Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 451

Chapter 451: Zhai Linxuan's Whereabouts

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A middle-aged beautiful woman appeared in front of them, took the tokens in their hands and checked them one by one, and then took them to the place where disciples practiced outside.

"Look at that stone wall, and above it is the sword of autumn! If you feel that you have learned the sword of winter, you can go there to learn the sword of autumn!" The middle-aged beautiful woman glanced at everyone, and finally Fixing her eyes on Zhao Yuande, she thought the teenager was familiar.

"What is your name?" The middle-aged beautiful woman looked at Zhao Yuande and asked.

"Disciple Zhao XIV!" Zhao Yuande now regrets a little bit, and he can be familiar with wherever he goes, which is very bad. He lowered his head and made very slight adjustments to his facial appearance.

"It's also surnamed Zhao!" The middle-aged beautiful woman looked at Zhao Yuande again. Just now, she felt very similar to that person, but when you look at it like this, she finds that it is slightly different everywhere.

"Okay, you are free to move!" The middle-aged beautiful woman left. Although he thought that Zhao Yuande might be that person, he was not sure. She was going to see someone.

The middle-aged beautiful woman shuttled on the mountain, and soon appeared in the inner gate, came to a cave house.

She knocked on the door. After a long wait, no one responded.

"Xuan'er went there?" The middle-aged beautiful woman saw two female disciples approaching and waved at them.

"I've seen Uncle Zhai!" The two female disciples suddenly looked respectful when they saw the middle-aged beautiful woman.

"Well! Do you know Xuan'er went there?" the middle-aged beautiful woman asked, pointing at Dongfu.

"Sister Uncle, don't you know? Sister Xuan'er and Sister Dongfang and a few brothers and sisters went to the secret realm to try!" a female disciple replied.

"Yes, Sister and Sister, they have been in for more than ten days. They should be out in two days!" said another woman.

"It turned out that I went to the Time Secret Cave, but I'll wait for them for a few days!" The middle-aged beautiful woman nodded and turned away.

At this time, Zhao Yuande and them had arrived before the stone monument, which was about three feet tall. There were densely recorded some texts and a vivid engraved picture, and the picture portrayed a beautiful autumn scenery!

Zhao Yuande remembered these words in an instant, but he didn't go to enlightenment. Now there are too many people practicing here, and he feels that he can't be too shocked.

Soon they were assigned to the Dong Mansion, and gradually many disciples entered the inner gate, finally waiting for Zhao Yuande's waiting to arrive at the bright moon night.

He came to the stele, but there were already a few people in front of the stele, and one of them turned out to be Tian Hua.

"Brother Zhao is here too! Let's compare and see who can understand this autumn sword first?" Tian Hua was very conceited and proud. He lost to Zhao Yuande last time. Although he seemed to be kind and gentle, he had a heart in his heart. Jin, want to surpass him.

"Oh! Brothers and brothers, let's compare together!" Zhao Yuande looked at the crowd. These people were all outsiders who entered together. They were all geniuses and had their own arrogance.

"Then let's go!" Some people are very direct, sitting on the ground and starting to understand, competing for time.

These people soon entered the enlightenment. Under the moonlight, their bodies were silver and there was some holy light flowing.

When Zhao Yuande saw the pattern, he was immediately attracted by the scene, which was a scene of thunder and lightning.

He seemed to enter the picture in an instant, which seemed to be a stormy night, thunder in the sky, an old figure walking slowly on the rainy night, the swaying giant trees were struck by thunder, but they were tenacious 'S head is held high, it seems to be fighting against heaven!

This old figure but every step seems to be on the pulsation of the earth, the invisible sword light rippling around him.

These sword lights melt into the space around them, sometimes turning into a rain curtain, sometimes turning into a thunder, sometimes turning into a violent wind, sometimes turning into a giant tree to exude infinite vitality, and then merge into the dark night and change endlessly...

Among them, not only are the three attributes of wind, thunder and water, but also mixed with vitality and light and darkness, but the latter two attributes are very obscure and indescribable, which makes Zhao Yuande feel a little puzzled and puzzled.

He has long understood the three rules of Feng Leishui and is already familiar with their changes. Now if he wants to condense these three attributes, the Autumn Sword may soon succeed.

However, he is not so easy to satisfy. Light and darkness and vitality are two very rare properties. In fact, they belong to the two roads of Yin and Yang and life, and they can independently enlighten.

Just as Zhao Yuande comprehends the rules of the earth, he only understands the geomagnetism in the rules of the earth, and he does not have much involvement with others.

They sat here very soon in the daytime. Many disciples came to enlighten this stone tablet. For outside disciples, enlightening the stone tablet is their daily practice. Only by thoroughly understanding this stone tablet can they enter the inner door.

These disciples soon overwhelmed Zhao Yuande, but after three days, they still did not move, and no one became the sword of autumn.

Several people who came with Zhao Yuande and Tian Hua also shook their heads in disappointment and left. Their spirits were a little tired. If they continue to do so, I am afraid that if they are damaged, it will be more than worth the loss.

However, Zhao Yuande and Tian Hua did not intend to admit defeat. They still sat cross-legged in front of the stele and quietly realized.

"These two are very stubborn! Do they want to directly promote the inner door?" Some outside disciples whispered.

"I heard that both of them are rare geniuses. The one who understood the Sword of Winter with more than a dozen breaths is a peerless genius comparable to the suzerain!"

"True and false! Sect Master is a myth and legend in our northern wilderness mountain. His story can't be finished for three days and nights. Can such a teenager compare with his old man?"

"What do you know, the suzerain also came from our stage, and it is not directly invincible, I am optimistic about this!"

"Originally, the suzerain heard at the outside door that it took ten days to comprehend the sword of autumn. We might as well step on and step on this teenager for a few days to comprehend," someone suggested.

"Good! I think he needs at least fifteen days!"

"I think it takes a month!"


Zhao Yuande knows that there is a lot of discussion among these disciples around him, he is just the picture on the stone tablet of the sentiment of his experience.

Light and darkness, vitality...

What is light and darkness, sunset and sunset are light and darkness, and thunder flashes, and the flame shines as light and darkness, and what is life, water and all things are living, and there is a trace of life in the destruction of the old tree in the thunder...

Zhao Yuande carefully explored the two attributes of light and darkness and vitality, and he soon discovered that they were connected to other attributes, or that they were connected.

A group of disciples rushed towards the palace where the elders lived.