Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 459

Chapter 459: This Is A Misunderstanding

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The speed of rushing is simple, he quickly entered the space in front of him. This is a prairie, with lush vegetation and cattle and sheep. These cattle and sheep are not ordinary cattle and sheep, but a group of fierce beasts, the lowest is the third order. Although they eat grass on weekdays, if they encounter delicious meat, they will not hesitate to give up the fresh grass and improve Life.

As soon as Zhao Yuande stepped into the grassland, he was stared at by countless jealous cattle and sheep, bleating, mooing, rushing up to eat his meat.

However, Zhao Yuande's power gave these cattle and sheep a lively lesson, but a few hundred cattle and sheep were thrown into captivity by the other side of the world. These are all fierce beasts of order six or more. .

Although there are all kinds of plants in the other side of the world, but the lack of these edible cattle and sheep, it can now be regarded as a batch of free, he can not accept the truth.

"Ordinary people can improve their lives in the future!" Zhao Yuande smiled slightly, looked at the remaining cattle and sheep, and rushed over with some bad intentions.

In the past, although he dropped a lot of dead beasts, but those are all warning beasts. Ordinary people have no blessings to eat, and they will lose their noses when they eat.

Now these ranks of cattle and sheep are just right, which can greatly improve life.

He started continuously, grabbing thousands of cows and sheep, and that's it.

Now those bull's eyes just saw him running away in fear, they have not turned on their wisdom, they don't know what is terror, but they instinctively feel the thick maliciousness on Zhao Yuande.

Zhao Yuande tried to take out the jade block, but the result was unresponsive again. Zhao Yuande had a bad hunch. Did Zhai Linxuan encounter any danger or have been killed...

He stopped thinking about it and started to cross the grassland and enter the next space.

There is still no news of them in the next space.

He was anxious and started to advance at full speed.

He walked through this space, and when he appeared again, he found that the scene was familiar for a while, and turned out to be the mountain that he first came to.

It turned out that after reaching the end, it returned to the original point again. This time secret cave is like a planet. If you walk in one direction, you can return to the original point.

With this information, he was heading towards another direction. The four-story space in this direction still had no news from Zhai Linxuan!

He gritted his teeth into another direction...

Until he walked all the spaces, he did not feel the breath of Zhai Linxuan and his party. Zhao Yuande was really anxious at this time. Are they really dead?

At this point he was back to the original point, and his heart was already irritable.


On the ground in the distance, there was a sudden roar, and two giants with a height of hundreds of feet appeared in this space, and each of them carried a palace on their backs.


When the giant saw Zhao Yuande, he suddenly roared loudly, as if thunder rolled.

A series of figures emerged from the palace on the back of the giant. One of them was Jiang Tianling and others.

"Which cultivator are you, and why are you alone here?" A young man in black appeared on another giant. This young man in black looked at Zhao Yuande, his face suddenly showing murderous intent.

"Have you stolen our elixir? Quickly recruit from the real!" Jiang Tianling also issued a questioning voice.

All the people on both sides stood high, looking down on Zhao Yuande, the murderous intention in his eyes could not be concealed.

"Humph! You guys are fart!" Zhao Yuande was panicking before he was angry. These people came over to touch his mold, just looking for shit.

"Bold, take me down!" The young man in black looked cold and directed the giant under him to rush towards Zhao Yuande.

"It's really greedy and shameless!" Jiang Tianling glanced at the young man in black, and suddenly his lips flicked.

"Sister, people were originally called Lan Chi, of course they were greedy and shameless!" Jiang Tianhai around him also looked at the young man in black uncomfortably and ridiculed.

"How could such a cheeky person appear in the Zhongyu Alliance? The geniuses of other forces who saw that Sister was not Gongqian wanted to let this, Lan Chi dare not give Sister a face!" Jiang Tianlin was also disturbed.

"Hey! Who makes people thick-skinned, that person is probably the person who picked the elixir. If they can take it off, those elixirs would belong to him Lanchi!" Jiang Tianling also felt a loss and said It's a bit sour.

They didn't speak quickly enough, because they saw an unforgettable picture that shocked them.

The middle-aged man who didn't look strong, with a sneer on his face, banged at the foot that the giant stepped on with a punch.


When the fist collided with the foot, the giant's huge body flew like a scarecrow, and the middle-aged man was unharmed.

"Boom!" The giant fell to the ground and crushed the palace behind him. Many practitioners wailed and crawled out from under the giant. Some of them lacked arms and broken legs, and half of their bodies were crushed. After the meat, there is blood flowing out of the ruins of the palace. I am afraid that some people have just been crushed into meat.

And at that moment, the giant covered his feet and wailed constantly, rolling all over the floor!

The foot was embraced by the giant at this time, as if it were a balloon, and it was easily squeezed and deformed. Obviously, Zhao Yuande punched all the bones and flesh into a pool of blood mud. If the skin of the giant is not too great Toughness, otherwise it is long gone.

The man in black rushed down the giant's body first, and looked at Zhao Yuande, who was rushing like a gust of wind, and his face suddenly appeared frightened.

"Stop it! This is a misunderstanding!" The man in black quickly waved his hand, wanting to stop this meaningless fight.

"Bang!" The man in black was beaten by Zhao Yuande, as if a scarecrow fell to the ground. He felt his body collapse and disintegrate, and his soul was shocked, and a huge crack appeared!

His body twitched, his eyes were blank, and his face was desperate.

Zhao Yuande was really angry this time. Instead of using the five-color sword and the open fist technique, he directly crushed this group of people with Wushuang's flesh.


All the disciples of the Zhongyu League, those who were injured but not injured, were killed by boxing by Zhao Yuande.

"Withdraw! Go away!" Jiang Tianling only reacted at this time and immediately directed the giant under him to escape.

But how did Zhao Yuande get them to his wish this time, he was thousands of kilometers in length, and he caught up with the giant after a few crosses in the mountains.

"Leave me!" Zhao Yuande shot out in a circle, and the world and the world changed color.

This punch was hitting the back of the giant. The giant didn't even struggle. The huge body crashed to the ground and lost his breath directly.

All the Jiang family disciples were shocked and speechless. This person's strength is far beyond their imagination. This giant is an eighth-order ancient giant with bloodlines and amazing fighting power. But he was beaten to death by a punch. What is the strength of this person?