Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 447

Chapter 447: Pretend To Be Too Much

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"Zhu Huolong, I will fight with you!" Some strong people will rush over and wish Zhu Huolong desperately.

"It's useless. In front of my ultimate Vulcan formation, you are all chickens and terriers. You can't bear a blow!" Zhu Huolong looked at Zhu Luan very proudly, "How about, my niece will hand over the inheritance to me! I also grabbed a person you missed so much and came over to me and I will show you later!"

"Who is it?" Zhu Luan's face changed, and she felt something was wrong.

"It's your aunt and your little girl Zhao Yuande! Haha!" Zhu Huolong laughed, he was so proud!

He feels that the winning ticket is in hand, he can control Zhao Yuande and threaten Zhu Luan to let her hand over the inheritance, and in turn can control Zhu Luan to threaten Zhao Yuande and let him hand over great opportunities, this is simply a perfect plan!

He wanted to laugh loudly. He was even imagining the future, how he became an emperor and an ancestor, and how to enter the pantheon in chaos to become a generation of gods!

But soon he discovered that something was not right, why did the ultimate Vulcan Great Array still not launch, is it that those strong foreigners are playing with themselves? This is absolutely impossible! But they made the oath of heaven, and no one dared to violate it!

Is there something wrong, is it...

Zhu Huolong's face suddenly changed, he hurriedly communicated with the prison cage, and found that the cage was empty, and there were shadows of Zhao Yuande and Luan Fengyin.

He immediately knew what had happened!

What exactly happened here? Why did this happen, I just pretended to be too much, now how to end, he really wanted to cry!

"Zhu Huolong, don't you say you want to blow us all out of the net? What's wrong now? Are you dumb?" Some emperor strongman saw the expression on Zhu Huolong's face, and he was happy in his heart, it seems that the other party must have been improperly arranged. In case of any accident, we must definitely take advantage of this opportunity to join everyone in winning it.

"Hey!" Zhu Huolong's heart has become uneasy at this time, he is thinking about how to escape, "Actually, I just watched the atmosphere too nervous, to make a joke for everyone, just a joke!"

"Wish the Fire Dragon, do you really treat us as a fool?" Some emperor strongmen gradually forced Zhu Fire Dragon here, "Don't believe him, let's take him down together!"

Many emperors responded and began to gather around the fire dragon. Although they were all in Emperor Realm, they didn't want to collide with this desperate guy first, so they didn't take the lead.

"Don't be excited, everyone, you know my temper, and I'll be anxious to die with you!" Zhu Huolong saw these people's scruples, and suddenly had an idea, "You let me go, this is good for everyone!"


Suddenly Zhao Yuande appeared behind Zhu Huolong, and he stamped his head on the back of his head!

"Go to hell!"

Luan Fengyin was also Jiaojia, Jianguang pierced the sky to Zhu Zhulong.


Zhu Luan also started at this time, with a palm of his hand, a blaze of colorful fire burst out, and it was a brush against Zhu Huolong.

Zhu Huolong, who was originally smashed by Zhao Yuande, was fainted and turned away. He was even more violently stung by the soul, and he could not escape the subsequent two attacks.

Jianguang pierced the back of Zhu Huolong's neck and directly sealed one of his most critical places of bloodline operation. This is one of his weaknesses, which has long been known to Luan Fengyin.

And that colorful fire light directly brushed Zhu Huolong's lower body into a blood mist.

"Ah!" Zhu Huolong screamed again and again, but Zhao Yuande would never let him go. The chaotic sky like a brick in his hand fell continuously, and the Zhu Huolong screamed again and again.

"Forgive me! I will never dare!" Zhu Huolong screamed, "Luaner, I am your uncle, you must save me! Feng Yin, the relationship between us for hundreds of years, Do you just watch me being beaten to death?"

The second woman's face was frosty and unmoved.

"Your old thing, I am embarrassed to speak!" Zhao Yuan sneered repeatedly.

Suddenly the color of excitement suddenly appeared on his face, and it became more and more exciting. Until Zhu Huolong was filmed into a pool of meat, his face showed a satisfactory color, and then he gradually let go.

The two women were still very hateful, but soon they felt a little sick and turned their heads in a hurry.

