caught by the promised madman!" Zhao Yuande slapped it on the back of his head, hitting him with pain and grievances.

"I... protect... protect... him!" He said these four words with difficulty. This is the most time he spoke. If it were not for Qin Xingyu, he would not be so strenuous.

After so many days of getting along, he and Qin Xingyu have developed feelings behind him, and such feelings are both teachers and friends.