Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 446

Chapter 446: Everyone Here Is So Stupid

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The prison wanted to be smaller, but it was blocked by the light of the euphorbia. There was no way to do it.

"Hum! I wish Fire Dragon, your end is here!" Zhao Yuande took Luanfeng out of the other side of the world, and returned to the prison cage with a grim face, bringing the euphorbia into his hand.

"What kind of weapon are you? What was that place just now?" Luan Fengyin was very curious. This guy was really lucky, what kind of treasure are these?

"This is the eternal halberd, just that is the other side of the world!" Zhao Yuande dare not say that this is a chaotic treasure, otherwise the aunt will also be greedy.

"Let's go! Let's kill this guy!" Zhao Yuande summoned Tongyou Mirror again, covering the two people's figure, and hurried towards the place where Zhu Huolong had just disappeared.

Before a huge palace, Zhu Huolong was standing there with a large group of young handsomes.

"That's the Vulcan Palace. I feel that the Void is now extremely fragile. It's the sign that the Vulcan Palace is about to open!" Luan Feng Yin said.

"No, many alien emperors have surrounded this place. Their position is very strange, as if they are condensing!" At this time, Zhao Yuande felt a trace of crisis coming.

"What! That's the position of the ultimate Vulcan Great Array. This Fire Dragon even let you these aliens start the Great Array. He has rebelled against the underground demon clan. He wants to turn to the alien clan!" Luan Fengyin's face was very ugly.

"It's okay, let's cut out these aliens one by one!" Zhao Yuande grinned, "I want to make this old guy go crazy in despair!"

"Good!" Luan Fengming's eyes are also bright. With their means, they can now wipe out these aliens one by one. At that time, she would like to see what kind of face the candle fire dragon has lost.

These alien emperor strongmen simply did not expect someone to secretly attack them, but they were still strong like the late Emperor Realm like Luan Fengyin.

The seven aliens were all killed by two people in just half an hour. The spirit of the chaotic Tianyin was almost excited to go crazy. It practiced the spirit that devoured the emperor of the emperor realm. It is now more powerful. It has a kind of I feel that the heyday of that year will soon be restored.

This is a big seal that can ruin the world. If it is restored, it will definitely be infinitely powerful. Zhao Yuande also has some hope in his heart.

After they killed these aliens, they got the tokens to control the large formations in their hands. Luan Fengyin recruited the people in their clan who could be trusted to let them take over the tokens one by one. Although the Luan Fengyin's clan did not cultivate Gao, but they are descendants of Qingluan, and have a continuous connection with the Vulcan clan. It is not difficult for them to control the ultimate Vulcan Great Formation.

Just when they arranged everything properly, the gate of the Vulcan Palace suddenly made a rumbling noise. The two gates, which were hundreds of feet tall, did not know what kind of force was slowly opened.

"It's full of flames! You can't see anything!" Someone looked into the Vulcan Palace and wanted to see what was inside.

"No, I saw it! It seems that there is an endless world, and there is a fiery red inside!" The eyes of a strong man flickered as if he had some kind of powerful pupil technique.

"That is the world of Vulcan, a small world that does not belong to this time and space, which contains the supreme inheritance of Vulcan!" Some insiders spoke softly below.

"Look, come out from the inside! The flame is like a god, not a **** of fire!" At this time, everyone could not help feeling a little hairy, the figure exuded from the figure is too powerful.

"That's..." At this time, even Zhao Yuande was a little dumbfounded. This person was really like the **** of fire in flames, but his eyes had already seen this person's appearance, but it was not Zhu Luan. Luan is more beautiful and moving, and the figure is more popular!

"That's not Luan'er...she..." The man who Luan Fengyin also saw clearly at this time could not help whispering, "Is it like the legend says, Luan'er returned to his ancestor!"

"What returned to the ancestor?" Zhao Yuande asked anxiously. He felt that this matter was awkward and returned to his ancestor.

"In ancient times, it is said that after the Vulcan inheritors walked out of the Vulcan Palace, they became extremely powerful, and even their appearance and temperament had undergone tremendous changes. They awakened the seventy-eight percent of the Vulcan bloodline and changed their appearance. It is similar to the Vulcan in those days!" Luan Fengyin explained in a low voice.

"Will she not know me?" Zhao Yuande was anxious.

"Shouldn't it!"

"You are Luaner!" Zhu Huolong saw this woman for a moment, and he suddenly had a very bad hunch that the other party had a reunification, which was beyond his imagination. What impact does the plan have!

"Uncle Fire Dragon!" Zhu Luan saw Zhu Fire Dragon, but responded softly, the voice was very cold, and there was a faint pressure, "What about my mother and aunt?"

"They will come over soon!" Zhu Huolong felt the oppression in the soul of the courtyard, and was shocked again.

"Prepare a room for me. After I have met my mother and aunt, I will start to retreat and consolidate my cultivation!" Zhu Luan even had a commanding tone in his tone, which made the flames in Zhu Huolong's heart rise. People, being called and drunk.

"You..." Zhu Huolong's face suddenly turned bad. He even felt a light crisis from the other party. He wanted to know what the other party got in the Palace of Vulcan in just over a year. What kind of adventure.

"Go and prepare!" Zhu Luan frowned, and the man had killed her father in front of her, so she hated this uncle from an early age, and now she was humiliating each other by doing so.

"Niece, don't think that if you get the Vulcan heritage, you will be able to override me. I am your elder after all!" Zhu Huolong began to show his fierce fangs, and he planned to turn his face directly.

"What do you want?" Zhu Luan looked at Zhu Huolong quietly. Her current strength did not know to what extent she had grown. She had an urge to fight a battle, and the person in front of her was what she experimented with. The best opponent.

"I want your inheritance, I want you to die!" Zhu Huolong suddenly grinned and gently waved his hand to the void, "Dear friends, you can rise up, I want to make this a **** today!"

"What! I wish Fire Dragon, are you crazy!" the powerful emperor shouted, they were all invited to attend the event, but they did not expect the other party to be so malicious.

"I'm not crazy! You guys are so stupid! You will all stay here today!" Zhu Huolong is very arrogant, he is holding the winning ticket.