Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 453

Chapter 453: Four Pairs Of Stone Carvings

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"There is no text on this last stone tablet, it may be missing, or it may not be there at all!" Zhai Hongkun sighed softly. "There is too much in it. I can't understand it according to my wisdom. You are in Try it here!"

"Okay! If there is no result within three days, I will immediately set off to search and rescue Lin Xuan, hoping that the seniors will be ready for everything!" Zhao Yuande nodded, sitting cross-legged and starting to understand.

Zhai Hongkun nodded with satisfaction, this kid is good, can think of his daughter, it seems that her daughter's vision is very good!

He quietly withdrew, closed the space again, he had to go out to prepare, unite with all the strongmen, and forcibly open the secret cave of time.

The last four engravings on a stone tablet look very simple, but they are actually very complicated. The first engraving alone contains multiple attributes such as gold, wood, fire, earth, light and darkness. This kind of attribute rule of wood is not understood, so it seems a bit ignorant, and soon he feels that many things cannot be connected.

He felt that to understand the first engraved picture, he must understand the rules of wood.

There was no way, he looked at the second engraved picture again, Shenyang was shining, the sky was empty, shining all over the mountains and rivers.

He wanted to integrate the soul of the **** into this engraved picture, but soon he felt a dizziness. In this second engraved picture, there were many gods, including the operation of stars, the alternation of time and space, and the operation of the universe.

"It's terrible! This is not something that I can understand at this level. At least it must be above the emperor's realm to be enlightened!" Zhao Yuande hurriedly withdrew the soul from it, otherwise it may be incalculable damage. .

As for the third and fourth pictures, he didn't dare to read them at all. He couldn't understand the first two pictures, he could understand, and I'm afraid it would involve more and more profound things!

In desperation, he imprinted the four engraved maps deeply into the sea of knowledge, and left for the future to reach enlightenment.

He always feels that the Four Seasons Swordsmanship is not simple. Even the Four Seasons Swordsmanship and Kaitian Boxing have a lot in common. They can learn from each other and complement each other.

In other words, you can use the form of a sword to show the open sky boxing method, or you can use the boxing method to show the four seasons sword method!

He kept changing in his brain, and gradually fell into a state of ecstasy.

Three days soon passed, when Zhai Hongkun appeared in this closed space, Zhao Yuande opened his eyes all at once, and his face was full of joy. This time, although he did not realize the sword of spring, he let all The technique of breaking the fist has been improved, and it has become more sharp and powerful!

"How is it, how do you comprehend the sword of spring?" Zhai Hongkun looked at Zhao Yuande's face with joy and couldn't help asking curiously.

"For the time being, there is no breakthrough, but I believe that the first engraved picture should be able to comprehend. As for the next three pictures, you need to wait for a very high level!" Zhao Yuande shook his head gently.

"Well! Actually, I think so too. I have learned the first carved picture. Come and see!" Zhai Hongkun began to practice Zhao Yuande's sword technique on the first carved picture in this confined space.

Seeing Zhai Hongkun's drill, Zhao Yuande suddenly seemed to have opened a door in his heart, as if he could step in with just one step.

However, he still lacks an understanding of the rules of wood. He believes that as long as he understands the rules of wood, he will understand the first engraved picture for the first time.

He has a feeling that as long as the first engraving is understood, the power of the previous three seasons of swordsmanship will be greatly improved.

"Senior, I feel that the last four engraved figures seem to be an introduction. Every time one of the engraved figures can improve the power of the previous swordsmanship!" Zhao Yuande said his thoughts.

"Yes! That's right! After my ten thousand years of enlightenment on the Northern Wilderness God Mountain, it is true! Three thousand years ago, a genius decided to comprehend the second engraved figure, and the result is that the Four Seasons Swordsmanship is awesome In the end, he died in an alien battlefield!" Zhai Hongkun sighed softly. "Unfortunately, my qualifications are blunt. I haven't seen the second engraved picture for hundreds of years. It is a pity!"

"Let's go, senior, the longer Lin Xuan is, the greater their danger. Let's save them first and come back to discuss this issue!"

"Well! If your kid is interested, let's go!"

The Secret Cave of Time is in the back hill of the Four Seasons Peak, and is guarded by an elder.

At this time, the entrance of the secret cave was shrouded in a silver storm.

Zhao Yuande found an ordinary spirit implement and threw it into the entrance. The spirit implement was suddenly shattered by the terrible storm, which made Zhao Yuande unable to bear a hair.

"Boy, we will open this passage for you soon. After entering, use the piece of jade I gave you to tell the whereabouts of Xuan'er. After finding them and returning to the entrance, you will crush the piece of jade and we will help you again. You open the aisle exit!"

"Why can only I go in?" Zhao Yuande puzzled?

"Because in the time and space storm, the soul will be completely suppressed, and the soul cannot be used at all. It can only be passed by the flesh, and only your flesh can resist this time and space storm."

"Don't you emperors or even **** emperors are as good as me?" Zhao Yuande felt a trace of crisis. This time it was really dangerous.

"Hey! Only those who can enter the world in the time secret cave!"

"Okay! Let's get started!" After Zhao Yuande asked clearly, there was no nonsense, and Zhai Linxuan did not turn back, even if he was in danger, he would go.

Many powerful people joined forces to open the hole of Time Secret Cave into a small hole just tolerated.

"Come on, we won't last long!" Zhai Hongkun urged.

"I'm going!" Zhao Yuande turned into an electric light and rushed directly into the small hole.

As soon as he entered the small cave, Zhao Yuande felt a huge force tearing his own flesh. If it were not his flesh, he would be torn into flesh and blood fragments, and it is no wonder that the Northern Wilderness Mountain was helpless.

I dont know how long it has been in this terrible storm channel. Zhao Yuande felt that he had fallen from the sky all at once. He wanted to rise into the sky, but found that the gravity was terrifying and scary here. Can't fly at all.


He fell to the ground and smashed the ground out of a huge pit!

He patted the dirt on his body and came out of the big pit, but the scene in front of him shocked him a little.

Here is a vast mountain range, at the end visible to the naked eye, as if there are layers of time and space constantly changing.

Some of those time and space are endless oceans, some are golden deserts, and others are tragic battlefields, countless people fighting in the battlefield, blood spilled into the sky.