Rebirth Of The Devouring Emperor Chapter 463

Chapter 463: Rescued

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"Lin Xuan, I'm here!"

Zhao Yuande looked at Zhai Linxuan and smiled at her, then turned and rushed towards the large group of Time Beasts.

"Yes! He's here!" Ximen Yumei almost fell into tears. They were trapped here for a few days and were finally saved!

"Sister! He's here!" Song Shuhao on the side clenched his fists, his face showing excitement. He had such a hunch that he would come to save them, but he didn't expect it to be Zhao Yuande!

Several other disciples have also seen Zhao Yuande, and the happiness of escaping from death is also revealed on his face.

Most of these time beasts are seventh-order and occasionally eight-order. For Zhai Linxuan, they are a huge disaster, but in front of Zhao Yuande, it seems to be a dough.

Hundred-headed time beasts rushed up fearlessly and were resolved by Zhao Yuande in a short time.

Everyone present did not have a strong strength that was not shocked by Zhao Yuande. This was simply a drop of the dragon, killing all enemies.

"Yuande!" Zhai Linxuan cheered for a while, as if Ruyan came home, plunged into Zhao Yuande's arms, and the tears in his eyes could not help but rush.

"Okay! Okay!" Zhao Yuande gently stroked her soft long hair and comforted in her ear.

"Brother Zhao, brothers and sisters of the Northern Wilderness Mountain, this place is less than ten miles away from the abyss. It is not a good place to reminisce. I think we should leave quickly!" Jiang Tianling also went up the mountain at this time and said to everyone.

"Also, let's urgently withdraw our urgency!" Zhao Yuande looked at the North Wild God Mountain, and nodded to Ximen Yumei and Song Shuhao gently.

"Jiang Tianling, why are you here?" Zhai Linxuan saw Jiang Tianling coming up from the bottom of the mountain and couldn't help but ask curiously, but soon she understood that she must have brought Zhao Yuande here to save herself, but Isnt Zhao Yuande having a grudge against the Jiang family?

Why do they seem to have a good relationship, is this bad man looking at this woman again... really fancy!

Jiang Tianling was a wise man, and soon saw Zhai Linxuan's alert look.

"Sister Zhai, in fact, the relationship between me and Zhao Yuande is not the kind you think about, but we are cousins!" Jiang Tianling walked to Zhai Linxuan's side and softly transmitted the sound to her.

"You..." Zhai Linxuan blushed. She was pierced by her heart, and her face was hot, but she was relieved at the same time.

"Okay! Let's go! Let's take you to a safe place first!" Zhao Yuande glanced at Jiang Tianling and nodded to her gently. It was comfortable to be with smart people, and there were a lot of unnecessary misunderstandings.

Everyone walked out of the world of time debris, and soon saw the two huge giant bones, the human bones on the ground, and the Jiang family not far away.

Jiang Tianlin was cooking them in a large pot at this time, some of them had grown out of their bodies, and some of them grew slowly, which all depended on the original constitution of these Jiang family members. Those with stronger constitutions would recover fullness, and those with poorer constitutions would be faster. .

Seeing this scene, the crowds of the Northern Wilderness God Mountain couldn't help but daze for a while, what are they doing?

"Hehe! There was a misunderstanding between me and the Jiang family. I accidentally gave them..." Zhao Yuande smiled a little embarrassedly.

"Those who seem to be disciples of the Zhongyu Alliance!" Song Shuhao looked at the bodies of the dead, his face twitched, and his voice trembled. "Brother Zhao, you are too fierce!"

Everyone heard that it was a big head, and with a little misunderstanding, they wiped out the genius disciples of the Zhongyu Union, and only the head of the Jiang family's genius was beaten!

"Well! It's hard to say a word. I didn't find you when I traversed thirty-two worlds. As a result, the two of them came up and talked wickedly. As soon as I got angry..." Zhao Yuande looked at Jiang Tianling and smiled.

"Huh! From time to time because you stole our holy medicine first!" Jiang Tianling was sulking. They said that they were really unlucky, and suffered the innocent disaster.

"Sister Tianling, don't be angry, everything has passed, aren't you and Yuande a cousin now? Forgive him!" Zhai Linxuan walked to Jiang Tianling and comforted him.

"Hey! There is really no way! How can I tell my ancestors when I go back? Tianhai was killed by you. These disciples lacked arms and broken legs, and Xiuwei lost a lot..." Jiang Tianling looked at Zhao Yuande, his eyes showing A trace of cunning.

Zhao Yuande understands people, he knows the meaning of the other party, and since the other party implies this, he can't refuse.

"Okay! I will help you recover, but I can't mention it again at this time!" Zhao Yuande looked at Jiang Tianling helplessly and nodded to her.

"Relax! I will never mention it again!" Jiang Tianling patted his chest.

"Since that is the case, today I will open the door to convenience and help you to improve together!" Zhao Yuande looked at Zhai Linxuan and Ximen Yumei, their disciples of the North Wild God Mountain. "Who wants to be promoted to the realm, I Meet your wishes today!"

The eyes of all the disciples of Beihuang Shenshan light up at the same time, and they said at the same time: "I think!"

"Okay! But this can rely on your own talents!" Zhao Yuande nodded, he turned to look at Zhai Linxuan, Ximen Yumei and Song Shuhao, and whispered to them, "You guys just wait, go back I will give you a small stove alone!"

The three nodded in excitement. At this time, Zhai Linxuan and Song Shuhao were already in the sixth level. Only Ximen Yumei was in the fifth level. They wanted to promote the world, but they needed to consume a lot of holy medicine.

Zhao Yuande is naturally selfish. Those ordinary disciples of the Northern Wilderness God Mountain did not reach the limit of the realm of the realm. They were generally rebuilt in the 4th and 5th years. It is not difficult for them to advance to a small realm. If these people want to be promoted to the world, Then he couldnt help it. It was too much holy medicine. He could only leave this opportunity to those closest to him.

Everyone in the Jiang family couldn't help seeing this scene and couldn't help but be envious. If they could get this kind of treatment, it would be a pity that they knew some disputes between the Jiang family and Zhao Yuande. The Jiang family even sent a master to kill Zhao Yuande. He can see In Jiang Tianling's face, helping these people to recover their bodies is the biggest concession.

The gluttonous real spirit tripod has cooked a lot of food, the fragrance is overflowing, so that everyone's mouth can't help but hung crystal clear saliva. This is really uncontrollable and difficult to resist the temptation.

Time rushed, a few hours passed, the restoration of the restoration, and the promotion of the realm all raised the realm again. This mountain range was extremely safe. Zhao Yuande felt that it was time to explore the abyss.

"Lin Xuan, you wait here now. I will explore the abyss in the world of time shards. I always feel there are some secrets there." Zhao Yuande said softly to Zhai Linxuan.

"Well! Be careful!" Zhai Linxuan is very quiet. As long as Zhao Yuande is going to do anything, she never refuses. She feels that she only needs to do herself well.

Jiang Tianling looked at Zhai Linxuan very strangely. She found that this woman was really unusual. If she changed other women, she would definitely try to dissuade Zhao Yuande from going into the risk. Silent support in the back, never to hinder!

No wonder Zhao Yuande will like her, this woman puts everyone on it!