Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 442

Chapter 442: Vulcan City

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After the hot auction, the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce turned into a full bowl, and through this auction, Liu Dong met many strong men and played a vital role in his future release.

His elixir shop began to develop in the surrounding big cities, and soon there were more than a dozen elixir shops, and because of Zhao Yuande's relationship, the elixir produced in Shengdanzong was the lowest price supply to the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, allowing them to earn Lingyu's speed turned again.

"Separate my affairs from the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce, and don't let people know our relationship, otherwise someone will probably specifically target it!" Zhao Yuande told Liu Dong.

Liu Dong now has a hope sect. They quickly create public opinion, spread the news, and use various means to isolate the relationship between Zhao Yuande and the Tianyi Chamber of Commerce.

Zhao Yuande likes to do things ahead of time and take precautions.

"Rushuang, father and mother, grandfather, grandpa, grandma, grandpa, and uncle Luo..." Zhao Yuande brought almost all the people in the other world to his front, and he wanted to help them upgrade to the realm.

"Uncle Luo, your son is now close to two years old. Have you thought about how to develop him?" Zhao Yuande teased Luo Jingtian's son for a while.

"Hey! I don't want him to take this path, this path is too cruel, and it's not a good thing for him!" Luo Jingtian looked at his wife and laughed, "We are going to work here to harvest, silently Lived a lifetime!"

"If Uncle Shi changes his attention, he can come to me at any time!" Zhao Yuande understood Luo Jingtian's mood very well, so he did not force him.

"Grandpa Grandpa this time I will let your cultivation completely restore the peak period of the year. If you want to enter the world, I can also help you to complete it." Zhao Yuande looked at the grandpa Grandpa again. Turned into a middle-aged man, it looks gentle and elegant.

"Children, this is enough, and your grandma and I don't want to go out, and living here doesn't need such a high cultivation practice!" Jiang Chenyu looked at Zhao Yuande comfortably, and he would not have this day without this grandson.

"Well! I respect your opinion too!" Zhao Yuande turned his head to look at Grandpa again. "Grandpa, this time I can help you to restore your cultivation behavior, so that you can practice again, but you can't be too much to promote, you still have to take your own time. Raise the cultivation base."

"Okay! Grandpa knows!" Jiang Yufeng has been very silent. It seems that he still has a grudge about his grandmother's disappearance.

"Uncles and uncles, I will also improve your cultivation to a certain extent, so that you have enough time to continue to progress!" Zhao Yuande nodded to Li Rushuang's parents and relatives, who are now also important members of the other side of the world.

"Thank you Auntie!" Many people paid homage to Zhao Yuande. Zhao Yuande was simply their great benefactor, taking them out of the sea of suffering, providing them with cultivation, and helping them improve their cultivation. This is something they did not dare to dream of before.

"Rushen, the key is you this time, and I want to elevate you to the world!" Zhao Yuande looked at this girl who had been working hard to help him take care of the other side of the world, and he was the first girl who knew himself to contact himself. He felt that he needed to be good Compensate her.

"You don't worry, I haven't fallen down to practice, and now I have reached the peak of my freedom!" Li Rushuang looked forward. He couldn't go out to help Zhao Yuande. He could only stay in the other side of the world, and he was a little unhappy.

If he can ascend to the world, he has at least the power to protect himself, and he can go out to fight with him and live together.

"Okay! Now the other side of the world has greatly improved!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand and began to make the first gourmet.

After half a month, everyone has achieved the expected results, and Li Rushuang has also successfully promoted a world of chaos, and the whole world on the other side is very happy.

Zhao Yuande was relieved, and at the same time making food for so many people, he almost exhausted him. Thanks to his powerful spirit, otherwise he could not persist for such a long time.

It's very close to the underground world. I should go to Zhu Luan. I don't know where she is in the Temple of Vulcan Heritage?

He traveled all night and night, and soon came to the entrance of the underground world. This time he no longer has to be the same as the last time.

Covered by the spectacle mirror, he disappeared suddenly and smoothly entered the underground world.

The darkness in the underground world was as usual, and he quickly came to the Vulcan City where Zhu Luan lived according to the path in his memory.

At this time, the city of Vulcan is bustling and prosperous, as if some grand celebration is being held, and there are many human races strong and strong appearing in the city of Vulcan. Among these people saw an acquaintance, Jiang Che!

Jiang Che, a disciple of Jiang family who danced bare **** in front of the demon twins, had no longer been embarrassed by that day. Several young men of extraordinary appearance surrounded him, as if he was the center of this small circle.

There are not only humans here, but also many other races, such as the Nanhai demon clan, the East China Sea mermaid, and the wild barbarians...

They were all elated at this time, their faces full of pride.

Zhao Yuande wondered, what the **** happened here? Why are there so many people coming, and these seem to be the strong of the younger generation?

Zhao Yuande also changed into a handsome young man. He held a young man of the race and asked curiously: "Brother, what happened to so many people here?"

"You..." The young man looked Zhao Yuande up and down, and suddenly felt the strong and arrogant breath from Zhao Yuande's body. He suddenly smiled softly, "Xiontai doesn't know? Then how did you get here?" Vulcan City?"

"I have a big dream in my cultivation. Recently, something has changed. I always love to forget what happened a few days ago. There is no way!" Zhao Yuande sighed pretendingly.

"Oh! That's the case! Xiongtai, you must have forgotten that this time the Vulcan Palace inheritance was opened, and the major forces received an invitation from Vulcan City, saying that they are looking for Ruyi Langjun for Vulcan successors!" Letter, but the truth is told.

"What! Want to find Ruyi Langjun for Vulcan successors!" Zhao Yuande couldn't help but feel angry, wishing Luan to be his own woman, and the underground world repeatedly wanted to marry her woman to others, If this is true, then he must lift Vulcan City into the sky.

"No! Zhu Luan is definitely not the kind of person who listens to people's orders. She has her own ideas. Did she change her mind?" Zhao Yuande suddenly had such a thought in his mind, "It is impossible, this is something that will never happen." , But he was the first person I saw, and it was absolutely impossible to marry someone!"

Zhao Yuande continued to ask with doubts and unwillingness: "I don't know if Xiongtai has seen the Vulcan successor, what does she look like?"

"Just kidding, the Vulcan successor hasn't come out in the Vulcan Palace, how could I ever see it!" The young man shook his head, feeling that talking to such a guy who was always mentally troubled was very strenuous, and he turned to leave.