Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 444

Chapter 444: Rescued

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"You... no wonder!" Luan Fengyin felt his body was sealed by a special energy, and the body instantly lost its autonomous ability.

"My good patriarch, you finally fell into my hands!" Yan Tian hugged Luan Fengyin in his arms, and there was an excited look on his face, even his breath was a little short of breath.

"Brother Yan, enjoy yourself, but in the end you must let her disappear!" Zhu Huolong's grin turned into a fierce, "Don't leave any trouble!"

"Brother rest assured, hey!" Yan Tian took Lan Fengyin and left.

Luan Fengyin's body was completely unconscious at this time, but her eyes could see her ears, her eyes could be seen miserable, and Leizhu fell like raindrops.

"Hey! Wonderful man, don't cry, I will make you cry soon..." Yan Tian's face showed an extremely excited expression.

"Shameless..." Luan Fengyin couldn't even make a sound at this time, only discerned from her mouth.

"Don't worry! It's coming soon, I will let you know what is really shameless! Hey!" Yan Tian's breathing began to become rapid, and there was an abnormal blood red color on his face, and he couldn't wait.

"Bang!" He directly banged open the door of a hall and threw Luan Fengyin directly on a jade table.

"Okay! I'm here. Do you know where this place is?" Yan Tian's face was reminiscent, as if it were a very beautiful memory.

"Here, when I saw your first glance, I wanted to take possession of you, but you are proud, you are high, you look down on me! I have been with you for ten years, just for this day, just to let You..." Yan Tianyue said more and more excited, and finally opened the rock to tear Luan Fengyin's clothes, "I...I...Ah!"

Luan Fengyin had closed his eyes, but at this time he felt that the other party's movements not only stopped, but also seemed to scream.

"I killed you, the beast! You killed!" Another voice sounded, and there was a puff.

She opened her eyes and found that a teenager was holding a square big seal and greeted Yan Tian's head fiercely.

Although Yan Tian was struggling at this time, he seemed to be the little white rabbit held by the big bad wolf. No matter how he struggled, he couldn't escape the palm of the boy.

Yan Tianyi's handsome face was sagged with the big seal, his teeth fell to the ground, his nose was gone, even the hardest frontal bones were smashed, and the white brain Splashed out.

"Don't fight! I'll die if I hit it again!" Yan Tian's soul made a faint voice. Although his face was covered with blood and flesh at this time, it was all trauma!

Now as long as the other party shoots himself, his own soul will be extracted. Now his soul is already weak!

At first Zhao Yuande snapped a chaotic sky seal on his head, and he almost got his soul out of shock. He wanted to fight back, but he was fooled by the raindrops!

He swears that he never thought he would be photographed with a brick-like big seal, and he had no power to fight back. He didn't know what happened.

"Just to kill you!" Zhao Yuande simply hated this shameless guy, this is simply a pervert!

"Let me kill him!" Luan Fengyin opened his mouth reluctantly, his voice very weak.

"Alright!" Zhao Yuande directly carried Yan Tian and threw it to Luan Fengyin.

"Don't! Don't kill me!" Yan Tian begged, "Patriarch, I'm too obsessed with you. I can't help the impulse in my heart. I made a mistake. Please don't kill me!"

"I will kill you!" Luan Fengyin gritted her teeth. She was almost insulted by the other party just now. The hatred in her heart could burn the sea and burn the sea. How could you let this pervert guy go!

"No... I can't die... I don't want to die! I still have..." Yan Tian hysterically wanted to let people outside hear his cry, but unfortunately Zhao Yuande had completely blocked this hall with Tongyou mirror, he No one would hear it even if it was a broken throat.

Without Yan Tian's repression, Luan Fengyin gradually recovered his freedom. After a few breaths, her sword pierced into Yan Tian's eyebrows. The powerful force instantly destroyed Yan Tian's knowledge of the sea and stirred Broken his soul, so that he will never enter the reincarnation.

"You are Zhao Yuande!" Luan Fengyin looked at the young man in front of him, with strange lights flashing in his eyes from time to time. This young man was so amazing that he was as powerful as the legend and could quietly approach the body of an emperor and then sneak attack success.

"Yes, I am Zhao Yuande." Zhao Yuande heard the other party's identity from what he said just now, "Are you Zhuluan's aunt?"

"Well! This time I was framed by someone. Thanks to your rescue, otherwise I really want..." Luan Fengyin's face was a little reddish, and it was a little uncomfortable to see his embarrassment when he was seen by his juniors.

"This is not a problem, we are all a family. I want to ask Zhu Luan what is the situation now?" Zhao Yuande is most concerned with this issue.

"Luaner she... He returned to the family last time and said that he opened the innate Vulcan body, and then our two families jointly opened the Vulcan Palace, let her break in all the way, and now the void has reached the most vulnerable time, already It's not been a few days before the Vulcan Palace opens again, and Luan'er is likely to come out of the Vulcan Palace!" Luan Fengyin did not hide it, and said things carefully.

"And that Zhu Huolong wanted to use this opportunity to lead me over, and also colluded with the alien strong to want to kill all the young people of the whole East Emperor Great World together?" Zhao Yuande's face was not good-looking and was calculated. The mood is not good.

"Yes, and he has to open the ultimate Vulcan formation in Vulcan City. He wants to leave those alien emperors in the end. He has to say that he is walking a tightrope and is taking risks." Luan Fengyin is also a little dull.

If this is really calculated by him, Vulcan City is really the biggest winner. It not only wiped out a large number of human geniuses, but also wiped out the seven emperors of the alien race, even if it was passed out, it was more than a merit.

"This old thing, I must kill him today!" Zhao Yuande clenched his fists.

"It's difficult. I wish the Fire Dragon to be comparable to me, but it controls the entire Vulcan City. This Vulcan City seems to be a super congenital spiritual treasure with powerful power. The ultimate Vulcan Great Formation is just one of them. Means only."

"It turns out that there is no other way?" Zhao Yuande frowned.

"Yes! If we can sneak into his side quietly, suddenly burst or have a chance, but don't give him any time to mobilize the power of Vulcan City!" Luan Fengyin thought for a moment, "It's like you sneaking into Yan Tian ."

"This should not be difficult, his spirit is not particularly powerful, we should be able to escape his search for spirit!" Zhao Yuande is very confident in Jiang Jiazhi Baotong Youjing.

"Then let's do it right away, otherwise he will notice that Yan Tian is dead, and he must have a sense of alertness. It will be difficult for us to start again when we think about it!"

Under the guidance of Luan Fengyin, they quickly dived into Zhu Huolong's hall again. At this time, he was pours himself out, and his face radiated with excitement from time to time.