Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 460

Chapter 460: Jiang Tianling

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"We have no intention to offend this friend, we are the Jiang family..." Jiang Tianling wanted to lift the Jiang family to deter each other, but how did she know that this person was not afraid of the Jiang family at all.

"Humph! It's really nonsense!" Zhao Yuande turned into an electric light, and came to the three geniuses of the Jiang family in a thousandths of an instant, punching with fists!

"Bang!" Jiang Tianlin flew out for the first time, his body exploded, his mind roared, and Zhao Yuande did not directly bombard him.

"All shot, fight with him!" Jiang Tianling reacted for the first time, a red gold sword flashing in his hand, and a sword toward Zhao Yuande's eyebrow.

Other Jiang family disciples shot one after another, and the glorious sky scattered like a beautiful firework.

Zhao Yuande didn't hide or hide at all, he was still in peace with one punch, and slammed towards the red sword.


The fist collided with the Chijin Sword, and made a sound of metal impact, and the Chijin Sword was even crashed!

"This... this is an innate spirit treasure, how could it be!" Jiang Tianling instantly froze, a person's physical body can directly confront the innate spirit treasure, to what extent is he so powerful?


Jiang Tianling was also blown away with a punch, but a silver gleam flashed on her body to reduce the 90% strength of Zhao Yuande's fist. Not enough. Even so, she was spurting blood, almost breaking up with others.

This fist Zhao Yuande still did not strike the killer, and did not strike at her head.

Another continuous sound of fists hitting the flesh, Jiang family said that all the disciples were lying on the ground.

In just a few breaths, the Jiang family and the leading figures of the younger generation of Zhongyu Union were ruthlessly crushed by Zhao Yuande!

The Zhongyu Alliance was all beheaded, and although the Jiang family did not die, but all of the flesh was scattered, now only the head is left.

Zhao Yuande is actually not a person who does not want to kill the Jiang family, but because there is some kind of blood relationship between these people and his mother. If the mother knows that he has killed so many Jiang family in the future, he may be sad and sad, so he still stayed with the Jiang family. situation.

"You... who the **** are you!" Jiang Tianling looked at this middle-aged man in horror. She couldn't imagine why the other party was so powerful, and this person obviously had reservations for the Jiang family, leaving them a life, is he not? That man...she thought of Zhao Yuande again!

A few days ago, she learned that Zhao Yuande's mother was actually the Jiang family, and there were many grievances and grievances in it, which involved the position of the head of the family. She had no right to know.

Now that the other party has killed all the members of the Zhongyu Alliance, and the life of the Jiang family alone has been left alone, she can conclude that the middle-aged person on the opposite side is definitely Zhao Yuande, otherwise she would not have thought of anyone so powerful.

She knew that Zhao Yuande was a few years younger than herself, but she was still so crushed by the other party, she had a sense of suffocation in her heart!

And she also feels a pity for her family. If such a powerful person is not against the Jiang family, but becomes a part of the Jiang family, then the Jiang family will surely leap above all the super powers, including The benefits are endless!

If you can return to Jiang's family this time, you must tell this matter to your ancestors and let him be the master.

Although she thought a lot, it was all a moment of thinking.

"Shut up while I still don't want to kill you, or you will regret it!" Zhao Yuande glanced at the Jiang family and began to pack up the spoils.

"You are Zhao Yuande, why did you enter the Time Secret Cave? Is it for Zhai Linxuan?" Jiang Tianling was very clever, and he immediately thought of the time storm half a month ago. He vaguely heard a message, like the passage of the North Wild God Mountain Torn by the time storm, the disciples of Beihuang Shenshan could not leave.

"Do you know where she is?" Zhao Yuande turned his head and looked at Jiang Tianling. "As long as you can help me find Zhai Linxuan, I will help you recover your body!"

"Really?" Jiang Tianling's eyes lit up. She now has only one head. Even if she went back, she would have to consume a lot of family resources to recover.

"Since you know that I am Zhao Yuande, don't doubt what I said." Zhao Yuande replied coldly.

"They may be trapped in the fault of time. You help me recover the body first, and I will take you there!" Jiang Tianling naturally knows many legends of Zhao Yuande. He never promised easily, but he will certainly do it as soon as he promises.

"It's no problem, but I hope you don't deceive me, otherwise I can't find them, and I will change you back to what you are now!" Zhao Yuande looked at this woman, who was really smart and recognized herself twice in a row , Also guessed that he came to save Zhai Linxuan.

Now he doesn't need to change his appearance anymore, he directly restores his original appearance.

"Relax! I don't want to change it back like this again!" Jiang Tianling smiled slightly, showing goodwill.

Zhao Yuande took out the gluttonous real spirit tripod and began to cook a gourmet meal, which can make people reborn, although the material is a few sacred medicines, but he still consumes it.

"What is your relationship with Jiang Chenguang?" Zhao Yuande suddenly asked, if the other party is a descendant of Jiang Chenguang, he will not help her, he will find another way to get Zhai Linxuan's position from the other party's mouth.

"Jiang seems to be a cousin of my grandfather!" Jiang Tianling thought for a while, "What do you ask about this? Do Jiang Chenguang have hatred against you?"

Although Jiang Tianling asked in this way, but her psychology is like a mirror, this Jiang Chenguang must have a certain relationship with Zhao Yuande's mother, but she did not know.

"Jiang Chenyu?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"This name is very familiar. It seems to be the old man in a tea house in the holy city of Jiang's. Which tea house I often go to drink tea. The old man is very kind and very kind to me!" Jiang Tianling heard the name, and there was a trace of nostalgia on his face. "Normally This old man is very lonely. I often go to his old man. Every time I go, the puller will always take my hand and talk to me... However, this old man does not know why he left, and the teahouse is closed. !"

When talking about Jiang Chenyu, the radiance on Jiang Tianling's face made Zhao Yuande feel guilty.

Zhao Yuande knew that Jiang Tianling was telling the truth without telling the truth. The other party took care of his grandfather and grandpa so much that he almost killed the other party!

But he did not fully believe that he still needs to ask grandpa.

He split a ray of soul into the other world, and found Grandpa Grandpa.

The old man with white hair turned into a middle-aged man, and his cultivation practice was restored, and his body was full of vitality.

At this time, they were fishing with the unreliable grandma. The two talked and laughed, so they were happy.

"Yuande, how do you have time to see our old couple!" Jiang Chenyu saw Zhao Yuande, a happy smile appeared on his face. Without this great grandson, he would not have the family of Hemei today. He was grateful to Zhao Yuande.

"Grandpa, I want to ask you something." Zhao Yuande told Jiang Tianling about it again, and transmitted her image in the space.

"Yes! It was this child! I was lonely and helpless, and lost hope in life. If it were not for this child, I would often visit me and take care of me. I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to survive!" Jiang Chenyu suddenly saw Jiang Tianling's image, suddenly Excited, "You must thank this kid! If it is okay, it is best to bring her in to meet me, I would like to thank her in person!"