Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 462

Chapter 462: See Zhai Linxuan

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After more than a dozen breaths, the two appeared in a transparent world. The sky above them would be a piece of **** cloud, a magnificent mountain, and a piece of Daze again, just like a mirage.

The scenery is constantly changing, and the colors around it are also constantly changing, one will be multicolored, the other will be dark, and the other will be golden.

"This is a world composed of countless pieces of time. What we have seen are things that really existed. They may have been annihilated at this time. They may not be somewhere in the starry sky!" Jiang Tianling took Zhao Yuande forward while whispering softly. sigh.

"Is it really thought that it was built or the product of the Heavenly Dao cycle?" Zhao Yuande asked.

"According to the one-word phrase recorded by our Jiang family, this may be a testing ground. There is a supreme being who wants to refine a treasure that can change time, but in the end it fails, leaving this mysterious area. However, I dont know how many billions of years have evolved to make it more materialized. Although there are huge shortcomings, it is a very safe elixir plantation farm and a spiritual beast domestication farm. Several times, and the speed of time inside is much faster than outside. Only one year has passed here, and only one month has passed outside!" Jiang Tianling told Zhao Yuande everything he knew.

Now she knows that Zhao Yuande's grandfather is Jiang Chenyu, the old man who often visits herself, and she also knows the twisty and bizarre stories between them, so she feels that Zhao Yuande is still very good, and he is gone for him The original hostility, but felt a good friend.

"It's really similar to what the maggot said!" Zhao Yuande nodded, and he had an idea in his mind. He felt that this piece of time debris world might be the place where the golden paper is placed. This is definitely possible.

"How big is this fragmented world?" Zhao Yuande asked again.

"It looks like a thousand miles in a circle. In the center of the world is an abyss. There are a lot of time beasts in that abyss. I heard that someone saw the golden light flashing there, as if it was hiding some treasure." Jiang Tianling said.

"Sure enough!" Zhao Yuande was very happy in his heart, and then asked, "Since you know there are treasures, why don't you go to investigate?"

"Dare not dare, there is a ninth-order holy beast among the large number of time beasts. We dare not go to investigate, and there is a dead end!" Jiang Tianling walked and stopped suddenly, stopping Zhao Yuande, "Don't go forward. Go away, look over there, it is a crack of time!"

Zhao Yuande looked with the direction of her finger, and really saw a silver-gray line wafting in the space not far in front, its speed is very slow, no matter what road is in front, it will cut through naturally, There is no obstruction at all, and the cut place is very smooth, as if formed naturally.

"This is the crack of time?" Zhao Yuande moved closer and observed carefully.

He felt the power of time rippling in the space, the sea and the fields, the time flies, and in a blink of an eye it is ten million years!

This is a wonderful feeling, a resonance from the depths of the soul. When he was the **** emperor in his last life, he once studied the power of time, and now it is caused by the shock of this crack of time. , Recalling a hint of sentiment at the time.

"Don't!" Jiang Tianling suddenly screamed, because she saw that Zhao Yuande even stretched out a hand and wanted to touch that time crack!

But at the next moment she was stunned because she saw Zhao Yuande's finger a little, and that time crack began to tremble regularly with his finger, as if this time crack had been tamed by him.


But at the next moment, the crack of time seemed to be overwhelmed and exploded at once.

"It's a pity! It's a pity!" Zhao Yuande stood up and sighed softly.

He got a little just now, remembering some of the subtleties in Xia Zhijian, he began to try to integrate this crack of time into his Xia Zhijian, but unfortunately failed.

At this time, Jiang Tianling looked at Zhao Yuande as if he were a monster. No wonder he was able to slay the 23rd place of Long Zhaoyun with the combination of yin and yang. This person's perception is almost against the sky, and he has even begun to involve the rules of time. Field.

You know that many Divine Emperors are ambiguous about the rules of time. They are not necessarily able to temporarily control a time rift like Zhao Yuande.

We must go back and tell the ancestors all this, so that the ancestors will re-emphasize Jiang Chenyu, and it is better to be able to turn them into a jade silk, and let them give up their hatred, and return to the Jiang family. In that case, the price reduction will not only reduce a strong opponent, There will be one more powerful ally!

She was not optimistic about Zhao Yuande's experience in the field, but when she saw Zhao Yuande's true strength and qualifications, this idea was quietly changed.

"Let's move on! I should feel the direction of Zhai Linxuan." Zhao Yuande took out the piece of jade and persuaded the spiritual force to feel directly in front of him, there was a breath of nothingness.

"The end of this direction is the abyss. They will not be trapped around the abyss!" Jiang Tianling's face changed a little, but he thought Zhao Yuande was relaxed around him. Zhao Yuande now has the strength to fight against the ninth-order holy beast. This time There should be no problem with the rescue operation.

"I have felt the fluctuations in the battle, and let's speed up!" Zhao Yuande grabbed Jiang Tianling, and the flesh began to exert force, and the speed was almost terrifying.

Jiang Tianling was so frightened by Zhao Yuande's action that he forgot to turn on the spiritual protective body, and suddenly felt the wind whisper in his ear, his eyes could not be opened by the strong wind.

After only a dozen breaths, they appeared in front of a rolling mountain, and at this time a few people were attacked by a large group of transparent, crocodile-like beasts.

"These fierce beasts are time beasts!" Jiang Tianling felt down to earth, she relaxed at once, but when she saw the scene on the top of the mountain, she felt a little palpitations.

"That's Lin Xuan!" Zhao Yuande's eyes looked like a torch, and he saw Zhai Linxuan holding Tianchan Moon Palace in the middle of those people. Struggle to fight.

But at this time, the light of Tianchan Moon Palace is getting dimmer. Seeing that Zhai Linxuan's spiritual power is weak, he will soon lose the blessing of this treasure. If so, this group of people may be overwhelmed by this group of time beasts soon. .

"You are waiting here!" Zhao Yuande jumped up suddenly, rushing into the sky like a shell.

"Lin Xuan, don't be afraid! I'm coming!" Zhao Yuande shouted in the air, his five-color sword flying out, cutting back and forth in the time beast crowd, the time beast turned into a ray of light and disappeared.

When Zhai Linxuan was struggling hard to support, he suddenly saw a familiar figure appearing in the sky. That figure was so familiar. How could the person he thought about appear here, this must be It's an illusion!

But the next moment he shouted, and suddenly excited her, it was him!

Looking at the five-color sword, she couldn't help but stay awake, and there was a trace of confusion on her face again. Why is it so similar to their Four Seasons Swordsmanship in Northern Wild God Mountain?

The five-color Excalibur quickly cleared a large area in front of everyone. A figure fell from the sky at this time, as if a cannonball landed on the ground early, crushing several time beasts that rushed up.