Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 448

Chapter 448: The Next Stop

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The entrance to the underground world is relatively close to the Water Palace, and he appeared in front of the Water Palace after several teleports.

The Water God Palace is a powerful sect inherited from the ancient times, and their ancestors are the innate **** Water God!

The Water Palace is built on an island in a large lake, and the islands are dotted with dots.

When Zhao Yuande came here, he suddenly felt the spirit of water and spirit. The four sides were all small islands. There were many buildings on the island, and some people were shaking.

"I don't know how expensive this brother is to come to our Water Palace?" A disciple asked before the Water Palace.

"I'm looking for water to be empty!" Zhao Yuande smiled. "Is she in the palace now?"

"Sister Shui..." This disciple looked at Zhao Yuande, and suddenly a glimmer of excitement appeared in his eyes. "You are... You are Zhao Yuande, Brother Zhao!"

"How do you know me?" Zhao Yuande was curious. A disciple who looked at the door knew himself, wouldn't he really be so famous!

He really underestimated himself, and now Zhao Yuande's portraits have spread throughout the entire world of the East Emperor, from the **** emperor to the strong, to the ordinary cultivators are familiar with his deeds.

"Brother Zhao's name is unknown to anyone, so please come with me!" This disciple led the way diligently and quickly led him into the depths of the Water Palace.

"This is Sister Shui's retreat. I dare not call her, or you will come in person!" The disciple said that there were some cowering hind legs here, and he would leave after turning around.

"This is for you, thank you for leading the way!" Zhao Yuande threw him a pill bottle with several Xuanyuan true spirit pill on several sides.

"Thank you, Brother Zhao! Thank you, Brother Zhao!" The disciple looked at the elixir in the pill bottle, and he immediately frowned and thanked him again and again.

"Okay!" Zhao Yuande waved his hand.

This immortality is nothing to him, but it is a great opportunity for ordinary disciples.


He gently knocked on the door.

"Who ate the bear heart leopard guts, don't you know that the girl is retreating?" There was a pride, a fiery voice rushed out from inside, shouted angrily, "Today, this girl is not choking Its your skin!"

"Come on! I promise not to resist!" Zhao Yuande opened his arms and smiled at the girl.

"Ah! Yuan De... how could it be you... I don't know it's you, otherwise..." The girl was stunned when she saw Zhao Yuan De, and she even said incoherently.

"You're finally here!" The girl stayed for a while, as if remembering something, she fell directly into Zhao Yuande's arms and hugged him tightly.

The two's bodies were stuck together, and even the sound of each other's heartbeats could be heard. Zhao Yuande felt a pair of extremely soft things in front of his chest squeezing and deforming, and his heart could not help swinging.

"Ah!" Suddenly, the girl felt something panic underneath. She suddenly thought of something red and jumped aside.

"Hey!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly covered up his mistakes.

"Oh! This time I want to help you upgrade your level and let you be promoted to the world. How do you think?" Zhao Yuande said awkwardly.

"Promote the world?" The girl blinked. "I'm only in the quadruple field now. Isn't it a bit too hasty!"

"No hurry! No side effects after eating my food." Zhao Yuande said.

"Cough! Boy, how is my good-granddaughter? Are you still satisfied!" I don't know when a skinny old man appeared in front of them, it was the old water god.

"Satisfied and satisfied!" Zhao Yuande looked at the old guy with an awkward smile on his face. He thought he wouldn't be seen by this old guy just now! That would be too embarrassing!

"I believe in your ability, but this time you can help Kong'er promote to Heavenly King Realm. The old man is going to send her to the Ice King Cave of the Ice King World for a trial. This trial can't be participated if it exceeds the realm of the realm. The old water **** smiled at Zhao Yuande, "Even if you don't come, the old man will go to you. Although the qualifications of Kong'er are high, but they are not diligent, the cultivation is less, you need to complete it!"

"This is simple, you look good!" Zhao Yuande assured him by patting his chest.

However, he soon became a little uneasy about Shui Jukong, grabbed the old man and asked him east and west, and asked if the situation of Binghuang Cave was in danger. The old man was troubled!

"It's a few small things, you take it for self-defense!" Zhao Yuande quietly handed Shui Jukong a storage ring, begging her not to open it first.

"What the **** is this, so mysterious and mysterious, first show it to grandpa!" The old water **** was very indifferent and snatched the storage ring directly from his granddaughter, and was almost shocked by the contents and dropped his chin!

Inside are neatly placed five innate spirit treasures, including swords, clothes, phoenix hairpins, bracelets, and even an exquisite palace!

Although they are ordinary innate spirit treasures, this value is simply inestimable!

"Your kid wouldn't have robbed a superpower!" The old water **** looked at Zhao Yuande suspiciously, "Your kid wouldn't want to sell money from me!"

"Master, what are you talking about! These are my trophies!" Zhao Yuande straightened his chest. "These are all treasures in the hands of alien strongmen, not dirt at all!"

" wouldn't be the scourge of arresting alien geniuses everywhere, and then extorting holy medicine!" The old water **** suddenly remembered this person, he had long suspected that this person was Zhao Yuande.

"Hey! Master, you really have such a glorious look, that person is me!" Zhao Yuande laughed, "Master, what do you think I've done, return it to your eyes!"

"Okay! Give us a long face of the East Emperor Great World! I heard my kid say, you are really a bullish fork, old man I fully support you!" The old water **** gave his thumbs.

"Sir, don't just talk about it, give the boy some benefits! Recently, I am worried about the understanding of the rules of water. Are you sure there is something here that can let me understand the rules of water!" Zhao Yuande suddenly thought of this matter, The rules of water and rules of wood are what he lacks now, and if he can comprehend, he will definitely double his power!

"Good boy, this thing is simple! You first help Kong'er improve his cultivation, I will help you to arrange, even if you want to understand the law of water, I have a way!" The old water **** patted his chest guarantee, and then turned around and helped Zhao Yuande Arranged to go.

A month later, Zhao Yuande came out of the Water God Palace with satisfaction. At this time, he was surrounded by water, as if he were a water god.

"The old man is really loyal enough. Not only do I comprehend the rules of water completely, even the laws of water have some comprehension, my current water fist has become the most powerful punch!" Zhao Yuande smiled with a smile on his face.

The old water **** opened the water mystery of the water **** palace at any cost to him. He actually got a piece of avenue fragments in the water god's comprehension, which led to the rapid advancement of the comprehension of the water attributes. Heavenly Tribulation.

I dont think about the Ji familys rescue first. The opening time of the Pantheon is still very early. The next stop should be the North Wild God Mountain. I dont know if the mothers psychological shadow is still there?