Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 441

Chapter 441: Lei Zhentian

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"According to breaking the sky like this, then promise you!" Zhao Yuande also promised to break the sky this time.

"Long live the master, long live the sky!" Qin Xingyu jumped up and down excitedly, and he could finally turn into a perverted demon again, making people feel terrified on the battlefield.

"Take these innate spirit treasures, fight for three pieces for each person, and don't do anything to me!" Zhao Yuande seemed to be divided into carrots, grabbing the forthcoming innate spirit treasure from the space, and distributed it to everyone.

These innate spirit treasures belong to those genius disciples, although the level is not high, but there is a lot of victory.

If it is known that their innate spirit treasures are distributed in batches, they will spit blood enviously, which is simply waste and luxury!

"By the way, you took her to the stronghold." Zhao Yuande handed the mother-in-law who was still unconscious to the black wind.

"Why don't you send it back in person?"

"My mother-in-law is for someone who wants to be strong. If you are saved by your son-in-law, you will lose face. Remember to quietly send her back to the hands of the people of the North Mountain God Mountain." Zhao Yuande repeatedly asked.

"Relax! Your mother is our mother, your daughter-in-law is ours...sister, there will be no problem!" Heifeng didn't have a formal prolonged emphasis.

"Want to be beaten!" Zhao Yuande waved his fist at him.

"Dare! How dare!"

They again divided into two ways. Zhao Yuande contacted the **** emperor and strong man of the Lei Yu clan, and contacted Dongmen Qingyue to tell her the time and place.

But the black wind they also began to spread the news on the battlefield, spread out the news that the eight unlucky ghosts were caught.

When the eight major forces learned that the heirs of the hegemonic blood were also taken away, they couldn't help but breathe out of their breath. Apply pressure.

The news they received was shocking and made them stunned.

Dongmen Qingyue directly demarcated the line with them, saying that the Ba blood clan had already prepared ten magic medicines to wait for substitutions, and let him let his eight forces love to do it.

The other eight forces were dumbfounded, but they also smelled something unusual from Dongmen Qingyue's attitude. Finally, they unanimously decided that the genius of their family must be rescued to pay the ransom. Come back and say!

This time the **** emperor of the Thunder Prison family heard that Zhao Yuande's transaction amount was so huge, and he was almost happy to pull his beard off. However, because this time involved the Ba emperor's family, he was extra cautious and invited a **** emperor realm. 'S brother appeared to sit.

Of course, the only magic medicine was also taken away by the brother of the **** emperor realm.

Even so, the strong man of Divine Emperor Realm couldn't keep his mouth shut, and finally excitedly handed a token to Zhao Yuande.

"You are very promising, this is my token. In the future, you can find my old man directly, remember that my name is Lei Zhentian!" The old man Lei Zhentian tore through the void, and Zhao Yuande also quietly changed his appearance, using Tongyou The mirror covered the breath, and carefully returned to the store of the Holy Medicine Zongfang City.

Back in the backyard, he entered the other side of the world, and began to identify a lot of sacred medicines one by one. After identification, he began to write out the ingredients one by one.

He has been busy all day and night, and he has listed these eighty one kinds of recipes one by one, who is suitable for what kind of food, and what kind of food is needed after promotion to consolidate cultivation...

And he listed 13 recipes according to his own situation. He roughly estimated that after tasting the 13-point recipes one by one, his physical strength and strength can at least increase by one and a half times, which is already comparable. The defense of the top-level innate Lingbao, Dongmen Qingyue was not so easy to hurt him.

And his spirit can be tripled, even more than the East Gate Qingyue, close to the spirit of a **** emperor realm.

But these 13 recipes, he will only take it after everyone is promoted.

Because he still has to take this opportunity to understand the two rules of water and wood. After understanding these two punches, he can condense the seven-color treasure wheel. As long as he successfully condenses the color treasure wheel, he can maximize his attack power. Began to prepare for the final catastrophe.

"Liu Dong, this is the material I need!" Zhao Yuande handed a list to Liu Dong again and asked him to purchase it.

When Liu Dong looked at the dense materials above, he suddenly had a big head.

"These... I'm afraid our remaining spirit jade is simply not enough. Most of them are level 7 spirit medicines, and even holy medicines!" Liu Dong was very embarrassed, even if he sold the shop!

"Relax, you have dealt with these treasures to ensure that you are rich!" Zhao Yuande took out dozens of top-level spirit treasures, more than a dozen acquired spirit treasures, and three innate spirit treasures.

"This... these..." Liu Dong was almost shocked by the powerful forces emanating from these spirit treasures, "Can't sell them?"

"You are free to deal with it, as long as you can help me gather these elixirs as soon as possible!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

"I think we can convene an auction conference to sell these things in the form of an auction, and the profit can be increased several times." Liu Dong used his brain and his eyes were glorious, "But son, what is the way? Was someone brought to your door?"

"These are all the weapons I obtained in the alien battlefield. They are guaranteed to be no one to find the door!" Zhao Yuande patted his shoulder. "It's up to you to decide!"

"Good! Master, rest assured!" Liu Dong patted his chest.

Under the operation of Liu Dong, the auction was quickly held in Fang City of Shengzongzong.

Before this auction, Liu Dong let Hope Zong spread the news all over the world of the Eastern Emperor. The aliens were defeated and many alien geniuses were captured. The Tianyi Chamber of Commerce and the mysterious strongman became strategic partners and were authorized to deal with his loot. , There are also three innate spirit treasures!

As soon as the news spread, it would not work without sensation. There was a big shock in the entire world of the East Emperor, and many powerful people rushed towards the city of Zongfang.

Innate Lingbao is something that suppresses the heritage of every sect. It is not something that can be seen at the auction. It is usually something that can be exchanged for things other than Lingyu. Now there are three innate Lingbao that are going to be auctioned. , One can imagine how excited people are.

Some major forces have brought Lingyu, ready to play a game, get a congenital Lingbao back.

Some middle-class sects are eyeing those acquired spirit treasures. They have self-knowledge. They can suppress the same generation if they can produce an acquired spirit treasure.

The popularity of the auction exceeded the imagination of Zhao Yuande and Liu Dong. The auction, which was originally planned to be held in one day, took three days. There were too many bidders. There are a large number of acquired and innate spiritual treasures. Powerful competition.

The last three innate spirit treasures are indisputable. In order to compete for the last innate spirit treasure between the two great forces, the city of Fang was almost overturned. Fortunately, the ancestor of the Holy Medicine Sect only appeared to suppress the spot!