Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 455

Chapter 455: The Brain Won't Turn

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The same thing happened in the Zhongyu Alliance. An ancestor who had not been out of the border for a long time suddenly summoned many talented disciples to let them enter the Time Secret Cave to find the one who started.

Zhao Yuande didn't know this yet. He came all the way to the folding time and space and picked four sacred medicines, which are owned by Jiang Family, Zhongyu Union, Yao Family and Wantong Chamber of Commerce. These sacred medicines are not mature yet, but all are marked with time and Belonging to it, in fact, he also discovered a sacred medicine of the Ten Thousand Saint Sect, but he was not very interested in extracting it.

Zhao Yuande just wanted to set foot in that vast ocean, and he felt a strong wave not far away. A red flying dragon was flapping his wings, soaring above his head.

He can feel that this red flying dragon is equivalent to a strong in the Emperor Realm, and there is a faint dragon power, which shows that this is a flying dragon with real dragon blood.

"The Chijia Flying Dragon, the ninth-order holy beast, contains a trace of real dragon blood veins, intermediate-grade ingredients..."

The red armored dragon looked at him, but ignored him, but hovered in the sky for a week, and then fell on a giant tree not far away.

Since you didn't come to provoke me, I was too lazy to slaughter the dragon. Zhao Yuande stepped into the world of Wang Yang.

As soon as he entered the world of the ocean, he suddenly felt that a spirit of water spirit was rushing towards him, which was several times stronger than the spirit of water spirit outside.

He just realized the rules of water not long ago, and the water spirit in his body has not accumulated enough, just add here.

He stood above the ocean and began to urge the jade piece again, and found that there was still no response.

He looked far away and saw that thousands of miles away, another layer of space and time appeared there, it was a world of ice and snow, and huge ice flowers fluttered in the sky, like a lot of holy lotus flowers.

There are two layers after that time and space, but it is not clear what kind of world it is.

"The next goal is that piece of ice and snow world!" Zhao Yuande was worried about the safety of Zhai Linxuan, and no longer stopped to run towards this piece of stacked time and space.


Under him, there was a huge wave of waves suddenly, he felt a crisis coming, and his body transformed into an electric light and immediately escaped for dozens of miles.

On the surface of the sea where he had just set foot, a large mouth protruded from the bottom of the sea and cracked the void with a click!

This is a huge shark with a length of hundreds of feet. The mouth is full of fangs, dripping a touch of red.

"Good guy, it is a nine-order holy beast again. Isn't the holy beast here worth it?" Zhao Yuande scanned this shark's message, and took the next one.

"Ancient Devil Shark, a ninth-order sacred beast, with a bone grinding relic in its body, intermediate-grade ingredients..."

Grieving relics? This kind of thing was bred in the body of the magic shark. Zhao Yuande's face was very happy. This big guy is very valuable. Grinding the bones is really a good thing. Although I can't use it, I can give it to my own woman or friend. It is not disturbed by the demons when entering the country.

"You're out of luck! Who told you to attack me first!" Zhao Yuande shouted and rushed towards the ancient Devil Shark.

This ancient devil shark is already equivalent to the power of the emperor realm, but it is not as good as the top-level emperor realm, nor as many variables as the real emperor realm. He is actually not too dangerous to kill.

When the ancient magic shark saw that his prey had not succeeded, he rushed towards him, and the look in the eyes of the prey was obviously an excitement.

It felt very angry and a little uneasy.

However, when Zhao Yuande was full of thunder fists attacking the ancient Devil Shark, but this uneasiness was quickly wiped out by the violent temper.


The ancient magic shark's immortal turbulent waves turned into a huge sea dragon and rushed towards Zhao Yuande, while the ancient magic shark's body was constantly shrinking and finally turned into a giant man with scattered hair, and Zhao Yuande instantly fought together.

"Good body, but unfortunately you are a creature in the sea, otherwise you can be a mount for me!" Zhao Yuande regrets that he has not had a mount that he agrees with until now.

Suddenly he thought of the Chijia Flying Dragon just now. The guy seemed to be quite suitable. I didn't know that I didn't turn on wisdom. If I turned on, I found Zhai Linxuan and surrendered it!

While thinking, Zhao Yuande was fighting the giant man transformed by the ancient magic shark, and there was a huge water dragon continually harassing him. He still did not fall.

At this time, he began to try to turn the five-color treasure wheel into a five-color sword light in battle. Although the power and momentum were reduced, it was very safe, so that he would not be recognized as an identity.

The five-color treasure wheel gradually condensed into a five-color sword. As Zhao Yuande became more and more proficient, he began to exert the powerful power he deserved.

The five-color swords come and go like wind and electricity, and the speed is so fast that the ancient magic shark can't react at all.

The attack of the ancient magic shark fell on Zhao Yuande, as if the iron hammer fell on the iron felt, and the palm of the shaking ancient magic shark felt pain for a while.

At this time, if it was not Zhao Yuande's mercy, he wanted to keep this ancient magic shark to practice his hands. I am afraid that the ancient magic shark has already been cut into countless segments by the five-color sword.

The face of the ancient magic shark gradually showed fear, and he knew he was invincible, turned around and plunged into the sea to escape.

"It's too late to escape now!" Zhao Yuande followed closely behind the ancient demon shark, and the five-color Excalibur shuffled through the void, appearing once on the ancient devil's head and once on its lower abdomen.

"Oh! Spare me, I will give you the magic medicine!" The ancient magic shark knew that he could not escape, nor escaped, turned to kneel and prostrate at Zhao Yuande's feet, wanting to take out the magic medicine in exchange for his life .

"Where is the magic medicine?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"On me!" Ancient Devil Shark's brain wouldn't turn, just say so.

"In that case, then you die! I want both the magic medicine and the bone relic!" Zhao Yuande cut off the head of the ancient magic shark, and the blood suddenly stained the whole sea area, and countless ferocious sharks followed the blood Smells.

Zhao Yuande looked at the densely packed sharks all around, but couldn't help but burst out of hair. These sharks were all seventh-order and eighth-order beasts, so the large groups gathered together, even if they couldn't stand it.

He hurriedly threw the body of the ancient magic shark into the world on the other side, covered his body through the quiet mirror, and quietly dived into the sea.

Large groups of sharks could not find the source of the blood, and they began to attack each other. The sky immediately set off waves of blood, the entire sea area was stained with blood, and the scene was tragic.

Zhao Yuande was already out of this time.