Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 449

Chapter 449: Four Seasons Sword

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Zhao Yuande sent the formation all the way, and came to the North Wild God Mountain. It is close to the extreme north. The weather is cold and almost every day the sky is covered with snowflakes.

The uncle sealed the mountains, but among these mountains, there was a majestic tall mountain standing. This high mountain is very high and straight into the sky. The mountain is divided into several seasons. At the bottom is the winter snow. In the autumn, the golden leaves fall all over the ground, then in the spring, the snow and ice melt, everything recovers, and the top is the summer, the sun is like a roasting mountain.

This is the greatest strength of the North Wild God Mountain, close to the extreme north.

"Brother, are you also going to Beihuang Shenshan to study art?" Just as Zhao Yuande stood in the distance and sighed this mountain, a group of cultivators stepped on Shirayuki and appeared beside him.

"Apprenticeship to learn art?" Zhao Yuande froze.

"Yes! Today is the day when the disciples of the North Wilderness Mountain open the gates, don't you come to apprentice?" The young man who spoke was seventeen or eighty years old. His heroic spirit was compelling, and his realm was one of realm. His talent was absolutely extraordinary.

"Oh! Yes, I also came to learn from the teacher!" Zhao Yuande nodded. He was just trying to understand the situation of the Xiabeihuangshan Mountain, and it was good to pass these people!

"Since we are all friends who are studying together, we may all be brothers in the future, so let's go together!" This young man looks very bold and is also the leader of this team.

"Don't know the name of Xiongtai Gao?" Zhao Yuande asked with a fist clenched.

"Oh, I am Tian Hua, from the Tian family of Beihuangcheng. Are you Xiongtai?" Tian Hua felt Zhao Yuande's extraordinary and very polite.

"My surname is Zhao, and the number at home is 14; Brother Tian calls me 14!" Zhao Yuande randomly edited a name.


Everyone chatted all the way and set foot on the Beihuang Shenshan all the way. Zhao Yuande quickly learned about some situations in the Beihuang Shenshan through these people.

This super power is very popular in the land near the extreme north. They protect the Quartet from beasts. They manage the surrounding big cities so that there is less fighting between the big families. They share resources and let the big forces around them enter together. Explore the extreme north.

They also recruited disciples every three years. At this time, the people in the surrounding cities would flock to come under the Beihuang God Mountain, hoping to become a disciple of Beihuang God Mountain, because this is the holy place in their hearts!

They came under the Beihuang Shenshan and found that it was already overcrowded. With the help of the disciples of Beihuang Shenshan, they entered the bottom of the Shenshan, which is the mountain body in winter. There are many temples here, which are generally used to entertain outsiders. Or it is their disciples who want to worship teachers.

"This mountain of northern wasteland is really popular. If anyone dares to attack here, I am afraid that the practitioners in dozens of large cities around will come to support. Don't look at these people's cultivation is not high, but with one heart and one mind, a powerful force will erupt!" Zhao Yuande secretly admired that this old man was really a man of understanding.

Zhao Yuande was looking left and right among the group of cultivators, and finally felt bored and walked directly towards the mountain.

"Hey! This disciple, you have not passed the test of the outside disciple and cannot enter the outside disciple!" A disciple blocked his way.

"Brother Brother Zhong, don't be surprised, he is not very sensible in the new arrival!" Tian Hua came up behind him and explained to this disciple Shoushan.

"You are Tian Hua! Your brother asked me to look for you everywhere, come with me quickly!" The disciple saw Tian Hua as if he recognized him.

"Then my friends..." Tian Hua pointed to the people behind him.

"Come up together! Anyway, with your cultivation as tomorrow's test will definitely succeed, entering the outside door early is not a big deal!" The disciple waved his hand and led them into the outside door.

Zhao Yuande is very interested in the four climates of Beihuangshen Mountain and has been watching all the way.

"Brother Zhao, the Four Seasons Peak of the Northern Wilderness Mountain is actually the result of four large arrays. They only set up these four arrays because they want to practice a sword technique called Four Seasons. They let the disciples gradually, only To what extent can swordsmanship be practiced, can we enter the peak of that season." Tian Hua introduced Zhao Yuande as he walked.

"That means that the entry assessment requires you to comprehend the sword of winter, then the outer door needs to comprehend the sword of autumn, and to enter the inner door you need to comprehend the sword of summer. To become an elder or a higher-level character, you need to comprehend the sword of spring!" Straighten knew this law.

"Yes, Brother Zhao is clever!" Tian Hua laughed. "But Brother Zhao definitely thinks this is too simple, and it is not difficult to become an elder level figure."

"Good! I really wanted it, it's a little too simple!"

"This shows that you don't understand the subtlety of the Four Seasons Swordsmanship." The disciple who led them into the outside door glanced at Zhao Yuande and felt that this kid really didn't know the depth. "It's very simple to know that the Winter Sword is just a kind of The variation of water attribute ice, as long as some talented practitioners can easily understand. But when it comes to the autumn sword, it is not so easy. It contains three attributes of wind, thunder and water, and the talent is almost no three to five years. Realize that some people can't make the sword of autumn even in their lifetime, then no matter how high you are, they are just an outside disciple. As for the sword of Xia, not only the two attributes of the strong sun and thunder are added, but also a little involved The rules of time, even talented geniuses dare not say that they can be comprehended, and the sword of spring is completely the use of wood attributes and the rules of time. Powerful people in ordinary fields may not be able to understand a half-knowledge!"

Zhao Yuande was more shocked the more he heard, and the more he heard that he felt itchy. He also wanted to see how his talents were. In addition, he already controlled the six rules of wind, thunder, gold, water, fire and earth. It should not be difficult!

Zhao Yuande is now eager to try. He decided not to go to Zhai Linxuan for the time being, and wants to experiment with the four seasons swordsmanship now.

Several of them turned around at the outer door, and met Tian Hua's brother, a leader among the outer door disciples, who had the strength to promote the inner door at any time.

This person took care of them very much and said a lot of insights and know-how about the Four Seasons Swordsmanship, which benefited everyone.

They soon returned to the winter at the foot of the mountain, where they waited quietly for the day to start the test.

Three days later, an old man appeared cheerfully in winter.

"You young people, wait for anxiety!" The old man was very kind, and he was very polite to speak, and did not look down on these young people because of his high cultivation.

"This senior, let's get started! We are really anxious!" Someone was very casual and smiled at the old man.

"Yes! Senior, the snow and ice here, really suffered, we want to go shopping in the autumn!"

"Senior, do you also feel very cold! Haha!"


"You young people are very nice and interesting!" The old man did not care about these kind words, and waved his hand: "You immediately sit cross-legged, I will sing the Winter Sword, I will only say it once, I must listen Clear!"