The people around me and the two girls had the same thoughts, but they all twitched at the end. They couldn't bear to look at it anymore. Is he going to make dumplings with meat stuffing?

"Damn, chaotic sky seal, you control my mind again, this is disgusting!" Zhao Yuande jumped old high, flesh and blood splashed his face, making him a little crazy.

"Cough! I'm sorry, I was so excited just now, I couldn't hold back for a while, hehe!" Rantian Yin gave a smug laugh.

"Go! If you do this again, I will seal you in the Eternal Tower!" Zhao Yuande threatened fiercely.

"Don't! Don't do it!" Chao Tianyin shivered a little, but it was a great god. Even in the heyday, he was not enough to be a younger brother. I am afraid that he will never be able to get out of the seal.

"Be honest after that!" Zhao Yuande uncomfortably sorted out his clothes and came to the two women.

At this time, the two women were whispering privately, as if to say Zhao Yuande.

He stepped forward and looked at Zhu Luan up and down, and he couldn't help but applaud, this girl is too good! A lot more beautiful than the original, especially this figure... too tempting!

"What are you looking at?" Zhu Luan was embarrassed to be watched and made a whine.

"Hey! No, I didn't see anything!" Zhao Yuande's mouth was about to flow out of the Harazi, and he could not find such a hot and beautiful woman through the memories of past and present lives. At the age of one, he was not so hot and attractive in front of him, his heart was a little hot!

"Okay, this matter is a conspiracy to wish the Fire Dragon. He wants to kill you here. If it is not the time we found out, today our Eastern Emperor Great World will be seriously hurt!" Luan Fengming does not want to think at this time When the light bulb hurriedly stood up and said what happened, and threw out the bodies of many alien emperor strongmen.

The people's faces changed greatly, and they did not expect Zhu Huolong to turn to the alien.

The storm passed in this way. After seeing Zhu Luan's mother, Zhao Yuande took her quietly and left the underground world.

"Your current combat strength may be above me!" Zhao Yuande felt the other party's cultivation behavior, staying in the realm of the Sixth Heaven Realm, and could break through the world at any time.

"I reborn in the Palace of Vulcan, and I have cultivated all the realms to the extreme, and I got the five-color fire of the ancestor of the Vulcan. I should be able to kill the strong men in the early days of the Emperor." Zhu Luan is very confident and very happy .

When your self-cultivation comes up, you can help Zhao Yuande, no longer need to nest in the other side of the world, and you will be scared all day long.

"The Vulcan inheritance is really terrible, but in just over a year, you have grown to such a point!" Zhao Yuande sighed and sighed. He also understood in his heart why Zhu Luan in the past life would push the world invincible.

"I will follow you next time, I will never be burdensome again!" Zhu Luan smiled like a flower, Zhao Yuande could not help but stay, almost couldn't help but go up and kiss.

"That's it! Although you have improved to such a level now, but what is lacking is combat grinding, I want you to go to the front line where they meet with the black wind, where they will sharpen up, and this time I'm going to the north Huangshen Mountain and Water Shrine, Im afraid its not convenient to take you!" Zhao Yuande was a little embarrassed. When he mentioned these two places, he secretly looked at Zhu Luans expression.

"Well! Okay, I will wait for you on the front line, I hope not to let me wait too long!" Zhu Luan did not behave strangely, just nodded gently.

"Hey! You just came out of the Fire God Palace and used this for self-defense!" Zhao Yuande took out a **** red sword and handed it to Zhu Luan's hand, but he just found it from Zhu Huolong's body, I am afraid it was fire Baby of the **** family!

"This is the fire dragon sword of my fire god's veins!" Zhu Luan's expression was delighted, he gently rubbed the sword body, this is the patriarch's symbol, no wonder the patriarch was lifted the right, it turned out that the sword was in his hands, "Thank you You, Yuande!"

She kissed gently on Zhao Yuande's face, then blushed blushingly, and rushed towards the sky toward the front of the south.

"Oh!" Zhao Yuande could not help but sigh gently, touching the wetness on his face.

Are you too fraternal! He loves each of these five girls, but he needs to be cautiously wandering among them, otherwise one is not good, but it will cause big trouble.